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PE action for this month


Originally Posted by kaan
Hey Audacia, what are your stats ?
And a comment: focusing on both length and girth at the same time may be too much work (excluding newbie routine. But we`re talking about heavy workouys like clamping and hanging here). Why not focus on just on length or girth for a few weeks until you see results? Are you in a hurry?

Stats started at about 6 inches NBPEL Nine months ago and girth was 4.75 in one place and just about 5” at another. At the moment I’m just shy of 7.5BPEL and 7NBPEL and girth well, the base isn’t wide at all, but it’s like 5.25, a little further up it’s just over 5 then abit beyond that it’s varying quite abit with the constant clamping, but consistently is over 5.25 for the past month even after a rest day.

I am in a hurry to gain as much as possible as quick as possible. I have plenty of time to do this routine, I’d basically hang all day if I had a decent hanger. I have definitely gained both length and girth in the past 40days. Around 0.25 length and girth about the same amount in upper, only slightly ever gained lower girth and base girth was just gained from the extra length.

Do you think gains are more effective when you focus on either one or the other? There will be a point soon(Within 2 months I think) I will have to stop PE completely for at least 3 months and after that probably another year. I really do want to get a decent girth before this but I ultimately want more length so figured I may as well do a length routine at the same time, can’t exactly hurt much especially since I hear it can be harder to get length with a higher girth.

Apart from pumping do you know any methods to widen base girth. I was thinking of plumped bends right at that point or something.

I think I’ve decided to do some V A Stretches plus side stretches after the belt hanging and random BTC whenever along with 15mins upward pulling. So like an hour of stretches a day, that should definitely give me some length gains. I really want to hit 8Inches before I quit. Then I shouldn’t loose to much during the break.

Originally Posted by Audacia
Yeah maybe, I do start quite a lot. But that’s probably a good thing, most are decent! Uh, tell me if you want me to stop though Thunder.

But yeah still no comments on the routine? Come on guys. At least say whether I should add in some V and A Stretches to hit the tunica?

Its a lot like saying, ” I’m using 2 cups of flour, 1 tsp of salt, some eggs, milk, butter and I’m going to put some nutmeg in. Do you think the cake will be tasty?”

Well, sounds fair, but really, just bake the friggin’ thing and TASTE IT!

OR, “I’m going to a club to pick up chicks, and I’m going to say ” fill in your favorite line here”…do you think I will get laid?

Its insane to put together a routine out of thin air and then ask us if it sounds good. OK, it sounds like a routine. Whether it will work or not is a pure guess on anyone’s part. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY TRY IT!

Personally it sounds a bit much to me, but who knows it may be perfect for you. The chances of pulling a successful routine out of thin air, without starting modest, seeing your response then tailoring it to that response, are very slim. But then again you may be one of those guys whose “growth zone” is so wide you could do just about any thing and see gains.


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