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Penis Memory? Or.. Calorie Surplus?

Penis Memory? Or.. Calorie Surplus?

A few important questions I have for you guys. Have looked through the forums and couldn’t find much on these.

First one is, just like with the idea behind muscle memory, is there penis memory? So if you were to take a long break from PE, and lose some size, would it be much easier to gain that size back due to penis memory?

Second question is, gains and calorie surplus. In order to gain girth specifically, do you need to be in a calorie surplus? I figured since the gains were so small compared to the rest of the body, that as long as proper nutrients are available, a calorie surplus wouldn’t be needed. But this is very important to me, because I workout and go back and forth from surplus to deficits of calories. So I’m hoping I can find some answers to this.

What are your thoughts or findings on these things? I appreciate any help.

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1) I’d say there is penis memory because I’ve suffered drastic shrinking and managed to regain a couple inches fairly quickly before hitting a wall.

2) I’ve wondered about this and I think that although cock growth is not likely to use much energy, I think being in an anabolic state is more beneficial to growth. I think towards the end of a few months in a catabolic state your penis will start to suffer.

Purely opinion that.

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I personally find when trying to gain girth that I crave and then more protein seems to help. I would say that I remain close to a even level of calorie intake at that time. Neither Surplus nor deficient. Though I would err on the side of surplus and then on the side of deficiency for a month a piece if I were looking to get real concrete data.

Personally I dislike functioning on a deficient at all.

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I have never thought about, nor payed attention to my caloric intake in relation to PE. I’ve heard others say they need excess calories to gain, but I have had plenty of gains while I’m guessing I was at a relatively dead even intake vs. output calories wise. I’ve certainly never intentionally upped my caloric intake to try and aid in gaining penis size. Seems silly to me, though being in a deficit might not be optimal when I think about it. But then again, it’s not like we are trying to put on ten pounds of cock the same way we might try to gain ten pounds of muscle.

I think of growth as being healing from trauma, and if that is the mechanism behind growth, it shouldn’t require a calorie surplus.

You don’t stop healing from injuries when you’re in a calorie deficit, it just becomes more difficult (but definitely not impossible) to add muscle mass. But that is a totally different mechanism from what we do when we PE.

As far as penis memory, I do believe there is something to that. I have taken long breaks from PE, and whenever I resume, I get back to my “last” size (the size I was before I stopped) relatively quickly.

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Yes the penis memory thing I was pretty sure, was valid. I have seen way to many reports of past gains coming back fast to not believe it has some truth to it.

And with the girth gains on a caloric surplus, I would logically think that as long as your giving yourself proper nutrition ie lots of protein, vitamins, minerals even healthy fats/carbs for hormone levels, there shouldn’t be a reason for no gains. But it does make me wonder.

Like mentioned above, perhaps growth is more healing then growing, and not as large of a growth as muscles for instance. It would make sense, that if iam in a caloric deficit, my nails still grow, hair still grows, wounds still heal and immune system is still just as strong.

But it still makes me wonder. I’ll have to pay attention to it and see with time. Thank goodness I spend more time in a surplus then I do in a deficit though, considering I’m a part of the skinny guy gang. 😆

Start- Nov 2017 BPEL-7.2 NBPEL-6.75 MEG-4.75

Updated- BPEL-7.75 NBPEL-7.2 MEG-5

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