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POLL - Clarification in Deflated glans and Firm Flaccid

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Which symptoms do you have?

Firm flaccid only


Deflated glans/CS only


Firm flaccid and deflated glans/CS

Total Votes: 82. You may not vote on this poll

POLL - Clarification in Deflated glans and Firm Flaccid

I want to make it
perfectly clear that these two symptoms are patho-physiological. If your glans doesn’t inflate as much as you’d like or your penis occasionally turtles, but you consider these behaviors not the result of injury then do not contribute in the poll!
If you are unsure, read the information below. Thank you.

My intention with this poll is to find out whether people who suffer from one of the two conditions necessarily suffer from the other. If you don’t know what this is about then don’t worry about it!


Firm flaccid:

In the flaccid state, during any part of the day (not necessarily all the time) the penis loses its floppiness and puffiness. The skin appears to hug the CC chambers tightly and the CC chambers feel stiff and resist bending of the penis in any direction. This apparent hugging of the skin may also be noticeable during erection, when physical stimulation. Visually, in the flaccid state, it looks similar to a turtled-like state, but will feel unnaturally ‘firm’.

Deflated glans and CS:

1. The glans, any time after initial erection - but especially without constant tactile stimulation - will lose its tumescence and will deflate dramatically to the point of looking as it does in the flaccid state, almost comical atop the fully engorged CCs. Upon deflation, there is a noticeable decrease in sexual sensation. In many cases, shortly before ejaculation, the glans will reinflate, and then immediately deflate after ejaculation.
2. The corpus sponginosum, which during erection normally protrudes along the bottom of the shaft, will recede at least partially but potentially entirely, leaving a flat underside resulting in a loss of total girth and loss in sensation.

For anyone not already aware and who wants to know more about symptoms, possible causes and potential treatments, there is good information in these resources:
http://www.medh … ate/show/452831
DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid
Deflated Glans/Firm Flaccid/V. Hard Shaft Possible Venous Leakage

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I usually have a partly deflated glans unless I’m about to cum or if I’m kegeling really hard. If I’m on top in missionary my dick usually gets a bit more blood (due to gravity I suppose, among other things) which inflates it a bit more. If I’m laying on my side my glans is significantly more inflated as well, compared to e.g. when I’m on my back.

I want to clarify that this is not a big problem for me. I do wish that my glans would always be fully inflated since it becomes fairly big (more pleasure for both), but it’s nothing that I pay a lot of attention to.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

^^I’m the same.

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I’m the same as Krowax. My glans is not at it’s maximum unless I am close to ejaculation or if I kegel or put pressure on the top of my erection near the base. It also tends to lose my erection without physical touch in about 20 seconds or so sometimes longer when I’m with a girl. I’m 27 and I guess I think this is normal although I know some other people are different.

As I tried to say in the first line of this thread, if you think it might be normal, then do not contribute. The symptom I am concerned with occurs when the glans deflates dramatically, losing almost all pleasurable sensitivity and looking akin to when in its flaccid state. Same goes for the CS.

Thank you for posting this. I think we all need to get our symptoms straight and see if we even all have the same problem.

1. I have firm flaccid.

2. I have no/poor glans or cs expansion. I only have inflation when standing and doing a reverse kegel, or when I am having an orgasm.

3. Without Viagra my EQ is terrible. I basically have ED and will easily loose an erection during sex, or not be able to achieve one at times.

These are my symptoms.

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I didn’t contribute to the poll except for my comment, I never voted. I followed the directions :)

Damnien, with all due respect, posts like that fill these threads with noise, and before you know it we have a 10 page thread and half of the posts are irrelivant or from people without this condition.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

BMashina is right, but in saying so is also contributing to the noise. It’s really not a big deal, but a PM also works fine and leaves no noise. Anyway :)

I am surprised at the results so far. I was expecting most people to have the FF and the glans/CS issue, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the results can be trusted, it definitely indicates that these two problems are in fact separate issues. I am surprised to only see 2 votes for the first option, since I have seen dozens of people on this site who’ve said they have that problem, gotta get this poll more publicity, methinks.

I was thinking about my ‘deflated’ or unfull glans lately too. When masturbating I loved the feeling when clamped where my glans would be full and I could just hold underneath, it produced a nice sensation. Without a clamp my head just doesn’t stay inflated enough to do this.

My erection is pretty strong and the CS seems inflated too well at least in the midshaft it seems to become much less noticable near the glans. I noticed yesterday if I kegel then put a finger on the CS chamber at the top, it will keep the glans inflated whilst the finger is in place. What does that say? I’m guessing it’s a slight ‘veneous leak’ in the CS chamber. Perhaps veneous leak isn’t the correct terminology but I recall reading an article with the same kind of theory.

A possible way to fix it? I’m not sure since I don’t know to much about anatomy. Possibly jelqing gently right up on that CS chamber would help expand it and make the blood flow optimized to that area. Or I have no idea. Maybe the shape of a persons unit effects this issue.

Naturally how does the outflow of the glans become stopped whilst the inflow to the glans is still constant?

Found that article. I must of found it on here, maybe even you posted it sometime Tweaking. It says in his case it’s believed the condition is very early peyronies disease.

Any time I have stimulated erection my glans is full. That is not the case with morning erection, when the shaft is full, but the glans is not fully inflated, it is maybe half of full size. Shaft is always hard.
When having stimulated erection, it is all good until I squeeze glans with fingers. It deflates quickly, but shaft remains hard. More I squeeze, more it deflates. With enough squeezing it deflates near to the point of flaccid state. Both CC and CS of glans are deflating.
I had injury of my dorsal vein. In the part of the vein where it is diving into shaft a vein knot has formed. I always had somewhat dilated dorsal vein (I clearly remember I didn’t have it as a boy, but in time it got bigger, probably due to masturbation with my somewhat tight foreskin). I first noticed this knot after a session of vigorous masturbation. It just got bigger after several months of PE, in my opinion primarily due to jelqing. I can actually feel and see blood back flow through that knot while I squeezing glans. With finger pressing on the knot squeezing doesn’t deflate glans. I don’t know for sure if I have deep tissue damage, I can’t recall any deep shaft/glans pain. I have tried wearing some custom made elastic wrap around that knot for some time, it did not help.
This is just my opinion and observation: superficial dorsal vein does not contribute to erection. According to some penile anatomy pics there are small vein connections between superficial and deep dorsal vein(which does contribute to erection). When these veins get wider, blood back flow and glans erection drop occurs.

This is my story, I’ll continue to read topics about this problem and inform you if i get to know something new.

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I have an injury and my penis is turtling for weeks now but the glans appears to be full all the time.

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