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Possible deformation from hanging?

Possible deformation from hanging?

Weird question. After hanging for several months (did it for six) I noticed after my sets a small area just under the tip of head, just under the hole that you pee from, was a raised up and kind of bunched up skin. I did notice after each times I hung, the pressure in this area, must have been becasue my head was pretty full of blood and really expaned, was raised up. I was up to 23 lbs of pressure. I never noticed this until a few months of hanging. I haven’t hung for months, and it is still there, about the size of half a pencil eraser. No pain or anything like that. Have you ever read of this happening to others? I thought I may have created a permenant adhesion or something. I really don’t want to go to the doc and reveal what I was doing etc…, but I am a little concerned. I just jelq now, haven’t lost any gains.

Thanks for info!

Yes, the raised bump though is on my head , just under the pee hole, and continues down the frenulum. Do you think the the hours of hanging could have caused this? It doesn’t look like warts, I have not been with any other person than my wife for over 20 years, but man, seaching the web has scared me to death that HPV has been dormant in me all this time and just manifesting itself.

Thanks for response.

It is actually under the meatus and moving down the frenulum.

I get that too after hanging. It sort of swells up for me then goes away. I use a vac hanger though. It’s all that vac-locked pressure/pull. How long have you been off the hanging? Has it subsided?

At least six months. No it hasn’t. But, I have been jelqing, erect, which radcially expands my head and that area with blood. So, the area gets bigger when I jelq. With you is it just one spot, not the whole head? Though my head increased, this one area was as though it was pinched and then protudes out.

If you’re not shy take a picture of the exact area. I can’t really picture how it would look.

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