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Q4L's 3 Year PE Anniversary - Still no gains to report

Don’t get surgery. You say you have grown in other ways, well your last resort could be accepting what you have. I’m 40 with 6.00 BPEL x 4.5 EG. Yes I feel small but have provided great sex for many women. A big dick wasn’t what got her into bed in the first place. I commend your dedication, something I have yet to find.

I know it’s been a while, but seen you posting around still, so I am glad to see you didn’t give up.

10/10/08 Bpel 6.50 Eg 4.9 base 5.0 few weeks off due to injury :( 12/10/08 Bpel 6.875 Eg 5.0

03/10/09 Bpel 7.25 Eg 5.0625 base 5.25 Donations Keep The Community Going, Click Me

05/10/09 Bpel 7.50 Eg 5.1 base 5.5 11/10/09 Bpel 7.6875 EG 5.125. Goal is as much as I can

Hi, this is the first time I have posted any advice/comments but here I go.

It takes a great amount of guts to open up like you have.
I have been doing PE since October (though it probably took me 1-2 months to get a decent technique).
I have made a small gain from 5.5NBPEL to 6.0NBPEL, these gains only came recently (after upping the grip/ intensity and frequency).

My Tips for you:

1) Get a grip!Literally.
You need a good grip when manually stretching.
I use one of those super soft microfibre cloths (used for polishing cars etc). I use this because it enables me to get a good strong grip which in turn allows me to pull pretty damn hard. Since it’s a soft material, it doesn’t hurt as much on the area where I am gripping.
Wrap it around your dick (single layer), grip so your palm is gripping the flat (facing you) part of the glans and the thumb is behind your helmet strap (frenulum :) , if you are uncut, pull back the skin so you don’t get any folds of foreskin in the way.

2) Intensity.
Some people say stretching with less intensity but for a longer duration is better than stetching for a short duration at high intensity.
I agree with both theories.
I stretch with a high intensity for short bursts (maybe 10-15 seconds), then slightly relax (my arm gets tired anyway :) and then maintain that stretch, I stretch for at least 30 seconds, sometimes 50 seconds per stretch.

When Hanging, you seriously need to increase the weight, Maybe this is irresponsible for me to say this, but I would use AT LEAST 20lbs to hang with. With a bib starter and good technique, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort, if you do, don’t give up, just keep adjusting and read bibs forums.

3) Frequency.
I like to spread my routine over the day (I haven’t time to spend 1 hour pulling my dick in the morning or evening).
I normally do 5-10 minutes of 70% erect DRY jelqs (I am uncut, so dry jelqs work for me), If jelqing makes me too erect, I switch to ULIs + bends or squeezes (shaft and head alternately), I squeeze pretty hard!

I then do about 10 minutes of stretches, using the microfibre cloth to get a good grip and stretch fairly hard. BTC, BTC+left, BTC+right, SD, SD+left, SD+right, SO, SO+left, SO+right, SU, SU + 50% twist.
Each stretch is for at least 30 seconds. I haven’t any specific order, I just listen to my body and don’t stretch in a direction that is already fatigued ( I leave that direction till later in the day).
I stretch for 3-5 minutes several times a day (when I go to the toilet for a piss or shit, I lock myself in a cubicle , then I spend a few minutes doing VERY intense stretches). (I don’t care if my workmates thing I shit 4 times a day, to be honest I don’t think anyone has noticed yet :)

When I get home in the evening, I stretch for another 10 minutes (mixing intense and then relaxed stretch to maintain the stretched tissues).
Through the evening I occasionally spend a few minutes in the toilet doing intense stretches (toilet paper folded once is used to give me a grip, though it’s not as nice or soft as the microfibre cloth.

I hope this info is of use to you or anyone else.
Don’t do yourself an injury, but at the same time, remember your ligs/tunica are pretty damn tough pieces of tissue which need a fair amount of force to cause them to deform.

In the words of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, .”Don’t give up” :)

Originally Posted by newnew997
I know it’s been a while, but seen you posting around still, so I am glad to see you didn’t give up.

I will never give up. And it’s good to see people are keeping an eye on me…haha. Seriously. It’s actually inspiring.

de_von: I appreciate the advice…thank you.

I’ve been trying out a few “less is more” routines recently. I’ve been inspired by chronostone (aka Equine Rooster), kevin12, kingpole, sta-kool, sparkyx, and many others, to develop a unique routine that is specific to my own unit. Throughout my dedicated PE career, I truly believe that “listening to your own unit” is the key to getting gains. Throughout my PE journey, I have tried to mimic the routines of other “big gainers”, but none of them have worked. I knew that if I was going to get any gains, I would have to start from scratch.

Around the middle of November, I started to do a very, VERY basic routine. After I showered, I would put on some Vaseline and do about 20 3-5 second jelqs. The jelqs would be done in the shower as well and I would allow the water to run on my unit as I jelqed. Afterwards, I would dry off and do about 2-3 minutes worth of stretches. These were VERY light stretches. I would do V’s and inverted V Stretches. Again, I must stress that these were VERY light - I always eased into the stretch and never pulled very hard at all. That was it. After about a month, I noticed more morning wood and even some daytime, spontaneous half-erections starting to pop up. My libido increased as well. I would edge about 3-5 times a week for only about 10 minutes - anything more and my penis would be overtrained. I didn’t do any official measuring, but I could tell by the feel in my hand that it was definitely a bit bigger.

Unfortunately, I started to smoke weed again near the beginning of December. The weed led to me being really lazy and even made me super depressed. My interest in PE started going downhill and began to over-masturbate. Any gains that I may have gotten during the previous month had vanished. Recently, I’ve quit smoking and am finally back on track. I’m feeling a lot better (not depressed anymore) and am starting to workout again. This time around, I KNOW what works for me. It was just so hard for me to accept that a miniscule routine of 20 jelqs and 2-3 minutes of daily PE was all that I needed to grow. I have also incorporated some supplements that I hope will help out, such as ZMA, ginseng and gingko biloba.

Here’s what I have learned about PE that works for me:

1) Heat is important. I do my PE workout in the shower - this not only provides a good warm up, but constant heat throughout the session. Plus, it makes clean up a breeze.

2) Consistency. I do PE everyday - small amounts will eventually add up to big gains. PEing everyday also keeps me on track and becomes a part of my everyday routine.

3) Stretching after jelqing. I never could get in a decent stretch. The jelqs help my penis stay flaccid while stretching and I feel that this order of “jelq then stretch” is a lot better for my unit.

4) Listen to your body. Everyone is different - what works for someone may not necessarily work for you. Read all that you can on this forum, but then go out and do your OWN thing. Experiment.

5) Edging and masturbation. These are tough issues. I truly believe that edging is very healthy for your unit, but in small doses. I know that for me, 10 minutes or less is perfect. Anything more and my unit becomes overtrained. I try to limit my ejaculations and masturbation sessions to only 2 times per week and nothing more than 20 minutes at a time for the same reasons. I believe that ejaculation is good because it keeps your prostate healthy and libido in check, but too much of it overtrains my unit. I guess this ties in with #4.

I have become more of a lurker than a poster as of late, and I plan to do the same for the next little while. I plan on updating my progress log every three months and see how it goes. I just hope that this time I have some real gains to brag about.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

I plan to read this whole topic, but so far have only read pages 1 and 7. Sympathise with you that after so long the gains haven’t come, doing a topic like this wouldn’t be easy. But also admire your determination and persistance. I liked what de_von had to say about stretching because it’s what works for me. But you are right in needing to find what works for you. Glad you didn’t take the surgery route, too risky in my opinion. Good luck in your new routine.


I hope you’re not dreaming about becoming famous from these anniversaries, 4 Years - No Gains, 5 Years - No Gains, 10 Years - No Gains?

Do you really want to end this?

I would never take the surgery route. Ever.

Gaby: Why would I want to be famous from NOT gaining? I’m not sure where you are going with this…

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

Quik I cant tell you how much I admire your determination man, three years is quite a long time. I can honestly say that I would have never continued to PE if I didn’t gained anything after such a long amount of time, but that just makes me respect you more.

So just keep at it man, as others have said you have put so much into this that it would not be right for you to quit right now, I am convinced that sooner or later everyone can meet their goals.

How long or with routine no one can say, but eventually you will get there.

On a side note I agree with you on surgery, it is better to have a working average dick than a useless limp dick, and I think that surgery involves way too many risks to be considered a viable option.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3


I think, you’re not gaining because you don’t want to gain.

Or, you don’t believe it’s possible.

Observation: You state that you started PE at 5.75 BPEL x 4.25 EG, and that you’ve had no gains after 3 years. Yet in the PE dB, dated 8/20/05, you entered the following: 5.2 x 4.3 (erect), 3.0 x 2.7 (flaccid).

So, my take on this would be:

(1) You did gain 0.55” of EL, but lost 0.05” of EG, or…
(2) Your measuring methodology is faulty, therefore too unreliable to make the claim that you’ve had zero gains, or…
(3) This thread is bullshit.


P.S., I'm leaning toward option #3

You forgot about option #4. 5.2” is my NBPEL and 5.75” is my BPEL. I just entered them wrong - my apologies. My girth has always been 4.25” on the dot - I sometimes round up to give myself some self esteem.

Wad, I’m quite shocked that you leaned toward option #3 - of all people, you really surprised me. I thought you’d be giving me some advice a la your EtP Theory or something, but instead you came off sounding like Gaby.

No worries. If I was on the other end of this thread, I’d probably think the same way.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~


To improve your girth, try this advice from me. I’m sure people do similar things, this is my variation.

I normally wake up with morning wood, it’s the best time for me.

Now this is very risky and intense so be careful.

Roll on your back and grip yourself at the base and squeeze (OK Grip), then with your other hand, squeeze pretty hard along your mid-shaft(Full hand grip), keeping your squeeze at the base tight and kegeling like mad. This fills your dick up like it will burst.

Now for a few seconds, kegel and SQUEEZE VERY HARD, then relax your shaft squeeze slightly (keeping your base squeeze tight all the time), then kegel and squeeze hard again and then relax slightly etc (Like pulses), keep repeating this varying bend direction and position.

Also, optionally, Keep your base squeeze tight and mid-shaft squeeze tight, proceed to bend your dick in all directions, and from high and lower positions on your shaft. Don’t bend more than 45 degrees or so. Each time you bend, squeeze hard and keep kegeling.

The idea of this is to force more blood into an already engorged glans, , then short repeated pulses of super hard squeezes just to add to the effect :) while the bends also target the tunica (a small area very intensely, instead of a normal stretch where the stress is distributed over all the tunica)

After you have done this 20 or so times, let go of your dick to allow the blood to re circulate for a minute or so.

Proceed to DRY JELQ (80% erect max), pulling any loose shaft skin down towards the base (to act as a “sled” for the fingers to “slide” up the shaft when you jelq upward).I Am uncut by the way.
Squeeze tight at the base and draw the hand up so the blood moves upwards and your glans is scarlet and shiny from the pressure, slide your hand up until it is underneath the glans, then tug a little more, using the glans as an anchor, this will really hit the tunica.

While doing this, vary the angle of the jelq, so it attacks different parts of the tunica, you should be able to feel if a particular angle hits the tunica more. For me this angle is SO + slightly to the left and SO + slightly to the right.

After you have repeated this 20 or so times, rest again for a minute or so.

Then try to get an erection again and squeeze the lower shaft again (OK Grip) and kegel in more blood. Slide the lower shaft squeeze hand up 40% of the shaft so the glans and upper shaft are bursting again. Keep squeezing the base/mid-shaft and then kegel and with the other hand squeeze your glans VERY HARD (Full hand squeeze) for a few seconds, then relaxing slightly, then kegel and squeeze again very hard, etc repeating these pulses 20 or so times or until it really starts to fatigue.

The idea of this is to force blood into an already engorged mid-shaft, then these short intense pulses just pile on the intensity.

I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves, and remember my version of “SQUEEZE HARD” may be different to you, I am pretty skinny with fairly weak hands, so if you have strong hands, be careful.


When I finish this exercise, My shaft is COVERED in red/purple spots, hundreds of tiny ones, and a handful of larger ones (2-3mm) and my dick burns for several hours later (no sharp or intense pain, but a definite burning sensation).

I believe this will give you gains (It did for me). I look for the red spots and an indication of a good workout. I do this 3 days a week (I try to time it around likely days my girlfriend WON’t have sex with me so she won’t notice the spots :)

Good Luck

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Thanks for the advice, de_von. I appreciate it.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

Originally Posted by de_von
To improve your girth, try this advice from me. I’m sure people do similar things, this is my variation.

When I finish this exercise, My shaft is COVERED in red/purple spots, hundreds of tiny ones, and a handful of larger ones (2-3mm) and my dick burns for several hours later (no sharp or intense pain, but a definite burning sensation).


May I ask you if you use some cream or oil after your PE to heal the bruises?


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