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Things get a little out of hand here sometimes. Over the years, the standard for a big dick seems to have steadily increased in the penis-discourse at Thunder’s Place. Now it is not uncommon to see new posters worried about whether a 7x6 (or even an 8x6) dick will be “large.” The norms keep creeping upward, as PEers obsessed with being the biggest (that she’s ever had — that she’s ever seen — or maybe even the biggest out there, period!) feed each other’s anxieties by posting their PE progress and photos of the huge cocks they’re building.

For those who sometimes find themselves insecure after spending too much time on a PE forum, I would recommend visiting a bodybuilding site for “therapy.” Google around for bodybuilding forums, and read up. You will find guys seriously stating that thighs under 30” are chicken legs. :Rolling: That may be an extreme example, but the general norms in a community like that — full of men competing to outdo one another and be the best, the biggest at what they do — are completely unhinged from the everyday reality in which even a moderately muscular, lean man will stand out from 95% of the fat-ass population.

I really needed to read this. Thanx