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Thal's Hands On Girth Routine Edge/Clamp/440

Thal's Hands On Girth Routine Edge/Clamp/440

I’ve been back into PE after a long break, which basically caused me to lose all gains I had made. So I will never take such a long break ever again. My routine has really got my girth going again. I’ve seen a solid 1/4 inch gain in girth in just a few months.

I started with very light basic newbie stuff for about a month first. Way back when, I was a clamper. But I noticed that it gives me really bad EQ. So I switch to a manual routine. It’s nothing really special but like everything here, its just a different spin on other routines.

I start with a warm up. I use a heating pad rolled up with a zip tie around it. So I can insert my member into it. I try to not heat up my balls…as this causes a lost in Testosterone. Nature put the balls on the outside of our body for a reason. 98.6 degrees is to warm. I think a really good warm up is key. Everything stretches better when its warm.

After a good warm up. At least 10 mins. Light stretching. (I am 7 1/2 long and I don’t want any more length) I then put a clamp on. This is just to get the first pump. I use a lot of lotion for the entire work out. Less friction less skin irritation. I make sure to never go more then 4-5 mins in the clamp. I’m not trying to wear it out, because this is only the start of the workout. I then take the clamp off and start a 20 min edge/manual clamp/horse 440 squeeze routine. Right after the clamp comes off I do manual clamp (manual mean with my hands of course) for 1 min. Then I keep the plumpness and go straight into a 440 squeeze for 1 min. Then right into edging for 1 min. I do this for about 20 mins. Sometimes the 440 squeeze in released and redone quickly. If I feel the plumpness is lost.

440 squeezes are tricky to master. You don’t really want your dick to be rock solid hard. Its more of a 95% erection. That’s so the top squeeze actually pushes the pressure back. You should feel the pressure on the base squeezing hand. It’s a quick thing. You quickly release the base grip kegel a good pump in, base grip then top grip. This action takes about 1 second to do. Its like you pump blood in clamp it off but then stop the blood before it reaches the top of your dick. You’re PE muscles should be relaxed while you are 440 squeezing. After the 1 min of 440 I edge to get the fresh blood back in. But the pump never leaves! if I notice the pump going down during edging I’ll throw in a quick 10 second manual clamp. This routine is more about keeping the pump for a good 20-25 mins and keeping fresh blood going. You simply can’t do this with a cable clamp. Because after 25 mins in a cable clamp your dick won’t work right for days.

After I’m done I rinse under hot water for a few mins then right back into the heating pad for about 10-15 mins. Followed by some stretching to combat the turtle effect which I feel is a silent killer for gains.

And that’s about it. I take Citrulline Malate (Prima Force) for a N.O. boost. I watch what I eat and get good sleep whenever I can. 8 hours of sleep is key to Testosterone and EQ two thing that are vital to PE. You know the mornings when you wake up and no morning wood, well that is because your body did not produce much testosterone. If you feel you need a good testosterone boost I’d recommend D-Aspartic Acid. But that belongs in the supplement section and no need to get into that. Try this routine let me know what you think.

Here’s the dumb question of the day , edgeing means what ?

Originally Posted by king snake
Here’s the dumb question of the day , edgeing means what ?

Edging - basically masturbating without ejaculation. You bring yourself right to the “edge” of blowing your load. But no precum or anything. Something that takes practice and discipline.

When I do it I kegel squeeze for about 30 seconds release repeat. Two things strengthens those PE muscles and gets fresh blood going. I should add, the first set is just manual clamp and the last set is manual clamp, both lasting 2 minutes.

Does it really matter if precum appears or not? Isn’t the point not to deliver the actual payload and stay hard.

Originally Posted by match
Does it really matter if precum appears or not? Isn’t the point not to deliver the actual payload and stay hard.

I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s a fine line. Edging is a great way to get blue balls. So that’s why I try not to get to close to busting. Fresh blood, strength in the kegel muscles is why I edge.

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