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The mystery of base girth gains

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Which sounds like the hypothesis is not working out that well, to me.

Originally Posted by marinera
You are right it was rude.

I didn’t see any rudeness.

Originally Posted by marinera
What I meant is that explaining why I am not convinced will require just too much time, where you can find the issue by yourself I think, reading with a critique eye.

You’re likely correct, but I’m far too lazy to do the work that you’ve already done.

Originally Posted by marinera
By the way, have you ever heard of vac-hanging?

Yes, but have no familiarity with it.

Originally Posted by marinera
People gets girth gains at the base with that.

Wasn’t aware of that; clearly not attributable to strain ellipses adjacent to circumferential compression…I Love discovering areas of my ignorance! Thank you! So, given that information, yes, clearly the strain ellipse hypothesis is not operant in the case of vac hanger base girth gains. Now this I would definitely consider a mystery!

Originally Posted by marinera
And why people don’t get gains mostly at the base when jelqing? Strange thought, I know.

Not sure what you mean by this; but I Love strange thoughts, so I sure would like to know what you meant!

Originally Posted by marinera
The post linked has dead links inside, too bad; this makes the post hard to understand, at least for me.

What post?

Originally Posted by marinera
Merry Christmas to you also Xeno…

I see that you don’t read my PR Thread…where, if you did, you would have read:

Originally Posted by xenolith
Thanks luca, but as a buddhist it’s simply another blessed day of experiencing Life as a human being.

Originally Posted by marinera
…although I would define myself as an agnostic.

Good to know; I rescind my wish for a merry christmas…may you simply have another blessed day of experiencing Life as human being.


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.825" BPEL x 6.825" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

This post:
Strain ellipse mechanics adjacent to clamps

I celebrate christmas even if I am agnostic (I know, I know…) so no need to rescind.

What I meant, is that, since jelqing starts with a clamp at the base, there should be a girth size increase as well. But jelqing increased mostly midshaft girth for me, and by what I gathered this is true for most of guys. This doesn’t seem to be consistent with my very same theory, actually, so I think there is a mistery actually that I hoped I had solved.

I am not sure how the explanation fits well with hanging either, you don’t have an erection right after two hours of hanging generally, neither the ‘weakened’ (or ‘deformed’ if you do prefer) tissue will likely remain in that state for many hours (it could be, but I think it will tend to recovery its elasticity pretty fast). The deformation through PE can’t be ‘permanent’ in a matter of minutes, this only happens when you have a major injury, tipycally a penis fracture. So I am not sure I have everything clear.

marinera, I didn’t see any dead links in that post…?


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.825" BPEL x 6.825" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

Maybe it depends on my browser then.

Im ignored up to now but I will repeat more aggresivly :P :

You brush away the inner Penis gains unconvincingly which is my opionion the missing part of your theory. The notion that the inner penis is attached to the Pubic Ramus is too broad.

The CC is connected and covered by the ischiocavernus muscle. This combination is attached in two “strings”/sides to the crura or crus penis.
While the CS is connected to the bulb penis together with the BC muscle. Of course it is also interconnected to the Pubic Ramus through connective tissue but the main attachment points are the crus penis and bulb penis.

Inner penis soreness is clearly possible as I and others experienced it. So something is happening there. The innerpenis is not immovable or uninfluencable. I cant say for sure that such a soreness or impact will lead to base gains but this shows me that the inner penis can be influenced through PE.

I read that some experience the IC muscle to shift outside while it “starts” with most people behind the pubic-inside. This can then add size to the base and for some it means their base is more prone to soreness as the IC muscles are directly “out in the open”.

The IC and BC muscles can influence stretching/hanging through relaxing or engaging them thats also an indicator that the inner penis can be influenced.

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One thing remains proven. There is no proof in generalizations. I stand by that statement. Generally.

What you are saying doesn’t make any sense Dickershwanz. Neither I have ever read of anyone reporting that his ischiocavernous muscle has shifted out (which wouldn’t accomplish nothing either, since the CC can’t shift out anyway). This idea of the penis shifting out from the inside of the body is something that I would like to never read again, it is even worse than the ‘Jelq is a secret arabic technique’ thing.

As a side note, there isn’t any proof actually that the inner penis is thicker, I remember time ago Modestoman had a MRI of his whole penis and what he reported was that his inner penis was slimmer than the outer penis.
ModestoMan - Low LOTter’s any success?

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If lengthening ligs dragged inner penis out, or exposed more of it, how comes when they get cut through surgery there are no erect gains? If the first two possibilities were right, we should see maximum gains through surgery. But how do lowering an erection angle work? Doesnt it expose more of the penis which already existed (early length gains).

I don’t think my inner penis is any thicker.

I don’t know about shifting muscles, is such a thing possible ?

At the same angle, the penis will be as long as before. The penis is longer while flaccid because the angle with pubic bone is wider.

We are going a bit off topic now.

The Penis has 3 main points of attachment inside. 2x crus penis and the bulb penis.
If you manage to stretch the penis from these attachment points towards “outside” then it reacts.

There is no reason why stretching out from these attachment points there shouldnt be a possiblity to stretch and lengthen that tissue like other tissue (Shifting is probably the wrong word.)
Its living tissue and not cement and gorilla glue how the penis is attached inside.
Just look at the picture above. 3 attachment points that can be “attacked” by relaxing the muscles BC and IC while stretching.(there are better ones one can find with a g-image search)

If you engage the IC muscle while stretching you can clearly feel a resistance INSIDE which is biggest stretching out to the left/right. If you hit it right, while relaxing the muscles, you are clearly hitting one of the two crus penis attachment points.

I understand what you mean with the arabic jelq tease and I have no prob naming things head on.
If DLD finds something(or anyone else) ,with his overpriced tools he has a share in, then it is how it is. He found that you can attack the inner penis, in this case more the bulb penis, with pulling the bathmate up and out while fully pumped. It clearly targets the inner penis and stretches it as when you overdo it you get a sore feeling that is similar to hanging soreness in the ligs but clearly located INSIDE..
Of course I can see how most people get a brain cramp reading DLD and bathmate lol but thats your prob locking yourself out from finding something because you dont like the mug of the one who presents it. For anyone interested - Bathmate Hardcore stretches is the exercise.(but very advanced and discoloration guarenteed) Its basicly erect stretches in a pumped state..which is of course insane.,, but it impacts inner penis in a very clear and distinct way if people like it or not.
I dont own an air pump but maybe its possible to stretch the tube and penis there too out and into different directions. But the circumferential uniform grip of the water is making it easier I guess to accomplish that without loosing grip at the base.

About IC muscle getting outside is reported more then once in BIBs hanging forum(for example by RB who is a member here too I think). And if one looks at anatomical pictures of the IC muscle and how it is attached to the CC and crus penis then its clear that it is possible to be stretched outside. I train my IC muscle isolated and while I couldnt find it starting out cramping int omy groin I can now feel it contracting nearer to the “surface”/outside.

The inner penis feels wider and this has two reasons. For reference one has to look at anatomcial pictures who show it.
-There is more “stuff” inside attached to it like the biggests parts of the IC and BC muscles.
-The Penis gets divided sort of to be attached to the 3 main attachment points. CRUS PENIS and BULB Penis thus widening the room it takes.

The ligs act as a stopper to stretches attempting to take the inner penis out. If one cuts his ligs and attempts Bathmate stretches it will stretch/”attack” inner Penis more easy then with tight ligs as all the pull will be focused onto the inenr penis attachment points. Of course the inner penis has more resisting points but its also tissue that can be stretched.
BIBs LOT theory, which in its first version is totaly discredited on here but has evolved further on his forums, explains these relations in parts too.

Again, not saying its the only reason for base girth gains.. they interact in various degres I suppose depending on individual anatomy and the way we attack the tissue.

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‘Feels’ doesn’t means it is. Your feelings can trick you, expecailly when you are willing to believe something.

The anatomical pictures aren’t always that accurate : do you know if the drawer was looking at a penis MRI?

‘About IC muscle getting outside is reported more then once in BIBs hanging forum’.
We have a good number of people reporting the most unlikely things. Beside that : the IC muscle shifting out : a) would be nothing else than a big injury; b) it wouldn’t make your penis bigger.
Widness of the penis is given by CC. If you look at your draw, there isn’ much variation in CC size - actually, the CC are thicker at midshaft, according to the illustration, or so it looks to me.

Bib’ LOT thoery is not discredit, it is just disproven.

Not even the Pharaoh could free my inner penis! But I know this. We could spout irrelevant associations of anatomy and more wishful thinking until the pyramids crumble and some will never be convinced.

It does make a lot of sense. I originally bought the inner penis theory for hanging, and for clamping I simply thought the tissues broke down more around the pressure spot hence why that area grows faster.


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