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the only MANUAL STRETCHING routine that gave me gains


Every time I’m doing normal manual stretch routine I feel pain until I stop for few days and its delaying my progress.

I’m gonna try your method since its less powerful stretch so I think its will be more healthy for my penis.

Will update you guys after a while.

Little bit late to the party.

Anyone still using this method?

I’ve been doing it a few weeks using just my hands and my stretched flaccid seems to be able to stretch further. Not sure if it’s affected my erect length much.

For some reason my girth seems to be getting thicker. Also when stretching straight up it feels like the length almost gets cut in half in comparison to straight out or straight down and the reflex that pulls my penis back in is more sensitive. Does that indicate a hardened tunica?

Does anyone know of any other threads where this method of relaxing into stretch / static stretching is discussed? Hard methods never seemed to do anything for me and would cause serious turtling after a session until I eventually just overtrained. This doesn’t seem to produce the same outcome.

In my continuing efforts to gain some more length I have been using this method for the past month, two or three days per week in addition to my maintenance pumping routine. For the assisted stretch I am using Monkey Bar’s Vac Extender cap with a piece of string attached. A very comfortable and, I think, effective combination. It’s too early to say if I’ve gained any length, but my girth is noticeably fatter. This is a real surprise as I already have good girth at 6". Not complaining though. Will check-in with a length measurement in another month.

Very few people will make any significant gains from manual stretching alone. Some may, and I don’t doubt those who have but in my opinion they are the exception not the rule.

Manual is a good supplement to other forms of sustained tissue tension.

I have made substantial gains from PE using a combination of methods over many years. I now have a very good size, but greed is driving towards squeezing out an extra centimetre of length which is why I am trying this slightly different approach to manual stretching. It may or may not work, but in the event that it doesn’t I will continue with my minimalist pumping routine to maintain and enjoy the gains I already have.

May I ask ,,, what your gains were using this program. And over what time period?


The original poster has extensive information about his gains in this thread. I don’t know if I’ve gained any length yet as I haven’t measured. I’m doing this routine in addition to maintenance pumping 3 or 4 times a week, so I’m hoping there will be a at least a small gain when I get round to measuring. What is surprising is the apparent increase in girth. I say apparent as I haven’t measured it but it certainly feels thicker than usual.

This thread is based on Marinera’s method …the one I’m using too.

Feb 2004----> 6.3 BPELx5.1EG (16cmx13cm) / May 2006---->7.3 BPELx5.7EG & 6+EG Base (18.5cmx14.5cm, 15.6+cm Base)

February 2023------> 8.38 BPEL x 5.51 EG (21.3cm x14cm) Focused only in length

New Goal for 2023 ----> 9 Inch BPEL x 6EG

Great Advice

Going to give your routine a go. Thanks 😊


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