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The progress of PE itself over the last year

The progress of PE itself over the last year

First started reading the PE Forum last spring. Well, I actually started PE in the summer of 2001 and after about two months I stopped, although I made good initial gains. Like a dumbass, of course. And now I am back.

That gives me some perspective of what it’s like to come back after about 7-8 months and see what has occurred in the realm of PE over about a year’s time.

Let’s see…

Well, last summer the book was completely out on whether PE gains (using what are now considered solid methods) would hold up over the long run. There was concern that it would just all shrivel away and maintenance routines were required or heavily advised. It now *seems* that if done properly the gains are for good (or until they shrink back from advancing age). That is not to say maintenance isn’t needed or advised to some degree, but what a change in perspective over a year’s worth of experience.

The realm of hanging has improved immensely, thanks to the efforts of many PE pioneers. Tom and BIB have made their mark in history, albeit an obscure (but highly valued!) one. We now have many options for hangers that are safe, and what we’ve learned about hanging has increased manyfold.

Dealing with injuries - well, some unfortunate (I won’t say stupid as I am sure I’ll have some) experiences and the efforts of those people to communicate what happened, why, and what was done have made PE a much safer activity. I now know I will hang, whereas before I thought it was extremely dangerous. Where would we be without the trials of others?

Also (and what made me post this) a few of the bigtime vets have moved on. You don’t even see their data on the PE Data sheet because they aren’t around to post it. There are alot of big boys who you don’t see there. So many of them have moved on, although some still post a bit. This was happening about a year ago when I first clocked into the other site (which of course predated this one). Guys were reaching goals, sticking around to share their wealth and experience, and then riding off into the sunset. I remember it being a somewhat sad experience for new guys and people being in the middle of their programs. A sense of uncertainty, like your only big brother leaving the house and you still a kid - “Jimmy!! Don’t leave! How will my dick ever get big like yours??!?” Well, a year later I can see other guys who are now mounting their horse for the ride into the sunset. Sure, they still post here from time to time, but everyone has to get on with things eventually. So it’s sad. I remember the input of those guys just a year ago and where they were, watching the then-vets ride off. PE goes on…

And so here I am again and this time I won’t stop. Irritating, because I’d probably be closing in on my modest goals at this point. Lesson learned.

I plan to stick around and share whatever wealth and knowledge I’ve accumulated with others. It’s really incumbent on all those who reach their goals to be a responsible part of this community. At some point we’ll need new moderators on the boards, perhaps new board runners (or whatever that’s called) - there’s always a changing of the guard. To the soon-to-be vets and those just starting, consider your obligation to this small, elite, and unique community. How much do you appreciate it for what it offers you? Where would we be without those who’ve gone before us?

What a difference a year makes.


Excellent Post, very true, glad your back to give it another go.


Sticking Around

Is it the case that for some the journey — and helping others along the way — is just as important important as the destination??

Not that you see me in there with the newbie questions as much as I should….

AND I’m not yet at the destination….

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Very well said, Buster.. it’s posts like that, that keep me motivated in PE =) May you reach your ultimate goal.

Regarding long-term maintenance of gains, I found exact’s thread on long-term gains quite elucidating (though it might not reflect everyone’s experiences, given personal variance etc etc):

3 year follow-up of my PE experience

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