Thoughts about stretching

This is a follow-up post building on what I´ve exposed on the Mid shaft ribbed tunica bump thread.

So, to my thoughts about stretching. I´ve been reading about the tunica, collagen tissues, heat, etc. I remember that when I was a kid, I had a friend who had a toy sword made of plastic and one day he decided he wanted to break it. He hit it very hard on the wall but it just bent a bit, without breaking, but the spot where it bent changed color. Looking at that, he sat down and started bending and pulling the sword until the plastic started to rip and then it finally snapped and broke.

I don´t want to bend my dick until it breaks, but the idea here is the following. I´ve been starting my routine by applying heat and doing 10-15 minutes of stretches, just as the newbie routine indicates, but I don´t really feel too much fatigue in my unit, leading me to think that maybe because all the points in the tunica are equally warm and there´s no “weak area” for me to target I can´t really fatigue it or I don´t have a good technique.

My idea now is to change the exercise order and start (along with heat application) with some plumped bends (or something of this sort) in all directions, in order to stress a point (or, more accurately, imagining a cylinder, targeting a circular section of it) in the tunica and then move to the stretches so the tissue is more bendable or deforms more easily.

I think this could be applied to hanging as well (even though I haven´t started to hang yet), fatiguing a section before starting to work, or before putting an ADS.

If something like my idea has been posted already, please disconsider this thread. Even with all the reading I´ve done I am still a newbie and can´t possibly have read every exercise or theory about PE here. :)

Any thoughts about this ?