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To those with around 6" + girth....


To those with around 6" + girth....

On average, do you find yourself enjoying blow jobs? I’m only a bit short of 6” girth, and was a late bloomer sexually.

I’m yet to have a BJ which is close to making me cum. Teeth don’t feel great, and most girls only put the tip in. I much prefer a handjob or sex.

What I’m trying to figure out is whether I’m just accustomed to the hand due to inexperience, hence I’m having some trouble with the new sensations of a mouth….. or whether above average girth is playing as factor.

Edit: Sorry, there is a thread just below this one that somewhat deals with this issue. Feel free to delete, otherwise I’d love to hear some experiences anyway.

Im at 6 in girth. Dude it took me forever to cum that way. I finally found a girl who was good at it and would not give up. Once you get used to it, it gets easier.

I have never came from oral before. No, whacking off will not make you insensitive to oral sex. Oral feels better in my opinion, but I can’t seem to come from oral. I’m sure many have not though.

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Haven’t come from oral either, always thought I was a bit desensitized though.

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Yes, I can come from oral. It does take longer though. She gets about half of me in her mouth without teeth. Thankfully, she’s quite skilled in that regard.

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I’m right about 6.5 mid shaft which is very new to me. I’ve had bj’s but always before sex. I’ve yet to have a girl blow me until I came but I image I could do it.

I also have to try harder to come with oral. I have gotten plenty of teeth, but given enough time both of my long term girlfriends have done just fine. Both of these girls were petite and seemed to have tiny mouths.

I’m only at about 5.3 and I’ve always been between 5.0 and 5.3 since becoming sexually active. I’ve been able to finish from Bjs but it always takes me forever. The best BJ I’ve gotten was from a girl that I could tell had a big mouth. It felt so much better because she was better able to use her lips and I felt no teeth. I didn’t finish because I was really drunk but after having felt the difference, I think having a big girth is likely to make oral sex worse.

Not yet sir, but in due time I will come along a lady who can click that into place; met one who almost managed.

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I’ve been lucky, I guess. I’ve had several women who gave me great head. Like any other physical performance, it is a combination of anatomy and skill.

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WOW AND ALL THESE YEARS I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY ME!! I’ve only cum from head once with my current girlfriend and she took it as a challenge so she went on and on for nearly 30mins before I finally did. She told me her jaw hurt so bad afterwards she would never try that again lol. How is girth related to lack of cumming from oral sex though?

Originally Posted by slipstream

I’ve been lucky, I guess. I’ve had several women who gave me great head. Like any other physical performance, it is a combination of anatomy and skill.

Co-sign that.

Nope never have… Only once or twice from handjobs… Girls usually can’t go more than an inch below the head.

Maybe I should just start looking for girls with big mouths? Damn, yet another criteria to fill…

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The teeth tend to bother me too. I have cum only a handful of times from just blowjobs. Now, handjobs are a different thing. Girth is an issue for me, but it is good for sex.

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