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Two inches in two years with only one injury.

Two inches in two years with only one injury.

That injury is now though. LOL. Most of my gains I made in the first year, but I still want more. Over the past two years, I’ve done the newbie routine, pumped, stretched, ADS’d, used an extender, and hung everything from golf weights to real iron plates without any injuries. How did I manage to stay injury free for two years? I read every injury thread and tried not to make the same mistakes.

I did however manage to give myself an injury? Well, first I should explain that my injury is simply a couple of blood blisters. They are small, perhaps .100” in diameter. I don’t even know if they would be considered injuries, but since it is something that will cause me to do something different I consider it an injury.

I’ll explain how my injury happened so that others can can avoid what I did. After Vac-hanging 10 pounds I showered and put on a Vac-ADS which I wore all night at work with a very light tension. I didn’t give myself the normal breaks every 4 hours like I normally do. When I got home I removed the ADS and put on my Vac-hanger head and proceeded to hang 10 pounds straight up. After hanging I went to bed and when I awoke I noticed two blood blisters on my glans. One to the left of the center and one on the crown. The only things I did differently this time than other days when I have similar routines is that I normally don’t hang right after removing my Vac-ADS, and I usually remove my ADS every four hours for a one hour break.

I basically maintained a continuous vacuum on my glans for a period of about fourteen hours with a ten pound hang at each end of that time.

So, keep in mind that even careful, experienced PE’ers can get injured if we get careless and don’t follow our normal safety checks.

Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget to be diligent about the safety and health of your penis.

In another few years we will probably be required by law to do a written risk assessment before doing PE. And have a health and safety officer check our equipment over once a year!

So as HanginB-low says, be diligent and we can keep the common sense police at bay!

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

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