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Vac extender gains

Vac extender gains

I was going to post this in the vac extender review thread but that thread is so long that I doubt anyone really checks it anymore.

I have been motivated to wear an extender after shortly receiving the vac extender 2 from Monkeybar. I have put in roughly 56 hours so far this month (started on the 9th) and I think its far too early to tell of any meaningful gains.

I can see however that my erections are harder than ever and my stretched flaccid length is slightly longer. Flaccid length is also hanging a little bit better now but can’t really say if the extender helped in this department (I cut the pubes or shaved around the base so it might be an illusion for now =)

I would like to ask Vac extender users of their gains and how many hours have they put in before they saw their first gain.

Also, I own a Penimaster that has been rotting in my PE drawer for sometime now. The strap deal wasn’t very comfortable but one thing I liked was how I can measure the progress by the bars and how much tension you can dial in.

Has anyone come up with a good system on the Vac Extender from Monkeybar?

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Use a fishscale to pull out the Vac, then follow up with the screws.

regards, mgus

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Point1, so have you gained with the vac extender to date? I just received mine, I would like to know how its working out for you.

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