Whole-Hand Squeeze Jelqs

I figured I’d start a new thread to see if anyone else does these and has had success.

Although I am a new member here, I’ve been doing PE on and off since about 2009. I’ve done various kinds stretches, jelqs, squeezes, and pumped with a Bathmate. I am definitely not a newbie.

An exercise I’m doing right now is very effective for girth work. It’s a kind of whole-hand squeeze jelq. I do it at about 50-80% erect. Start with an overhand grip at the base. Then jelq as normal but squeeze your whole hand around your shaft as you jelq toward the glans. You can do it wet or dry but I find a better squeeze dry as I move the skin over my internal cock. I use the same hand and do it over and over. I do 10-20 of these and then do a Horse440 or two, and then I switch hands and start over.

It is great for girth. If you do an Ultimate Jelq motion (thanks to rbi99), your fingertips ride along the CS and pump blood into the glans even more.

A wet jelq whole-hand squeeze I do is done fairly erect. It’s a regular or overhand jelq started at the deepest base. I grab my dick with my entire hand. The part closest to your body (ring finger) squeezes the inner penis at the start. Then I jelq toward the head squeezing with my whole hand the entire time. I switch hands each time and milk my cock with my whole hand toward the glans. It’s a great motion and makes my cock as big as it can get. If you want, you can use your other hand to hold the skin back against your body. This should help prevent turkey neck.

Anybody else do whole-hand squeeze jelqs?

Started: BPEL 6.5", EG 4.5"

Current: BPEL 7.0", EG 5.0"

Goal: BPEL 7.5", EG 5.5"