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Your Erection after days of not ejaculating?


Originally Posted by Belli Devs
I think that’s precisely why my 20 second kegels work. I’m purposely getting over 100% erect and the clear effect I saw is an increase in length (1cm in 2 weeks). What I find weird is that sometimes, it’s actually more painful when I lose my erection than when I get it. As if I managed to overfill it long enough for it to repair expanded somewhat and it teared when returning flaccid.

I really believe a really intense erection is mostly beneficial if you can keep it long enough right after your training. Someone else did an exercise really similar to mine and came to the same conclusion Amazing Isometrics - expand gain potential and cut down PE duration

Yes, that’s an excellent exercise to strenhgten the penis and get a superb EQ.

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Heat is the key!

Back to the original question, I find the opposite of the OP. If I go more than a couple of days without cumming, I will be rock hard the next time I masturbate. However, I find that time of day and how tired I am plays more into erection quality than anything else.

I generally cum once per day and have noticed the issue with very white semen when I do. Waiting a few days or more will increase the volume and be a bit more of an off-white pearly color. I think diet and hydration has a lot more to do with the color and consistency.

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Originally Posted by Uncas
So quite a lot of guys on here chose not to ejaculate at all or very rarely. I find If I do not ejaculate for like 4 days or more my penis just gets too sensitive and does not get that hard either. It is a very weird feeling and I just need to come to make my balls feel better. Sometimes I have the feeling my balls keep me from getting hard as they just really need to empty..

I am I the only one whose erections level gets affected by not ejaculating for a while?

Originally Posted by Titleist
I’m the opposite. It’s super erect after three days though I do get that feeling in my balls. I notice precum really becomes an issue. Random erections are much more frequent as well.

Me too

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