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PeniMaster vs Homemade PeniMaster


You mean who would win in a combat between a penimaster and a chickenchoker?

I’m a viewer and I think they both suck. :D

I do like you, slack.

I love my SuckXtender. Homemade stuff isn’t as refined, but it can work just as well.


Well it depends on each person viewpoint, and i’m sure there are plenty in this group. But the bottom line is, what ever you feel will work the best for you.

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
51 views yet no one has a comment?

Maybe no one likes me :(

**goes and sits in the corner and cries**

I love you Man! Come here and give me a hug! Better yet, I’ll come to you! <hugga>

Whichever one is more comfortable for you, and the one you are likely to use consistently, is the best one.

cead mile failte :lep:

I disagree. I feel that you need to spend at least $500 dollars in PE, especially on DLD’s website. :extreme sarcasm:

Like R-Tizzle-Gizzle put it, it is less refined, but it gets the job done.

Yeah there’s no way i’m spending 200 dollars on a penis extender. I’ll make mine in a very near future!

Have some ideas already, but studying… :D

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
The chickenchoker that I linked to in my first post costs just $3!

Yes, i know, but it looks like a bit complicated to understand some things for non english speakers, so what I did was look at the pictures of all homemade ADS’s I found, and based on them get the idea to build mine :P

Im working on a leg extender first, very rudimentar yet.

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