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The SuckMaxExtender

The SuckMaxExtender

No excuses here: I don’t won’t hear "Hey, I’m not an handyman..". You don’t need to be a handyman to build a thing like this. This is the SuckMaxExtender. The reason why is called that way is obvious, if you read this :
The SuckXtender - just remember it sucks!

How much it costs?
About € 3,50, or $ 5.00.

What do I need?

1. 1 hydraulic pipe;
2. 1 plastic cap (in example, a photo-films container);
3. 1 bicycle inner tube;
4. 1 roll of tape;
5. 2 little stick of whatever rigid matter, about 0,5 cm (1/5") diameter;
6. 1 shoe-lace.
(equipment pic)

Take the plastic cap and insert it inside the bicycle inner tube, covering about 2-3 cm from the open side of the container. Fix the tube with tape. (cap pic)

Cut about 10 cm of the shoe-lace and fix at the closed side of the container, forming a noose. Fix the lace with tape. (cap+lace pic)

Cut 2 pieces of the pipe, long about your EL. Cut one of them vertically, and make a set of holes on the two cut sides. (tube pics)

(to be continued…)

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Now you wear the extender:

a. roll back the bicycle tube and insert your penis in the cap;

b. roll the bicycle tube on your shaft, creating the void;

c.insert your penis inside the cut pipe, fixing the extremity of the cap to the pipe with a little stick passing inside the lace;

d. compress the pipe with holes and insert it inside the other piece of pipe (the one that wasn’t cut vertically);

e. pull the inner pipe at desired length; a stick inserted in the hole will avoid the pipe sliding back.

See attached pics.

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Originally Posted by sparkyx
Awesome Marinera!

For guys not familiar with the device, please give a bit on the proper way to use it.

Good job, thanks!

Too kind, bros :) .

The hydraulic pipe (but is easy to find something similar) cost about 0.70 $ x 1 meter (40”) in Europe. The cap should fit with your glans.

You can find also something different than the bicycle inner tube: in example, cut a finger of elastic gloves.

It would be a good idea covering the base of the device with clothes or such; fix it with glue. One of the piece is cut vertically so it can go inside the other piece of the pipe. Either way, you need two pipes, one a bit larger than the other one.

I suggest extending the penis at about EL at the beginning, and wearing the device for about 10 minutes, to see if you are going to have coldness, fluid build-up or similar troubles.

The device will be huge, so you can’t wear it under regular pants. If anyone has something to ask, well… ask :) .

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Just forgiving: the uncut pipe (the one without holes) should be 1/2” shorter than the other piece of pipe, or you will not be able to extend at the desired length.

That is very clever Bro:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thank you Bro, I very much appreciate :) .

How big diameter wise should the hydrualic pipe be?


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