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How to hang in the right method ???

How to hang in the right method ???

Hi @ all,

I´m a newbie and don´t know much about hanging.

I found out, that my LOT is between 6 and 7. At 6 I feel and see now tugback, at 7 I can see a little tugback.

So my question:
How do I have to hang ??? I know, that I have to hang above 9, but I do not know, how to realize this.

Are in this forum any pics that explain how to hang on a low lot ???

BTC, SO and all this things don´t say me much.

Thanks your help.

Greetings from another PEer from Germany…

Perhaps I can realize to hang over the shoulder with a block and tackle ?!?!?

What do you mean ???


You don’t need a block and tackle to hang OTS. Just a short rope extension. The weights go behind your chair, attached to the rope extension, and the other end of the rope is attached to your hanger. Your penis will then be pulled toward your chin, appproximately.


Hi Bib,

thanks for your answer. I´ve bought me a lifting tackle today. With this, OTS hanging is no more problem for me. I have done 3 sets of 15 minutes now and I´ve felt a very good stretch in my tunica.

Thanks a lot.

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