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My balls hang too low...What can I do so they don't hang!


My balls hang too low...What can I do so they don't hang!

I get really mad! My balls hang extremely low! I have never seen nobody’s ball hang to low. :( Its kind of frustrating. Any help will be great :D Hope you guys can help me I really need your help so the “steak” can look bigger ;)

Why me?...

I think you’re stuck with em, bro. :(

Look on the bright side. Lots of guys would kill for low-hangers. A good portion of said group even stretch their sack to achieve it.

Could look at it as a blessing. :)

maybe a plastic surgeon could do a ….scrotum lift. Obviously consider this option only if you are really desperate.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

I very much doubt that yours hang as low as mine do… I can understand in total of your embarassment on this issue… Every woman I’ve ever been with has made a comment about it.. BTW if I’m warm and remove the pants and measure them they hang between 7.5 and 8” which is about the worst case I’ve seen… The only good thing about it is when I get hard they start to move up and make up a good part of the girth of my shaft… Not sure what caused it or if I was just born that way… I’ve noticed that my Dad is the same way… I think it’s possible that it may be from heavy lifting. I was raised on a farm and can remember packing around heavy parts and boxes loaded with fruit to the tractor from the field, by the time I got to the trailor behind the tractor my arms and back would be shot (possible that heavy lifting creates this condition)…

7.5 to 8. Holy shit man. You must have some problems with those. Like falling out of your boxer shorts or sitting on them.

all the time… I sit down in a certain way (have for a long time now) without even thinking about it… My ‘X’ used to make these rhymes about them like:

His balls hung low, like a farmers hoe!”

My first priority with PE is to remove my premature ejaculation problem and after that of course if more size.. I would love to have a limp trout that went even with my balls or slightly lower….


I started stretching my ball sac like on the penis workshop site - real simple - and it worked real fast, so fast that I stopped because I realized if I got them too low, I couldn’t make them higher again. They hang maybe an inch lower, and go all over the place when I lie down, and my wife said “you’ve got big balls!” (never heard that before) the last time we made love. But I can see how too much more might be uncomfortable.

Good news is, they still retract all the way - with a little extra fold of skin hanging below.

dude the majority of women go gaga over low hagers , you need to get more women! my goal is a 7 inch hang,to go with my 8 inch cock!

OK, I’m gonna be silly here.

You could always use duct tape.

Sorry guys, couldn’t resist the temptation on this one. :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

he he he he………….LOL

Seriously, I am now struggling with how to get my balls lower and when to do it. Since I have stretched my ligs by hanging, I have about an inch and a half of new shaft area at my base. However, my scrotum position hasn’t changed. I need to get it stretched at least a couple of inches since now that I have more length, part of my sac goes into the vagina during intercourse. I’m thinking of trying the ball stretcher rings. Regularwhiteguy should be proud of those low riders!


I’d say give it some more time and as you gain length and girth from PE, the situation will take care of itself.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I’ve been trying JAI stretches (these are MAI JAIs :blue: ) - I pull my dick for two seconds then my balls for two seconds then my dick … - can’t just sit around with nothing to do for two seconds at a time.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

You could give some of your balls away to the guys at the “Tight Ball SAc,Help” thread. You could donate some to charity. You could come over and let me feel them to make sure(only fuckin kidding).


Yo Hot_Guy,

Do your balls hang low?
Do they dangle to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you sling ‘em o’er your shoulder
Like a Continental Soldier?
Do your balls hang low?

Sorry… couldn’t resist! :homer2:


Re: My balls hang to low...What can I so they dont hang!

Originally posted by hot_guy
I get really mad! My balls hang extremely low! I have never seen nobody's ball hang to low. :( Its kind of frustrating. Any help will be great :D Hope you guys can help me I really need your help so the “steak” can look bigger ;)

I’ve heard ephedrine tightens up your ball sac

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