Mass Vs Weight (Mass:Weight Ratio) Does Mass & it's Density Affect Hanging Gains?

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(This occurred to me in a kind of epiphanic ‘eureka’ moment (if it’s already been discussed my apologies and please post the link))

Something else to consider might be the Mass to Weight ratio (Mass:Weight)

Originally Posted by A69
…you have to remember that Bib hung for a long time before he got to 20 pounds.

That’s true, he hung every day for two years and reached somewhere in the region of 10”, which means the forces from the weight he hung would presumably have been distributed through a larger, denser mass (He reported his maximum gains at the 22lb (10kg) mark), so maybe there’s an optimum mass to weight ratio (Mass:Weight) for each of us.

It may also may mean that if we hang heavy too quickly we may increase the density of the tissue, thereby slowing the gains achievable through hanging (or at least making further gains more difficult in terms of having to hang heavier and heavier weights to obtain the desired effect (i.e. length gains))…although this is pure speculation.

We already know from experience that adding length should be attempted before adding girth because the added mass achieved through girth exercises can inhibit length gains.

Originally Posted by kristian69
There has to be a maximum to what is possible to gain in length vs time, From what I have read this seems to be 1-2 mm a week…if we assume that the average maximum gains pr week is around 1-2 mm, Then IMO you should use the lowest weight possible to achieve this gain.
If you can achieve the maximum possible gains with 1 kilo then why use 10 kilos?

…bud_do measured gains of (approximately) 1.4 mm per week at 22lbs/10kg. Imagining, for sake of argument, that bud_do is average, what’s the lowest weight the average PEer would need to achieve 1.4mm per week?

Originally Posted by A69
From June 25 2004 to July 25 2004, I hung a total of 64 sets for a total time 1248 minutes with 6.75 pounds. I was hanging a combination of SO and SO with a fulcrum.
In those 30 days, I gained 0.18”

…a projected gain of 2.16” in 12 months (1.62” in 9 months) compared to bud_dos 2.2” in nine months, so if A69’s routine will consistently produce the same results for you then there’s your solution right there (It might not be as fast but believe me it’s a lot less effort, and if you hit a plateau you can always increase the weight)

Originally Posted by mbuc
My experience with low weight of around 1.5kg (3-4lb) is that it takes about 70 to 100 hrs to produce a 0.1” BPEL gain. Most of the time I have been using a stretcher and am assuming that the weight/force produces a similar result whether applied by a hanger or a stretcher.

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