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Pumping To Treat ED

Pumping To Treat ED

There are a number of posts at Thunders about transient erectile dysfunction caused by overindulgence at PE, or the type which happens for psychological reasons - like “performance anxiety” - or the type that occurs when you are out on the town and get “over-served” or tinker with party drugs. I am not talking to you in this thread.

I’d like instead to talk to guys who have long-standing ED. You have diabetes, or you are just aging, or you took a drug for some medical condition which brought on ED, or you sustained a nerve-damaging injury, or you smoke, or you are crazy for caffeine no matter how you get it, or a whole laundry list of other causes of ED.

There was a time not long ago when vacuum pumping was recognized as an aid to erectile dysfunction by only a small number of doctors. Most of these, though, suggested pumping as a means of getting an erection you could then use for sex. A very clumsy way to get a hard-on, imo.

Nowadays, the medical community is seeing pumping in a different light – as a means of repairing penile vascular systems which have been compromised by some form of disease (pick one) or by aging and even via simple lack of use.

For starters, you with physical ED, consider what happened as ED set in for you. You noticed that you couldn’t get it up or keep it up now and then. No big whoop. Even the healthiest of us cope with that. Then you noticed that you couldn’t get it up or keep it up fairly often. Then odds were that you couldn’t perform even half the time. Then you noticed you weren’t waking up with an erection in the morning anymore, nor could you remember being aware of one during the night. You got majorly worried about this whole syndrome. If you are like most ED sufferers, you didn’t do anything about your ED for a very long time. Instead, you invented reasons to avoid sex; you denied this was happening to you by justifying it - job stress or life problems. You got depressed. You either saw a doctor or you didn’t and and if you didn’t you got even more depressed.

See a doctor.

There are now easy-to-use drugs out there that can turn you around. They are terrific for ED when you find the right one but they don’t treat the cause directly, they only treat the symptoms, except in cases of persistent and long-term vasodilator use. There is credible evidence now that the adage, use it or lose it, works in practice. The more erections you have, the more you are likely to have in the future.

40 percent of all ED is caused by vascular issues. Insufficient arterial blood supply to the penis to cause an erection or venous leakage which drains one once erection has started.

30 percent of ED is caused by diabetes, which gets you in two ways – via vascular deterioration and penile/groin nerve damage.

15 percent of ED is caused by medications we take for something else – blood pressure meds, etc., etc., etc.

6 percent results from surgery, radiation, and trauma.

5 percent is neurological

3 percent is hormonal

1 percent is “other.”

Whatever group you fall into, pumping regularly can help you, particularly if you have lost healthy nocturnal erection function.

The average healthy guy without ED has 4 – 5 erections during REM sleep, each lasting about a half hour.

Think about it. That is 2 to 2.5 hrs every night when your penis is getting newly oxygenated blood and your arteries and veins are getting flushed pretty much clean of accumulated gunk and fibrous material which attaches to vascular walls during times when you are not having erections, which is most of the average 24 hour day.

Forget size for now and think instead of pumping as a means of artificially creating “nocturnal” erections but on a smaller scale in duration. Forget pumping to get an erection so you can have intercourse – there are lots of easier, chemical ways to get a hard-on. Concentrate instead on forcing newly oxygenated blood into the penis, holding it there for a short time at moderate vacuum pressure – just minutes – then release the pressure allowing the blood to drain out before you pump up again and bring in yet another supply of newly-oxygenated blood. Instead of 2 hours or 2.5 hrs of nocturnal erections which you aren’t having anyway because of ED, I’d like to point out, you do the same work with 4 or 5 shorter erections, each lasting as little as 5 or 6 minutes.

If your problem stems from diabetes or, say, prostate surgery, you do have some nerve damage even if you had so-called “nerve sparing” surgery. Nerves do re-grow but they take their sweet time doing so and they will not re-grow faster without a frequent supply of well-oxygenated blood. Mini-erections (so to say) through pumping supply that oxygenated blood and thereby encourage nerve growth.

If your problem is vascular (and this includes diabetics, who also have nerve damage), you are doing three things by pumping. You are cleaning out your “pipes” of accumulated gunk; you are providing penile tissue with larger quantities of oxygenated blood than your penis would normally receive because it isn’t experiencing normal erections; you are also fostering stronger vascular growth by increasing both arterial and venous capacity.

If you pump this way, you guys with ED, regularly - like 5 days a week – you will very likely in the near or farther future surprise yourself by waking up with a boner, or a semi. Then morning wood will happen more frequently and will be harder. And you will notice that you have this new and very healthy network of blood vessels growing on your shaft where they were not at all apparent before. And you may notice that you don’t need so much Viagra or Cialis or whatever you take as you did before in order to have successful sex.

And, whether you concentrated on it or not during your ED pumping therapy, your cock will very likely enlarge, lengthwise and girthwise, because that is what very often happens to vacuum pumpers.

So, fellow ED sufferers, pump for function, not for size. Let size take care of itself for now. You want hard erections.




Terrific — very helpful post. I have switched fairly recently to a pump-and-jelq routine after struggling, by other methods, for length gains for well over a year, with almost negligible results. I will wait for a couple of months before posting the new routine and the reasons I have moved to it. But one thing has become strikingly clear during the past few weeks of pumping: I am waking in the morning with rock hard erections of a kind I thought I had said goodbye to a long time ago (I am 63). Although the unit has never let me down when I have needed it for sex, it has often taken manual stimulation to get going; recently, I have been getting spontaneous erections during the day — again, something that hasn’t happened in years. (Mind you, I don’t get a lot of them, but some, for sure). I put these improvements down to pumping, for the reasons you describe, and, generally, I am beginning to think about PE not so much as Penis Enlargement as Penis Exercise. I’d like to say more about that in another post. Meanwhile, I’ll give the new routine 3 months before I assess it.

ED improvements


You couldnt be more on the money. Although I am only middle aged (42) I have had a huge improvement in my nocturnal erections since starting my pumping routine. I now only use a tiny sliver (maybe 5 mg.) of viagra for my pumping (about every other day or less) and not for my sexual encounters. The only reason I use it is because I dont watch a lot of porn and its hard to keep an erection for the amount of time without some form of stimulation, visual or physical.

I won’t lie and tell you that I also dont enjoy the bigger flaccid as well as girth and (soon to be) length but the overwhelming change has come in my erections.

This is an extremely helpful thread for guys of all ages that may suffer from ED at whatever level.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Right on Avocet. I have Insulin Resistance (precursor to Diabetes), and I don’t want it to go any
farther. So, along with a modified diet, I want to use pumping not only to enlarge my penis, but
to keep it as healthy as possible.

Thanks for the great post!

Right on target Avocet,

Everything is better for me with my pumping/jelq routine. I was losing it around age 49, now I am 52. Now I have a flaccid hang! Before it was turtle city. Nocturnal erections are thru the roof, where 3 years ago they were non-existent. I think my hardons might even be harder now then when I was young. But one thing for sure, they were never this big!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. PE is the fountain of youth for your cock.

Years ago I had 3 mo of radiation treatment for prostate cancer. With time, that began to reduce my errections. Pumping has restored nocturnal errections big time and I have been pumping for 3 years with continued success, and no I don’t mind that it has gotten bigger.

I got linked to this thread from somewhere else tonight, sorry to bump a 5 year old thread but I thought I’d chirp in.

At my fattest, I was 107kgs and having a hard time breathing, I had a huge fat pad and my erections were mediocre at best. (I’m only 5’8)
I started pumping when I dropped to about 97kg’s and doing 1000kegels a day on the train, every single day.

Within about 6 weeks of pumping every second night and doing said kegels I had what I can only describe as some of the most incredible hardons I’ve had in my life, despite eating poorly, not excercising and still being well, well overweight.
(This was 3 years ago at about 28 years old)

My hardons at one point were so naturally hard they almost hurt (but it was a good, good pain) and the girlfriend at the time absoloutely loved it, so I really would have to recommend kegels and pumping personally, hopefully this helps someone out there with ED / hardon issues.

There’s nothing wrong with bumping a five year old thread when you have something to add that is on-topic. I’m glad to hear that pumping and kegels helped your EQ, and I’m sure that you sharing your experience is an encouragement to others.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I know this is a rather old pist, but could one do this ED routine twice daily? Or, would it be best, just once in the evening?

Originally Posted by robb1966
I know this is a rather old pist, but could one do this ED routine twice daily? Or, would it be best, just once in the evening?

At some point I’m going to get around to starting a thread, but pumping has helped me immensely.

I just turned 50 a week or so ago. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a decrease in erectile quality. I rarely get really hard, and have had difficulty maintaining a full erection.

I’ve looked around this and similar forums, and decided to bite the bullet and get a Bathmate. There are other contraptions, but that one seemed to be the most ready-made / readily available.

For me, it works. Well. Wife (who is unaware) commented “wow, you’re really hard”. Good enough for me.

That’s not to say it’s a miracle cure for ED. Depending on your condition, you should see a doctor. If your stuff works, but just not as well as when you were younger.. A pump might be worth the spend.

Originally Posted by avocet8
Or you are crazy for caffeine no matter how you get it

What caffeine has with ED?

There have been two MDs that specialize in this area that have taken it upon themselves to praise and review Penomet for its effectiveness helping ED patients.. Not sure if I’m allowed to post such endorsements here, any mod that can say I can? :)

The latest technology in hydro penis pump enlargement ( (( PENOMET )) )

EXperience the difference

I’d also like to know if caffeine has deleterious effects on my erection.

Originally Posted by jelqmaster18
What caffeine has with ED?

Currently (10/2019): 7.75bpX5.75eg

9/26/21: 8.125x5.75

Goal: 9.5bpX6.5mseg

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