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Recovery from Soreness

Recovery from Soreness

All the abuse I give my dick leaves me sore quite often and I don’t feel up for sexual activity with a partner… It’s like I’ve spent my mojo! Looking for advice on recovery methods after pumping, intense masturbation or PEing. Of course I know that abstinence would be the obvious cure but I want it all! Anyone have quick recovery methods or remedies???

Know what you mean, sometimes after a good session my wang just needs to sleep for awhile. Wish I could give better advice, but the only way I have found is to not ejaculate after my sessions. On the other hand, holding it in for a long time isnt healthy either. My solution is to ejaculate at least once every other day. That way I can service the girlfriend on a regular basis and still get through my squeezing/pumping routine.

Also, dont know how long you’ve been at PE, but in time your unit starts adapting to the abuse. Sometimes it can take awhile though.


It is amazing how your dick will eventually adapt to the stresses it’s placed under over time. My current regular routine now includes 1/2 of Powerjelq use at 80% erect followed by one hour of pumping followed by compression wrapping every morning Monday through Friday. On some days, I may even throw in a second repeat session. Two years ago, my dick would have been wiped out. Now, at the end of a session, my dick feels firm, full and healthy and the testosterone level runs very high. So, start slow, build gradually and listen to your dick always.


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