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Do I really want to do this again ?


Do I really want to do this again ?

The short answer is yes.

I am a little properly sore from my first real PE workout in years. Just some stretching and mild jelqing.
I have done this before, weights and pumping, in the past in an inconsistent manner and had some results - maybe going from 6.5 to 6.75 inch in length and 5.625 to 5.75 in girth. Also it seemed to straighten some mild curvature.

The long questions are:
Do I want to make it even more difficult to find underwear that fits?
Do I want to wear even baggier pants so I do not look like and exhibitionist?
Do I want to feel my penis rubbing even more when I walk, sit up, sit down, or get spontaneous erections?
Do I want to go searching for an even larger condom?
Do I want to be even more cramped on a long car ride or airplane flight?
Do I want another girlfriend making even more admiring comments on my size?
Do I want to commit the money and time?
Do I want to be methodical and train and rest properly like any physical endeavor?
Do I want to admit that I am an even more confirmed autosexual?

I have to admit that I am very excited as I write all this and am precumming like crazy.
So it is fairly obvious that the long answer is also yes.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Consistency and heat. Then you get to stay excited. Good luck!

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You’re an autosexual and have a girfriend?

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7.75” BPEL; 7.25” NBPEL; 8.5” BPFSL; 6.5” MEG; 6”x5” Flaccid.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

Currently no girlfriend. But in the past yes.

I would say that 90% of the best sex I’ve had has been with myself.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Just posting to keep track and encourage myself.

More manual stretches and mild jelqing yesterday.

And kegels. Lots of kegels. Been doing them consistently for at least 10 years now.

Investigating vacuum cylinders and traction devices.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75


Down left and right, then left and right stretches. 5 min each. Very little soreness, maybe a little tenderness around base today.

50 reps 3 second jelqs each hand.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

So how did I get here?

I was always intellectually curious, and that included my sexuality.

One day I discovered that my erect penis fit into an old shampoo bottle. A few months or so later I tried again but this time it only fit in the larger economy size bottle. And the minimal suction it could generate felt good. I was confused by the precum that started leaking out, and shortly after that while rubbing myself on my bedsheets I had my first ejaculation. So apparently I discovered mild pumping right about the same time I had my initial growth spurt.

I won’t go into further detail about my early years because even though I think it was healthy and natural, things like playing doctor, etc., there are some sick, abusive motherfuckers out there. You know what I mean.

I spent the next dozen or so years chasing orgasms and girls. I read old print versions of playboy about how to delay ejaculation (how I learned to edge) and what percentile my penis size was in (high for girth at 5.625).

I started thinking about the suction thing again, but could not find any plastic bottles to fit, and this was very early internet, so I found a local plastics supplier in the phone book and bought a 2 inch id clear acrylic cylinder about a foot long from their scrap bin. I used a small plastic cup as a friction fit plug into which I drilled a small hole to friction fit a roughly 3/16 inch vinyl tube. Sucking on the tube produced great suction in the cylinder. No problem using air or water. And it could all be easily disassembled into non conspicuous looking components. Years later I very carefully heated the cylinder over a gas stove to form a large flat flange.

After a few years of occasional pumping I got a little more involved and fabricated a weight consisting of a vinyl tube noose and a small plastic bottle filled with copper pennies. Just going by feel it was approx 1 pound. I would hang for roughly an hour before work. Did this for maybe a few months.

Another couple years passed and then felt motivated again (partly by an ex that I wanted revenge on) to get bigger. Several months of hanging during the week and pumping in the tub on weekends. Maybe some slight gains. I did put inch increments on the tube and it looked like I was 8 inches fully pumped, but that all seemed like just an artifact of pumping, not actual gains.

Then more years go by, a big move where the cylinder got cracked, a serious relationship that fell apart. With time an a penis on my hands, I delved into intense hours long edging and non ejaculatory orgasms. I tried reddit penis forums where I read about Thunder and pygeum.

And now here I am.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Hey, at least if not anything you are on the right part and nothing can stop you it seems. I like that! Just keep going strong on your path until girls can’t even fathom kicking you aside, because you make them feel that good.

Starting stats (as of September 2018): 13.5cm / 5.3" BPEL ||| 11.5cm / 4.5" MSEG

Current stats (as of May 2022): 17.8cm / 7" BPEL ||| 14.2cm / 5.6" MSEG

JinnGB's progression

Thanks man. I hope I am not boring people with these posts. But they can just skip them if they want.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

So yesterday I tried heat for the first time. Wow.

Per my post from elsewhere the pygeum at 1 pill 2x a week seems to have the right increased effect. Will wait until next week to bump to 3x a week for just a little more craziness that I want. Also the lecithin still seems to be a reasonable volumizer and not overly clumpy like the first time I tried it a year ago.

Started workout with stretches - down left and right, then left and right. 5 min each. Use one hand to support the other to lessen fatigue. Also watched porn to help keep some arousal.

Then 50 reps 3 second jelqs each hand. Did mild kegels during the stroke because it just felt right. Now I read that this is actually an advanced technique.

And I am cooling down and reading here more and more about heat. I have had some serious physical therapy in recovering from injuries, so I know a little about heat and I thought okay.

So I filled a half gallon plastic jug with very warm tap water and applied it and DAMN that felt good! About a minute per side and top and bottom with special attention to the base.

No soreness or tenderness today.

All those times pumping in a hot bath I was doing something right maybe.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Another rest day.

Trying to resist the urge to do too much. I know it’s an excitement thing, a macho thing.

Keep thinking about wanting to start pumping and extending. Still investigating. Patience, patience my donkey.

Don’t want to wait until tomorrow to increase my pygeum to 3 pills per week. I already drip precum after about 40 x 1 sec. Kegels, but I want to flow more starting with around 10 kegels. Also I want to be sure what effect each increase is having.

I have gone down to 400 x 1 sec kegels first thing after waking up. Feels more relaxed.

Damiana should get here next week. Have to think about how to start that and be aware of its effects. I have used herbs that did not work for me like ashwagandha.

For now some mild semi erect quasi orgasmic edging with plenty of precum and an ambient soundtrack that I have come to associate with a high arousal state.

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ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Yet another rest day? Yes, I am trying to do a M W F schedule.

Felt a few twinges along the top of my shaft between the base and midshaft while sitting and watching tv. I did have an hour long edging session earlier in the evening that included some movements similar to stretching. Will have to monitor this. With all the new exercises I expect stuff to be moving around a little, adjusting to the new regime.

Starting the 3x weekly pygeum tonight. Again want to get to a M W F schedule, but may cheat a little by going ahead half a day early.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Started 3x weekly pygeum this morning. Precum flowing maybe a little more easily, but that could just be the boost I get right after taking a dose.

Time to do Monday exercises.

5 min hot water bottle heat.

5 min stretches - down left and right, then left and right.

50 reps 3 second jelqs each hand. Mild kegels during the stroke.

5 min hot water bottle heat.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Rest day.

No noticeable soreness or tenderness or other discomfort.

My thought is that pumps are analogous to jelqing and extenders to stretching.

The 3x 1 pill per week pygeum does seem to be an increase over the 2x, but not as dramatic as the 1x to 2x increase. Also there may be some more headache, irritability, insomnia. So have to note and observe.

The pygeum (prunus africana) CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) info highlighted by another user is unfortunate. If there is no path to sustainable harvesting, farming, or synthesizing then it will eventually go to an import/export ban status. Maybe another 20 years, maybe less. The Lorax.

Received the damiana. Waiting to see how the headache stuff sorts out before trying.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

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