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A New Area for Reviews

A New Area for Reviews

Up until now, our reviews have been in a member only forum, now called Products.

We wanted to make this public but it has a long history, so rather than spending some time cleaning it up, it seemed simpler to just start with something fresh.

This area is for serious reviews. If you write something that just trashes/praises a product but doesn’t give much detail as to why you think it sucks/rules it will be moved. This also isn’t really the area to complain about your experience with a particular vendor or PE products.

To put it plainly and simply, this isn’t a forum to bitch in, it’s a forum to pass on information about a product you own and know well to other people so that they can make a decision about whether to purchase it or not. Yes, it’s a selfless task we are asking of you.

Have fun.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Would be good as a newbie to read reviews of PE by experienced pumpers who can recommend PE. I have just bought a Mustang PE set with an extra cylinder and some nipple and clit cylinders to use on my slut. As I am her dom. She will be introduced to them in the next few days.

It would would be nice to read some reviews.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Penomet review. Love this thing! Works amazingly well! I bought the master kit and it’s a good thing. The intermediate Springs will tear your dick off if you are new at this. If you start with the program that it comes with with the lighter Gaiters and work your way up you will progress really rapidly especially if you are new. I got an injury in the beginning because the opening to the tube is so large and I was pretty small to begin with So my balls got sucked into the pump and it gave me a varicocele. Luckily it doesn’t hurt and I don’t want anymore kids so it’s no big deal to me and everything works fine. It gives you everything that they advertise increased stamina better erections and size increases that are permanent over long term. Actually after a year and a half I had to stop using it because it gave me so much stamina increase my wife couldn’t take it anymore and it was hard to get off from blowjobs alone anymore without a lot of penetration and she doesn’t always want that so I had to back off to get some sensitivity back. The warranty service was good all three times that I used it and got replacement parts sent to me easily. The valve leak on the first pump to but the replacement is an improvement and works better then the Gaiters got soft and Squishy after a year-and-a-half and they replaced them for me. I figured out a solution for the large opening, I started using a large cock ring to take up the gap it’s a Doc Johnson Optimale and it filled in the Gap enough until I grew but I like to use it now anyway because it keeps me hard the whole time I’m in the pump and I get better expansion than ever before and now I’m making progress using it again after I stagnated. I definitely recommend starting with the jelqing routine for newbies before you get into this pump at all though because it’s pretty intense for beginners and if you pump it gently enough where it’s not too intense it won’t stay on and you have to stand in the shower for 10 minutes at a time holding it and can’t get anything done so you might as well do something that will produce results sooner and get you conditioned rather than blow three hundred bucks on this thing right off the bat. But I love this thing if it ever breaks I’ll definitely replace it with another one. I’ll probably be pumping for the rest of my life as once a week maintenance. It keeps erection quality up and stamina UP! Had it 21 months as the main PE activity. I gained about 3/4” girth and 1.5” length. (And pumps usually don’t give length gains like that ) But some was getting back length I lost due to BP, apnea, ED, medications and low T. So that explains the crazy jump.

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