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Collecting information about Deflated or Soft Glans treatments

Collecting information about Deflated or Soft Glans treatments

I see that there are a lot of guys that have that problem, but there aren’t too many solutions to the problem except for an embolization surgery of the dorsal vein (which doesn’t have a high success rate) and doesn’t treat the root of problem, it treats the symptoms.

Basically, in order to know if the problem is due to the dorsal vein, get an erection, use your finger to press on the dorsal vein (shut it), and then kegel, if your glans inflate a lot more then usuall - from numb to “balloon” (sometimes you’ll get the “shiny” effect), you can be sure that the problem is in the dorsal vein which allows blood to get out of the glans, it doesn’t been shut by the smooth muscles when having an erection, when you’ll leave the vein your glans will deflate immediately.

Most of the guys that have deflated glans doesn’t get a good inflation of the CS either, it’s another indication. I think that the the CS is somehow attached to
The glans blood system and when you kegel blood in - it goes out because there’s nothing that traps the blood in.

Recently, I discovered that the deflated glans issue may be related to the pelvic muscles (smooth muscle doesn’t shut the dorsal vein properly), thanks to Tweaking and hardflaccid forum.

It seems like HFproblem from hardflaccid forum had managed to cure his deflated glans problem, I couldn’t track how did he managed to do so, maybe someone can contact him at hardflaccid and pass the information in here.
It seems that he did it with working on the pelvic floor muscles, I’m not completely sure, but that’s the idea he’s passing in his posts over at HF forum.

The guys at HF are going to pelvic floor therapists and doing manual exercises in order to fix their pelvic floor problems, you can read about it here, there’s an ebook that explains how to work on the pelvic floor muscles, you need to know that the guys at HF are claiming that PE and Kegeling are things that can ruin your pelvic floor muscles, so take it in concern, the reason is that things like clenching and kegeling are making a contraction in those muscles, which causing problems to the penis.

Another treatment suggested is applying DMSO/I on the penis, x10d seem to manage curing himself with that treatment, other members on TP who tried the treatment didn’t manage to cure themselves with that method.

Yatanghan50 cured himself by getting an embolization surgery, basically it’s an interventional surgery which shuts the dorsal vein completely.
You can have an interventional radiologist examine you, I had a surgery, the coil was placed too low and I need to get another one in order to place to coil in the right spot, but I want to avoid surgery which doesn’t give preferment results and doesn’t really treat the problem, only the symptoms.

If someone is reading this and had managed to cure himself, please let us know how you did so, it will help many depressed guys including me.

Conquering my goals.

The embolization surgery sounds like the best bet. I think its the superficial dorsal though, not the dorsal vein thats causing me issues. Closing the dorsal vein itself I think would cause the CC to remain engorged.

Soft glans means the glans doesn’t grow at all from erection (is the same as flaccid, sometimes slightly engorged if very aroused but any pressure and blood leaves)

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