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Hard Lump Like Vein on Top of Penis

Monthly update. This thing is still very much there. Maybe smaller idk, it’s hard to say, but still there. Atleast I didn’t have burns / itches since last month, but my EQ is very poor. I haven’t had a proper erection in a long time, last month was bad too. I feel like either the cord blocks bloodflow to the tip of the penis or something broke inside. I’m very depressed, might have ruined my sex life forever.

By poor EQ it is mainly the glans that can’t get hard. My guess is the hardened cord restricting bloodflow. I hope it’s nothing more severe. I also noticed that there is more than one cord, two of them, maybe three. I can see the second one under specific light, it is way thinner than the lymphocele (which has lumps as you can see on drawing). I’m not sure about the third one, I mostly can’t see it but I can very slightly feel a very thin string if I search for it. Here is a figure I drew for better understanding. As I don’t get answers here anymore and don’t know if I even have readers I might open a new thread (this isn’t mine). Would really appreciate help, especially from members who had similar problems. Thank you.

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Oh and I take hot “lymph baths”, as Aajonus recommended, for lymphatic problems. And still do Qi Gong exercises to massage and move fluid. Don’t know if that helps but it’s all I’ve got. Unfortunately wont have a bath anymore soon for a few weeks atleast as I’m moving places.

Bumping for discussion. Would really like a veteran to give me advices and a tad bit of hope. I struggle getting good EQ now, glans has not gotten proper hardness for weeks if not months, it stays kind of soft, this is what concerns me most. And the cord still being here.

I hope I’ve not induced a soft glans syndrome. Fuck I’m so anxious, feel so bad.

Citrulline I have a similar problem I feel like my dick is shot. I used the bathmate extreme too often and too much, I stopped using it almost 3 weeks ago. I noticed a long “cord” running up the top center of my penis from the base to the glans, I didn’t think it was a vein because it was so straight and dead center of the penis, so I kept pumping for at least another month, also my penis almost completely discolored dark but that was a slower process. Since day one with the bathmate my erections quality worsened and I thought it was all mental which maybe it is 50%. But for 3 days in a row it was near impossible to get anything beyond 50% hard even during sex it only got to about 75%. That’s when I decided to quit pumping. So fast forward 3 weeks later and I only got morning wood one day and it was like 75% hard. I got viagra to stay hard in the pump but its now only used so I can have sex with about 85% erection. Masturbation is basically off the table because I’m ashamed of my now floppy dick, its not fun at all. My girlfriend confirmed my “half hard, half soft dick” and I feel so bad she said I used to be “hard like no other”. So now from what I’ve read I have to do no more P.E. for a few months probably until it heals. I don’t think my case is severe because I don’t have any pains associated with the “cord” but I can tell it is starting to get softer and going away on its own, I think. I don’t think I can sustain from sex though because I’m such a dog and it’s my favorite thing in the world. I wish you luck friend, I’m going to subscribe to this thread so hopefully I can get some answers too.

Hey man glad to have a new friend to talk about this to - not like I can talk to anyone about this IRL, but feel bad for you as I am going through this aswell. From what you’re saying it sounds like a sclerosing lymphangitis just like me. I got it after going too hard with the pump once - had a big fluid buildup and a lot of red and dark red spots / bruises. I let it rest a few days and used it gently again before sex and woke up with an inflated penis full of fluid and this huge cord around it right below the glans.If you search for “sclerosing lymphangitis” on google images, mine was bigger than most examples, truly like a crest or mountain range sitting on my shaft - I was terrified. Since then (4 months ago), cord has greatly decreased in size, but it is still there. And it’s hard to track progress even taking pics as it changes in appearance during the day or from day to day, also depending on angles. But I still see and feel it. It’s a hard cord. Now what worries me most is the long term implications, how it will evolve (hopefully disappear) and will I ever get back a good EQ? I didn’t have sex at all since then, I don’t even masturbate anymore, my libido is pretty much down as it’s taken a toll on my mental state not gonna lie. I remember having decent erections in late april, so one month after the injury. But recently my morning woods have been pretty weak and I don’t seem to be able to get my glans hard, which freaks me out to be honest. I’ll go see the urologist again asap and probably ask for a Doppler ultrasound. Usually these cords heal in a few days or weeks to a few months, but can last longer in some cases, I know it’s taken 6 months for one guy to get rid of his, apparently one year for another guy whose thread I linked on this topic earlier. I guess the bigger the cord was initially, the longer it takes. I did not have pain either, only discomfort and some skin peeling and irritations after a few days / weeks, might have had some reddish / pink discoloration but I don’t mind about this. It’s still uncomfortable today but I reckon it has improved a bit. Main thing I’m worried about is my EQ. I’d be so relieved to get one nice full boner someday. Might try to take and microdose viagra for a few days. Wish you good luck too man and thank you, I encourage you and others to participate in this thread if they feel the need of want to share advices. I turned it into a journal but it is not mine initially. Cya.

Originally Posted by Citrulline
Main thing I’m worried about is my EQ. I’d be so relieved to get one nice full boner someday.

Well I just had to ask. Had a decent one this morning, not quite perfect, but around 75-80%. Glans was still a bit soft but it’s encouraging. I’ll focus on this this month. Btw writing is therapeutic, so expect more updates like this maybe.

Originally Posted by Citrulline
Well I just had to ask. Had a decent one this morning, not quite perfect, but around 75-80%. Glans was still a bit soft but it’s encouraging. I’ll focus on this this month. Btw writing is therapeutic, so expect more updates like this maybe.

I had simmilar morning wood today but it went down after only 5 minutes, plus I took 60mg of viagra last night and good some good sex. I think we have blood clots down there maybe alot especially in the valves where blood enters the penis, I think mine moved from one vein to another because the center dorsal vein isnt so pronounced yesterday or today. Now theres a vein running up the left side of my penis thats harder than normal.

I really think every time I take viagra and have sex it gets a little better maybe the extra blood flow down there helps to get clots moving.

Nice to hear man that’s encouraging. Viagra can help clearing and healing the area indeed I believe, as long as you don’t overdose ofc. Microdosing might be worth trying. Unfortunately can’t buy any without medical recommendation where I live so I’ll have to go to the GP, or wait for an uro appointment which can take a few months… Quite embarassing. Unless you or someone else know a good online plug. I didn’t think of blood clots to be honest as I attributed my problem mainly to the lymph vessel. Truly hope I didn’t break something else, damn.

I used an online doctor and got it the same week. Try roman or hims.

Thanks, will check this out.

5 months update: I think the cord has reduced in size. Still there though obviously. I notice other cords below (1, sometimes 2), that could indicate either draining of the upper cord, or new fluid buildup. They have been there since a couple weeks / months atleast though, I’ve mentioned them before. Morning woods seem better. Glans can get hard. Still not top notch, there’s obviously something off there still. I have zero sexual activity right now and it’s not on my mind so can’t really report on how it is during real sex. I’m feeling some tingles / burning inside and some slight pain on one side where I suspect a vein might be constrained by the cord, idk. I feel very bad overall mentally, pretty anxious, depressed, and asking myself questions, I did not deserve this. Positive side is the cord seems to fade slowly. Very slow process however. I’m not even sure, but I’ll wait more months.Took an appointment with the doc again to check how it’s going, will ask for a doppler too. I feel like noone has had the same symptoms as I have here on this board for so long with this condition. I’m really depressed, never felt so down in my life. Please be careful guys. Cya later.

I’m sorry for you citruline, I believe I had a very similar but not as extreme case as you. I’m almost back to normal now but my E.Q a month or so ago was at 50% best. And now I’m at at least 90%. I lost some length overall and maybe an 1/8th inch in girth but I’m on the right track.. I took a long break from P.E. but not from sexual activity. I think what helped me was trying to get any kind of erection as much and as many times as possible throughout the day. Masturbating, helped and what really helped was taking viagra, because I think the extra blood flow helped move any blood clots I might of had and helped break them down. Maybe take some more of your namesake L citruline. I use maximum dose pills 1000mg and sometimes I would take 2 or 3 (BE CAREFUL AS THAT’S NOT RECOMMENDED). But then the past couple weeks I have been clamping and to be honest it’s been a game changer for my E.Q. . I clamp for 3 to 6 minutes and kegel and do some light erect jelqs and some Ulis while I watch some porn. I take the clamp off and do some light jelqs for a minute or two to smooth out the area where the clamp was. And I can tell I’m doing it right because when I pop off the clamp my unit is still harder than before I put it on, its like a rock. If I clamp for too long say 9 to 10 minutes, I will pop the clamp off any dick gets a little limpy, most likely from over stressing it out.

Hope everything gets better, remember its not a race its a crawl.


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