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Hard Lump Like Vein on Top of Penis

Think I have the same thing but struggling to think why it happened. It feels like a small lump on the inside of my skin near the base of my dick. It feels tender but not painful. The lump, or whatever it is, is on the inside of the skin and not attached to my penis.

All I am doing at the minute is compression hanging, attachment point is not near the tender part. I also jelq. I feel it when I jelq as I rub over it. I don’t feel it at all when I hang. I have had sex etc without issues and the tenderness is dying down.

A lymphocele is a blocked lymph vessel at the top of the shaft and below the glans. If yours is a small lump at the base of your penis, close to the pubis, then it might be something else. Could still be locked fluid though. If it decreases in size then all good. I would still refrain from PE until it heals though.

Yeah taking a few days off. Tenderness is completely gone now but can still feel something on the inside of the skin, hopefully will be away soon

Update: almost 4 weeks in, I feel better, the cord is smaller but still there though. It was really huge at first so it took a lot of time and effort for the body to get rid of most of the fluid. I think it can take a lot more weeks for the cord to fully disappear now. It was a really bad swelling. I don’t feel discomfort or soreness inside the penis or in the pelvic area anymore, or barely. Hopefully it’s gone for good. I can also get very good erections, however the upper half of my shaft was quite red today and itched a bit while I had one. It has been red since the day of the injury, I don’t know if it is only temporary due to inflammation of permanent discoloration. Could be a bit of both but I think it’ll fade with time in both scenarios anyways. I’d like to hear your thoughts about this if you have an idea. The skin on the shaft is also peeling a bit (not much), which is part of the healing process I believe.

I didn’t experience any of that. My guess is the skin is irritated, maybe from massaging the area. But it is only a guess.

I can also say whenever it healed, it was simply gone one day like an on / off switch. It had 3 modes. Clogged, raised, and gone. Clogged meaning the cord was there, that is the baseline. Raised meaning the cord ballooned up, temporarily holding extra fluid, cord is larger than normal. That could happen after sex or randomly and could last anywhere from minutes to days. It would switch back and forth between clogged, and raised - until suddenly one day it would be gone, the vessel would drain completely, and not return until some event many months later would trigger it again.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Thank you for the time you take to write those precious answers BeardedDragon. Really appreciate it.

I did stroke it a bit yesterday before it turned redder and started itching. Did not have sex at all these past 4 weeks btw. Might happen at some point even if I think I should still refrain from it. I ended up putting coconut oil on the shaft before going to bed which helped with the irritation but immediately the cord went into raised mode. It was still raised today but slightly less. And I’m just starting to feel a bit of itchiness / irritation tonight again. I feel like the cord is causing it. I will check for STDs too even if the doc said it’s unlikely, I’ll go just to be sure.

Anyway, overall cord looks better, even if it changes modes (clogged -> raised -> clogged etc.), main problem now is this redness and itchiness. Will keep updating. Takes time but I’m confident I’ll defeat this.

Not much progress since then. Depressing. Peeling is gone. I feel like I can’t fap or have sex without it leading to irritations though. It looks different each day (I take photos to keep up), sometimes the right part is more raised, sometimes it’s the middle, and the left part is not very noticeable, or the opposite. Almost 5 weeks in.

Sorry to hear it. The longest I had it was about a month, but in sparkyx’s thread on clogged lymph vessels, there were some reports of up to 6 months. For what it’s worth, I’ll say again I think gentle sex or fap has no bearing on how raised or irritated the cord is. It moves around, rising and falling with a mind of its own, regardless of sex or abstinence. I actually thought some longer edging / massage sessions with the fleshlight helped this time. It is the first thing I’m trying if it ever happens again.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Yes I believe it’s the user caepernicus who had one for six months. I’ve read other cases that lasted for two months or more aswell. Would you say the change in appearance is due to the fluid moving around (but I believe it is solidified?), or the cord hiding deeper below the skin then coming back to the surface? I’m afraid to massage it as I feel it’s very sensible. I still have some weird feelings in the cord area, some slight itches / pain (very subtle) / discomfort. Not sure how to describe it but it feels like irritation or inflammation.

No change in size since then. Same state as before except no more shedding. Cord is congested mainly on each side, middle is smaller. Still some inflammation but way less. I’m abstaining from any sex or fap still. It’s uncomfortable anyways if I try to. Either it’ll take months or never leave. I’ll wait of course but I’m wondering if I get this lymph vessel surgically removed, can it regrow? I’m pretty clueless about this.

I’m no doctor, but from what I understand, surgery on the lymphatic system frequently causes chronic lymphatic obstructions.

On the bright side you’re going to be a semen retention master. Lucky girl whoever meets you after that thing drains.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Yes I think so too, that’s what the doc was saying when I saw him. I was wondering if the vessel could regrow healthy or if it’s gone forever.

Haha yes, I’ve done this before so I’m not new to this. I’m thinking of trying the fleshlight btw, but might be too late.

Can’t say for sure there has been any progress since. Will report back in one month. Might try bandage as some guy claimed it worked for him after three months (doubt it though).

Update after one month: The cord is definitely still there, albeit a bit smaller so there’s progress. But it’s so slow that I don’t know if I will ever heal from this. It’s been 3 months overall, I know it took up to 6 months for one guy here, so we’ll see.
I’ve had weird stuff happening at the end of last month too, intense redness and inflammation around the cord for about three days, followed by a stinging pain in the groin, on the right side only. It gently faded after day one but lasted about a week.

The main problem I have right now asides from the aesthetic aspect is uncomfort. I’ll report back again next month.

mike2002 - Cable Clampers please read!! My urologist diagnosed me with Sclerosing Lymphangitis

Took north of one year to this guy to completely recover. Atleast there’s some hope, as with current state I don’t see much improvement at all from last month. String is clearly hard now, gives me itches and weird sensations sometimes, redness and some red spots sometimes too from friction with small vessels. I feel like boners have not been the best recently. Please pray for me that I completely heal, I feel like I did not deserve this. Will keep updating.


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