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How to stop premature grey hair?


How to stop premature grey hair?

Is there any supplement that works to stop premature grey hair? I’m in my early 30s and a few grey hair is beginning to show up here and there already. Thanks!

I am in the same boat.It is the chest hair the bothers me the most because my wife always tells me how much she hates it.

I think a visit to the waxing shop is necessary 1stresponse ;)

Grey in your early thirties is premature? :)

Consider this: Richard Gere made part of his fortune on “salt and pepper” hair. I have a woman friend who practically stops in her tracks when she sees a partly grey man. Some folks consider it a turn on.

That having been said, see a good hair stylist. It’ll be gone almost as fast as you can peel off $60. Tip well, and ask a lot of questions about what they used.

But if you are using the same stuff when you are 55? you will look funny.



I am in my late thirties and have used the Hairmax Lasercomb for my thinning hair.

One of the major plus points for this comb is that grey hair is delayed. Compared to my friends of the same age and younger, I have relatively few grey hairs, mostly on the sideburns, I do attribute this to 4 years of use.

BTW, it’s not cheap.

I heard B complex vitamins help, although I’m not sure how much or if it’s just according to the individual.


I’d never heard of the Hairmax Lasercomb so decided to quickly research it, it appears to have FDA approval - which surprised me.

Though this is a matter of safety and it appears to have got the approval because several predicate devices with approval use the same technology; nonetheless there is a a placebo study in there to support its case. $540 is a fair whack.

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Does Nizoral shampoo have any effect on grey hair?

Isn’t nizoral shampoo just a powerful dandruff shampoo. I”m pretty sure it won’t have any effect what so ever.

Originally Posted by Damnwork
Isn’t nizoral shampoo just a powerful dandruff shampoo. I”m pretty sure it won’t have any effect what so ever.

I’ve heard it has a side effect of assisting hair growth. So maybe it will have an effect on grey hair?

Originally Posted by a529612
I’ve heard it has a side effect of assisting hair growth. So maybe it will have an effect on grey hair?

Well I used to use it for years. I only stopped because it’s so god damn expensive. My father went completely grey by 18, but I only have one or two greys at 21 so for me nizoral did nothing bad.

There was a Chinese hebal doctor from Hong Kong here a few years ago, who said he was the only person who knew how to stop/reverse grey hair. I didn’t need it then, but sure wish I had kept his details. I have spoken to other chinese medicine practitioners, who know nothing about it.

Genetics will determine your onset of grey hair, make sure you are eating well and minimize, as much as possible, those things that stress. I’m in my 50’s and have very little grey hair, good genes i guess, both parents did not go grey till late 60’s.

Most of family has very dark hair on my mothers side, so we all started going grey young. My grandad in his twenties, my mum in her early teens and me the same.

My mums was just it one patch, so it was harder for her to disguise. But mine is scattered, and I don’t have a lot so it looks okay. I always have my hair short anyway, and wear some form of wax which again makes the hair look darker.

I have tried Grecian 2000 in the past, but not long enough to notice any effects.

Worth a try.

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This sounds freaky, but is absolutely true; the grey around my temples stays all the time, but the rest of my hair can be quite noticeably grey one week and have none at all the next! I can only put it down to the Nei Gung practices which I do alongside my martial arts. ;)

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