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This place runs on donations, although some would say “hot air”. :)

We are running a little short of making May’s server fee. Sure would be nice to see some new “donator” or “subscriber” tags under some of the new guy’s user names.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
This place runs on donations, although some would say “hot air”. :)

We are running a little short of making May’s server fee. Sure would be nice to see some new “donator” or “subscriber” tags under some of the new guy’s user names.

I was here over a year before I decided to donate. Basically I didn’t want to cheap ass anymore. I see a lot of vets on here that don’t have a “Donation Tag” either.

This site is great and everyone could pitch in a little to help. It doesn’t take much just a little from most members would more than do it. Don’t let suckass commerical sites make us look bad.

Sorry about the soap box Thunder :D


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For anyone in the UK - remember that whatever you chip in in $ comes thro’ as almost half that in £, so donating $10 is pretty painless.

God knows how the £ is so high - I think it’s time for another trip to the US before the rates become more realistic!

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I would donate every month if I had some mullah, but I don’t right now. Rest ahold, things are starting to pick up for me. Expect my check in the mail soon Thunder. :)

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Thunder, $5.00 to the forum in about two minutes. I challenge all members to donate $2.00 today, this is less than a gallon of gasoline or a pack of smokes.

can someone point my dumb ass to the forum Subscriber info?

Donating is of course a voluntary action and it totally depends on your good conscience.

Everyone can donate something. Not having money is no excuse if you have to the money to party on the weekend or go to a movie. :D

5$ $10 15$ $20 $25 or whatever you feel you can afford to give and what you feel the forum is worth to you. It also feels good to know that you are supporting the community that is looking out for and supporting you.

I therefore consider it to be a common courtesy and show of respect.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Nine

can someone point my dumb ass to the forum Subscriber info?

When you click on the donate button and the screen pops up, you have two choices. One time pay or subscription pay. If you select the subscription pay, it will send the forum whatever amount you choose on the first of the month. I look at it same as any magazine or premium channel on my satellite tv except cheaper and ten times the entertainment value. :)

I must have felt your vibes Thunder. I tried to donate last night but the card I want to use had the 3 digits on the back rubbed off enough that I couldn’t make them out. I called the company and will have a new card within 7 days. I remember promising you a donation if this stuff worked. So look for a sizable donation soon. :)

Pledge to Self

I’ve seen guys making pledges for reaching goals. I figured if I did that, I’d have an excuse to NOT work hard. I’ve just donated $15 in honor of my 1/4” gain I hope to see soon, that should give me even more motivation to study and work.

I wonder if it’s anything like when my uncle used to “buy” my warts?

How much is a decent amount to send and how can we get it to you if we don’t have a credit card or anything similar?

Thanks for helping me out, tps, I must have skipped right over that. :)


In the real world I’m a consultant, and there is a joke about that:

If you consult someone who charges $300/hr, then you cannot afford not to follow his advice…

regards, mgus

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Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.


As you’ve probably gathered from all my recent long winded posts I’ve finally got my computers back up and running. So, I’ve just made a long over due donation using that thingy. My ATM card has a MasterCard logo on the front but doesn’t have the three digits on the back. I’ve had problems in the past using this card over the Internet. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Let me know if it doesn’t so I can figure another way to get you some dough before the server-police turn out the lights.


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