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How important are stretches

How important are stretches


Ok so I’m having a problem with stretches, normal manual stretches are no good for me because I’m uncut and I seam to have to grab the head and that causes me all sorts of pain, and I have try-ed these Loads of times.
Recently over the last 2 weeks I have been stretching from the base with a very tight ok grip and bending the penis over and stretching, it’s been real good up until a few days ago,
It seams that my ligs have stretched out a bit now and my flaccid penis is stretching much easier and that’s making it hard for me to get any tension on my stretches now,
I seam to be stretching as much skin as anything else now,
I will probably try these for a few more days to see what happens.
Also my EQ is not as good since I have been stretching maybe because I am griping so hard at the base, there has been a big difference in EQ since adding stretches.

So do we have to stretch ?
I am thinking of upping my jelq routine from about an average of 30mins a day to 1 hour a day with 30 mins normal 3 second jelqs at a good erection and then 30 mins long slow jelqs hopefully at 50% erection or more.
I’m hoping the normal jelqs hit the girth hard and the slow jelqs work the length good.

What do you guys think ?

Hello 6-8. I’m uncut too, and I know at the beginning stretches can cause a lot of discomfort to us. But after a while the skin underneath the glans will become less sensitive and, one day, stretching will become even somewhat a pleasurable exercise.

Read the explanation in the PE manual and see videos, they are useful to understand exercises.

As marinera says, your glans will de-sensitize just a little. Use toilet paper to aid grip so you don’t have to grip as hard.

An hour of jelqs a day is far too much. Keep at it with the stretches. Avoid doing too much, too soon; with more reading here you will learn that is definitely not the way to go.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

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I am uncut and use toilet paper just as firegoat says, and I like to use a “hook grip” just like a weightlifter, grab around your thumb, give it a try, you might like it or not. Try diffrent grips.

And donĀ“t let that EQ drop to much, you might stretch and/or jelq to much/hard.

I too am uncut. What helps me is too pull the foreskin back. This allows for a stretch that is not so much on the skin, for me. It is uncomfortable to the glands, but in time it will subside, they will become used to the feeling.

Baby powder can also be a grip enhancer. If you want to get longer stretching really isn’t optional.

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Yup, stretching is a definite. No question about it. Learn to love it, I did.

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I’d say try some BTC stretching instead of manual ones.

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Interesting that I have always stretched, but never with the foreskin retracted.

The first manual stretching videos I saw here on Thunders were of an uncut guy who stretched with the foreskin forward while gripping around the glans, so I have always done that. I make sure I feel the stretch in the base and sometimes I will grip lower down.

I seem to have gained using this and to be honest I wouldn’t change my approach now.

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Bed fowfers and fowfers may be a good alternatives.

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Stretching and fowfers are essential for me as I gain girth by jelqing about strokes. Fowfers in particular seem to be particulary effective.

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