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Need advice on girth routine

Need advice on girth routine

I’ve been doing PE since late last year but I first discovered it years ago but didn’t stick with it long enough to make permanent gains. Now since I restarted I measured at 7.25 x 4.8, now I’m getting very close to the 8inch mark and my girth hasn’t changed. I’ve tried clamping for a week and made no gains and quit because I felt like I should focus on length before focusing on girth. When I did the newbie routine, I made absolutely no gains and have never gained anything until I began to do Mem’s routine w/o horses (I didn’t feel the need). But as of two weeks ago I’ve incorporated 10-15+ horses into my routine which comes after this Morning: warm up, 10 minutes of stretches in all directions Afternoon: warm up, 20 minute stretch over a cylinder (pill bottle) Night: warmup, 20 minute stretch over cylinder, 15-20 minute jelq, edge until erect and reapply lube for jelq + 5 Horses, edge and repeat 2-3 times. After I finish this routine I go from 12 - 12.5 to 13 - 13.5 cm but this is mainly from fluids I assume because those gains disappear by morning. For 6 months I’ve done 20 minutes of jelqing and I’ve gained nothing from newbie routine and I’m still at the same girth I had back when I was 14, very discouraging. I’ve been trying to make a conclusion on what it may be which leads me to another question, maybe I’m restricting girth growth in general because the area below my glans where I grasp to do my stretches can’t grow (even causes pain making it very hard to jelq afterwards) because I’m squeezing it so hard to get the hardest possible pull I can get without my hand slipping. I doubt my entire penis’s girth can grow while that area remains extremely small, it just wouldn’t look right with a 5.5 inch upper mid shaft girth and a <4inch below glans girth, would it? So once I reach my length goal I’m going to begin a girth routine. So I’m now here to ask, whats a good routine I can use? Perhaps a combination of jelqing, horses and clamping all in one routine? Spread through out the day? Or just focus all my time into one of the other? Any advice is greatly appreciated, and BTW I’ve experimented with all types of intensity of jelqing in my 9+ months of jelqing, but still remain at the same girth.

Maybe you are trying to hard? How long is your daily routine? Try 10 minutes 60% jelqing but focus on shaft expansion and jelq slow. Follow this with 5 minutes horse440s. Then 5 minutes of high erection jelqs ,~80-95%. 5 minutes warm up and down. Total girth routine time 30 minutes. Try 5 on 3 off. If too much try 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off.

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