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Need help with building my own extender

Need help with building my own extender


Inspired by the extenders made by cantlook I want to make my own extender.

I do think that I can get some length gains from my suspensory ligaments so I am planning on building an extender that can stretch SD properly. Because I think that the base of a normal extender sucks. If you try to stretch your penis straight down it doesn’t do this properly due to the base which is pushing on your balls. The stretch looks more like an A-Stretch, due to this my suspensory ligaments don’t get stretched at all.

To solve this problem I want a to build a base where also my balls fit in. What do you guys think would be a comfortable base? And will this make my turkey neck worse than it already is? Because if this will make my turkey neck worse I am also thinking about wearing a ball hanger to prevent this.

The second thing that I want to do different compared to a normal extender is the attachment on the penis (which normally is a noose or a vacuum cap). I want to make an attachment like Piet’s version of the AFB Hanger. I know that you might think that this will give me blood restriction, but isn’t the noose even worse? Since the noose puts pressure on the dorsal nerve and an attachment like this doesn’t.

The vacuum cap can cause blisters. And if you have blisters you can’t use the extender for a while. That’s the reason why I don’t like it.

I found a free spring within the soap dispenser. Do you think these springs will give my enough tension?

A recap of the questions:

-So what is a big comfortable base where also my balls will fit through (or what material can I use to build such a base)?

-Will extending like this make my turkey neck even worse?

-Is an attachment like the AFB hanger a good or a bad idea?

-And are springs from the soap dispenser going to give me enough tension?

Thanks in advance,

Cantlook’s Homemade Extenders: /forum/favorite … 143799&fid=1367
Piet’s version of the AFB Hanger: The AFB Hanger

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