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NoFap or Edging?

NoFap or Edging?

I could use some advice on what I think about the whole NoFap idea and Edging idea.

So, essentially, NoFap is used for semen retention.
And Edging is used for lasting longer in bed, and there might be a little semen retention involved, but let’s face, if you edge, you’re going to eventually give in right? And besides, I’ve heard it’s not healthy to hold in your semen for too long after edging, but I’m a noob, so what do I know.

In my opinion, yes, just an opinion. NoFap is the same thing as edging when it comes to semen retention alone, just a MUCH slower build up. Would anyone agree? Because of this, it’s also much easier to hold, or retain, from ejaculating (unless you were as bad as I was when I first heard about semen retention). However, even on nofap, after long periods of time, you will find yourself still having wet dreams or draining your semen build up with your waste (urine). In other words, the body is still going to find ways to use up extra semen build up.

With edging, your speeding up the process, and making it much more challenging to retain from ejaculation.

Please keep in mind, I’m only talking about the semen retention factor. Obviously there are huge differences between nofap and edging.

~~~NoFap vs Edging~~~

Anyways, over the past couple years, I’ve dabbed a little in both. I’ve tired NoFap and I’ve tried edging. Always switching back and forth between nofap and edging, I have found that I am really pleased with NoFap, not so much edging, and here’s why.

Ok, so, with NoFap, it’s so much easier to retain from ejaculating. Even when I was masturbating everyday/ejaculating everyday, after about a week of nofap, I found it very easy to do. I did mess up a couple times after discovering edging, but I found that it was still very simple to achieve fairly long streaks without ejaculating. I also find that the semen retention (nofap) makes me feel so much more energized and clear headed.

With edging however, I find it very difficult to retain from ejaculating. Like I said earlier, it’s more challenging, and I get it; it’s supposed to be. However, I also find that I get this haunting anxiety from edging. I stutter a lot, lose focus, lose my patience easily, get social anxiety, and my energy levels suffer tremendously.

~~~My Longest Streaks of Semen Retention with Both~~~

My longest streak with NoFap was 2 months, and I had no problems. It was too easy, really.

My longest streak with edging is about a week and a half.

After that 2 month streak of nofap, which isn’t the longest, I know, I asked myself, “what’s next”? And how will this help me last longer in bed? Sure, I have all this “build up,” but when I go to have sex, I’m probably going to burst in seconds, so what’s the point in having all this build up other than it’s pretty awesome to ejaculate as much volume as I will, cause let’s face it, after it’s been awhile, you see an increase in volume. What good does it do me when it comes to sex?

So I decided to edge after that 2 month streak. Sure enough, I didn’t last long at all, and boy did it feel great, but that wasn’t enough for me. I want to last longer!! The clear-head and energy is great, but what good does it do me if I can’t last long in bed!?

Practicing edging, I went from giving in to ejaculation every 2 days, to about a week on average, and I also seen improvements in delaying my point of no return, from about 20 seconds to about 5 minutes none stop, sometimes 20 minutes on a good day.

However I have found that I get a haunting anxiety from edging. I tend to stutter, get social anxiety, and feel absolutely terrible, as I mentioned earlier. On and off with edging, I have found that my latest practice with edging lead to a little improvement in social anxiety, and my energy levels are a little better, but I still have this nervous energy built up inside me, and I have these twitch like reactions, that would be good if I was needing to be alert at the time, but aren’t comfortable. I jump when a dog barks or a toaster pops. It’s like my “fight-or-flight” kicks in when it wants to and I have no control over it.

I get it, edging is more than likely not the route cause my anxiety, but it does push me over that edge where I just feel terrible, like I’m drained. I am denying my body of orgasm, and it’s not used to that, so that’s probably were some of my fatigue/anxiety comes from.


What should I do?

A part of me wants to continue with NoFap, as it is so much easier to retain semen, and I’ll feel much better doing it and have much more energy. I just feel like NoFap is avoiding the problem though. It’s easy not to ejaculate when you’re avoiding sexual arousal.

And another part of me wants to practice edging so I can last longer in bed.

I’ve seen improvements in both, so I know that both will work, and both have pros and cons in my opinion.

I’ve pretty much got NoFap down pack, unless there’s more to it I don’t know about, but am I doing something wrong with edging? Am I not supposed to using it for semen retention? If so, maybe that will help with my anxiety factor when edging?

Is it possible to have a little of both? Can I retain my semen (nofap) as long as I’d like, have a clear head, nice energy levels, no anxiety, and practice lasting longer in bed? Or do they oppose each other too much? Or are they more similar than I think, and I’m just missing something here?

I’m probably answering my own questions here, but I need advice!!

If you don’t want to answer all them other questions, please just answer these two:

Am I not supposed to be using edging for semen retention, long lasting retention, as in weeks?

Is it possible to practice edging, retain for semen for as long as I want, and still manage to have great energy levels, clear mind, etc, or is that asking too much?

Oh, and just to clarify, I’ve been porn free for about a year now.

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Hi Brandon
I have no intention to re-invent the wheel and there is a weatlh of facts and opinions out there concerning no-fap and edging.

As for me , I am of opinion the that masturbation makes me lazy to go out and meet women. Coupled to masturbation there is usually viewing porn. Porn desensitizes me and I have entirely stopped viewing it. For me nothing beats busting a nut with/in/on a woman. I view my semen is my man essence and high semen volume to me eguals high testosterone and personal manliness.

I have an edging device(fleshlight stamina trainer) and although I don’t have premature ejaculation(PE) ,I have never had a problem lasting long and delaying ejaculation. I have read up on the benefits of edging from the point of view of stamina training and PE(penis enhancement) and particularly the benefits edging can have post workout by having your unit receiving the nutrients in fresh blood flowing into the penis and building it bigger,stronger,longer thicker .To me edging is one of the bag of tricks in your arsenal of PE training.

My approach to everything PE related is to read as much on the matter, take the opinions and findings of others into consideration and then apply it to me. In so doing I find what works for me.

You can find what works for you and I believe asking your PE brothers on this forum for advice is a good thing.

NoFap is all about dopamine retention and fighting social anxiety.

It has nothing to do with semen retention.

Edging is about lasting longer and some (like me) use it to keep the penis erect for a given amount of time to maximize gains and have more blood flow to the dick.

If you’re strong enough you can fight the urge to cum when you edge,you may cum at the first times but you’ll get better and eventually you will have the skill of edging without cumming at all.

Goal:8" BPEL

5.25" MSEG

I think approaching this subject by stepping back and seeing that the scientific community over the past century has put little effort into understanding the role of energy in our cosmos is a healthy approach. And in terms of our current social structures, sexual energy I think is by far the most powerful and highly manipulated energy we humans have. I have performed the “no fap” routine 3 times over the past 5 years or so. The first time for 1 month. The second time for 3 months. And as of now I am wrapping up a yearlong stretch without any orgasm whatsoever. The past year has been one of the most productively efficient and profitable years I have ever experienced personally and professionally. The myth that men go crazy if they cannot release their sexual energy is just that from my perspective, a myth. I have not experienced such mental clarity and emotionally even-keeledness before. My overall goal in all of this though didn’t really have anything to do with reaping abundance in my own life but was to instill a more disciplined approach with my sexual releases once I do become sexually active again. I am in very strong command of my own sexual energy. I edge almost on a daily basis as part of my PE routine and I have put it down without release every time during this extended stretch. The ability to do such things I think only comes with time and maturity, and only with individuals who have a conscious desire to do so, born out of a greater awareness. I wonder sometimes with the way the past year has unfolded and with my display of control over such a powerful energy, if I have attracted energetic entities who exist beyond our normal senses as humans, who are helping me from a personal development standpoint in some greater cosmic game that I’m not very aware of.

“You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.” ~ Terence McKenna

Originally Posted by HardCell735
I wonder sometimes with the way the past year has unfolded and with my display of control over such a powerful energy, if I have attracted energetic entities who exist beyond our normal senses as humans, who are helping me from a personal development standpoint in some greater cosmic game that I’m not very aware of.

Has anybody here ever been where this guy has been, mentally and spiritually?

He also claims to have not orgasm-ed for a whole year. That almost seems alien to me, but I can’t deny that it might have a powerful effect on the body and mind.

Damn. I don’t understand this at all. If I don’t fap I literally cum in 10 minutes during sex. That’s why I always spill some in the shower before sex so I can last longer. Especially if anal is involved which makes me cum in under 5 minutes. I tried the no fap but it was too much for me and I would end up being very sensitive.

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