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One month of the newbie routine completed.

One month of the newbie routine completed.

As a newbie, I like to see updates from newbies and veterans alike, the more the better. So here’s mine after one month of doing the newbie routine.

Expectations: I didn’t really expect gains. Most people seem to either not get gains or get very little (with the newbie routine). I assumed that gains were mainly do to increased EQ quality. My penis got very hard before starting the newbie routine and I didn’t expect it to get harder so I therefore expected no gains. If anything I expected length, which isn’t what I’m hoping to gain.

Warm up: The water in my bathroom gets hot enough that it’s uncomfortable to keep your hand under it for long (but still doable). I soak a wash cloth with this hot water, wrap it around my penis, and gently massage. I soak the cloth every 30 seconds to keep it warm, I do this for five minutes. Nothing to say about this really, my penis gets warm and everyone’s happy. Do you think that I’m using enough heat?

Stretching: I do mostly downward stretches simply because they are the easiest and least uncomfortable to me. Though I do mix some side and upward stretches in there. I don’t like stretching, it feels like I’m pulling on the skin at the base of my penis more than anything, and gripping my penis for the stretch doesn’t feel that great either. I don’t think that I pull that hard, just hard enough that I feel like I’m stretching it with some discomfort. I don’t believe I’ve experienced any soreness or anything from stretching. I haven’t been too eager to increase the time to ten minutes from five (as suggested in the newbie routine). Though I’ve started doing seven minutes instead of five for the last couple of days. Stretching is my least favorite part so far and I’m hoping that because I’m going for girth and not length that I won’t have to do much of it.

Jelqing: I like jelqing for the most part, though the increased amount of time doing it has become slightly tedious. I’m now up to twenty minutes (you start at ten with the newbie routine). I have definitely increased intensity over the month as well. I get red spots every time now, just the small pin pricks. I’ve gotten the slightly larger, much darker spots a few times and when I do I will wait until they go away or at the very least I’ll do a low intensity jelq session instead of the full deal. On the second day of my routine (two on one off) I jelq harder since I know that I’ll have a rest day coming up. I think that this is when I got all of my larger darker red spots and so I haven’t had to miss a PE day yet because of them. I start my jelqing sessions with lower intensity (as recommended) and build my way up to more intense jelqing which always leads being more erect. My erection levels typically end up being a little on the high side, but never fully erect. I’d say 85% is about as high as I go, and probably usually lower. Often my penis is about the size that it would be at fully erect, yet it remains soft enough that squeezing it doesn’t give much resistance. This month I’m going to work towards thirty minutes.

Warm down: Same as the warm up.

Kegels: I’ve been doing kegels every day for a long time now, so doing fifty at five second holds is no problem. I’ve been doing eighty lately and I think that I’ll just continue to increase the amount over time. I also do it every day as I did before I started the newbie routine. I used to do a routine that included different hold times and set amounts. I find kegels to be tedious so I’m happy with just doing five second holds.

Change in EQ: As I said before, my penis got quite hard when I wanted it to before I started the newbie routine. I don’t think that it gets harder now but I do think that the hardness comes easier and stays easier. Before I had to tease it more than I think that I have to now. I can get it to it’s hardest state, then just hold a kegel and that thing stays blazing. Maybe an increase in frequency of random erections, hard (pun!) to say. My veins are more prominent so I guess that there’s been an improvement with blood flow.

Injuries: None that I know of. Other than the pin prick spots and the occasional larger and darker spot, I haven’t seen or felt anything wrong. I believe that I’m getting the doughnut affect lately. I don’t know if it’s due to the increased amount of jelqing time and/or increased intensity, but lately I’ve been getting mild swelling underneath the glans that only last like an hour or less. I’m also getting pin pricks on my glans now which before only showed up on the shaft. And my glans and upper shaft is more pin-pricky and red than before, I assume due to increased time and intensity. Based on what I’ve read on this forum, I haven’t worried about any of these reactions. My EQ stays okay so I’m not bothered. The pin pricks usually go away over night with maybe a few lingering a little longer. A couple of hours or so after the routine my penis looks pretty normal.

Flaccid hang: I haven’t measured it but it is hanging larger. I’m definitely a grower so it’s easy for me to notice this. It’s definitely hanging fatter and perhaps a little longer.

Most importantly, gains: I didn’t gain any length at all, but I gained a little bit of girth. This is a pleasant surprise because not only did I not expect to gain, but I figured that it would be length if anything. I attribute this to my lack of motivation with stretching and to my full motivation with jelqing. According to my measurements taken before I started, I’ve gone from 4.75” to nearly 5” MSEG. I could say say that it’s 5” or I could say that it’s 4.9”, I’m going to go with 4.9” because 5” requires the max erection and kegeling. Since I don’t think that my penis gets any harder than it did before, I’d like to say that these are actual gains and not just improved EQ. But what do I know? I don’t think that my original base measurements and my recent base measurements were done exactly the same way so I’m not even going to report what may or may not be gains.

I’m only measuring once a month. I thought about measuring only after three months but I’d like to know when gains were happening and when/if they stop. That way I’ll know what action to take after the newbie routine is complete.

I’ve added my measurements and goals. My MSEG measurement isn’t exactly in the mid section, it’s slightly above where I think is the thickest part aside from the base. My BPEL requires some serious kegeling and bone pressing to reach 8.0. I believe that my measurement is accurate though so I’m going to stick with it. Before I was measuring from the side and getting like 8.25 but I’ve since realized (to my disappointment!) that this isn’t how everyone does it. So with much penis teasing, kegeling, and bone pressing, I was able to keep my 8! For my base measurement I’m kind of pushing down a little bit on the base, not bone pressed, but just pushed a little bit. The further down I push the larger it gets, this is why I think that my original measurement wasn’t done at the same place as my most recent. I can’t really remember at what part I measured at. My base measures at 5 3/8”.

I just want to gain girth, if I gain length I won’t complain but girth is definitely why I’m here. I’ve been told that I have a long beautiful penis, but it doesn’t take much reading on the internet to be convinced that girth is where it’s at! So here I am and I feel lucky that I don’t have to do any length exercises as well as girth. Though it seems like some of you aren’t satisfied with your 8 inches!

Any comments, tips, thumbs down or thumbs up are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Tldr? I jelqed, I gained.

Started newbie routine (again) March 21, 2012: BPEL 8" BEG: 5 3/8" MSEG: 4.9"

Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

Nice update. Sounds like you put some work in and getting good results. I would continue on routine for a couple more months. Good luck.

Started: 5.0bpelx5.0mseg.


Originally Posted by jdvert
Nice update. Sounds like you put some work in and getting good results. I would continue on routine for a couple more months. Good luck.

Thanks, I’m definitely going to at least finish the remaining two months. I may even do it longer depending. I’ll be coming to you with questions about those girth gains when the time comes!

Started newbie routine (again) March 21, 2012: BPEL 8" BEG: 5 3/8" MSEG: 4.9"

Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

Very long, actually. 0.25”, or even 0.15”, in one month is big gains. It sounds like you could do something wrong when stretching.

Originally Posted by marinera
Very long, actually. 0.25”, or even 0.15”, in one month is big gains. It sounds like you could do something wrong when stretching.

I’ll have to give stretching a little more love this month. It has definitely been the bastard child of my routine.

Started newbie routine (again) March 21, 2012: BPEL 8" BEG: 5 3/8" MSEG: 4.9"

Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

Congrats on your gains so far.

You’re pretty much the opposite to me. Length seems to come really easily, and I’m currently trying to give more attention to girth.

Keep going, gains are gains!

Start (May 2011) 5.75 BPEL x 4.7 MSEG - (1 Year) 7.2 BPEL x 5 MSEG - (Current (17months)) 7.5BPEL x 5.2MSEG

Goal: Something Monstrous.

Congrats on the gains!

Start (Dec 2012) 6.7 BPEL x 4.75 MSEG

Goal: 7.5 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

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