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Question regarding PE speed of growth and recovery time


Question regarding PE speed of growth and recovery time

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a long time lurker and figured that now is as good a time as any to make my first post. :-)

I have been utterly erratic in my jelqing and stretching exercises, so I’ve made no noticeable gains yet after a few months. When I first started, I thought I noticed real gains in girth and my girlfriend would comment on it, but that was just usually soon after jelqing, when I was still swollen. I got busy, tired, lazy and stopped jelqing and she soon after stopped commenting about my newly added girth. :-(

But after hearing about all the gains everyone seems to have been making, I plan to get back on the horse!

Now, my question is in regards to the amount of jelqing and stretching required to stimulate growth and the amount of recovery time required to see the growth happen.

Here’s my long winded wind-up (bear with me):

Many months ago I discovered a revolutionary way to grow muscles called - “Static Contraction Training” (some of you might have heard about it).

For those that don’t know, SCT is a new weightlifting technique that basically says that all that’s required to stimulate muscle growth is an extremely brief, maximum intensity rep (one per bodypart), where you barely lift a huge weight about an inch or so (off of the pins), while having your muscles in their strongest, most bunched up position (strongest range of motion) and give it 100% effort.

The effort is so intense that your muscles can’t keep it up for more than 7 -10 seconds, after which they fail on you. That massive intensity effort triggers the nervous system to send the muscle growth signal to your brain. That’s all that’s required to actually stimulate massive muscle growth - without the grueling, energy draining, tissue and ligament damaging workouts that most people subject themselves to in the gym 3-4 times per week.

In SCT, each and every time you work out, you MUST increase the weight by about 10% percent to keep increasing the demand on your body, forcing it to adapt to a larger load and grow larger muscles as a result.

MOST importantly, SCT points out that unless you allow your body to fully, 100% recover from that past workout, you will not grow any muscle.

1) First you trigger the growth with the workout
2) Then you give your body all the time it needs to FULLY recover from the drain and strain of the workout
3) Only after you have finished fully recovering will your body actually grow new muscle to adapt to the stress of the weight you subjected it to during the last work out.

Now that I’ve explained the mechanics of it, here is my question in regards to PE exercises:

Does jelqing stimulate growth, like body building muscle, or is it simple hypertrophy - the deformation of a body appendage through artificial means, such as the rings on those long necked African women?
And in the case of both jelqing and stretching, since growth ONLY occurs AFTER the body has recovered sufficiently, does that mean that that jelqing should be done briefly and intensely, but then several days or more of recovery time are in order to give it time to recover and grow?

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Static Contraction Training works like nothing you’ve ever known. It is definitively the last workout program you’ll ever do. Once you try it, you’re hooked for life.
I mean.. work out for 7 seconds once a week for 3 weeks and actually SEE an inch and a half of muscle tacked onto your biceps? Of PERMANENT, REAL concrete growth, no artificial “pump” from a work out? It’s insane! :-)

Anyway, I know I sound like a salesmen for SCT or something, but I’m just as convinced of it’s effectiveness as the pros are about PE’s effectiveness and I’m wondering how the recovery time and growth issue overlaps with PE.

Interested on anyone’s thoughts here.

SCT was around for as long as I can remeber. I am not sure about specifically muscle growth (it has to do more with what and how you eat), but it definetly makes you strong like a bull. Be carefull though these excersises aren’t good for your heart.

PEwise it’s a simple hypertrophy I guess.

Hey morpheusx, welcome to the posting side of Thunder’s Place. Very nice first post. :up:

I’ve heard about SCT and always thought it sounded too good to be true (like PE pills :) ). Then one day I saw a feature on a Sunday morning football pre-game show of some linebacker that played for the Rams who was into it (I think it was the Rams, might have been the Cardinals). I didn’t really pay much attention, but then later while watching the game this dude kept putting menacing hits on all the offensive players. He was just a little white boy, but you could tell he was strong as hell. Made me a believer. I’ve been meaning to look into it more, but have not found the time. Maybe I can PM you with some questions if I ever get into it.

As far applying SCT to PE, I don’t think it will work. The penis is not a muscle and does not respond to tears like muscles do; there is no “growth”. Think of it more like a rubberband: if you stretch a rubber band out a few times, it snaps back to its original size when released. However, if it is stretched repeatedly and for long enough it becomes permanently larger (thanks hobby). The micro-tears you create through jelqing and stretching only repair themselves to the amount of the tear. Because of this, a lot of guys don’t like rest at all. They think if they let the rubberband snap back during healing, causing the micro-tears to heal in the original state (size). That’s why we’re real big on ADS and Traction Wrap devices (threads here). It’s believed that by wearing these devices after a workout, the micro-tears will heal in an extended state, resulting in permanent gains.

Welcome again, good luck with PE, and I hope you continue to post here.


Yeah, like a RubberBand, Man. :)

Isn’t SCT the old Charles Atlas technique?


Do an Internet search for “Pete Sisco” for links to his SCT sites.

As Stevie said, the penis doesn’t change the way muscles do. The repeated expansion of the tissues by jelqing and stretching cause them to adjust themselves to the new amount of pressure being applied and they heal in their larger state. This takes continued effort and time. A huge amount of change in a short period of time, such as that applied to muscles with SCT, will only damage the penile tissues and probably prevent them from growing.

You can find older posts about “plastic deformation” that might help with your understanding by using the forum search button (top right of every page).

First, Im not a big fan of static contraction or one set to failure ala Mentzer or Jones. I wasted a couple of years waiting for size to catch up to strength and it never did. These styles of lifting promote a strong neuro-muscular response to be sure, but in order to build size, pumping via a few more sets is needed. I built more size in one month using a nine set per body part routine as prescribed by Casey Viator than I did in years using the Sisco/Mentzer methodology. Incidently Mentzer didnt get his size by going one set to failure.

As to pe vs weightlifting, the thing you should remember is that you dont need nearly as much time off from pe as lifting. Ive worked through this question myself. The penis is not a muscle and recouperates much faster than one. The real reason taking days off from the gym is systemic overtraining, that is to say getting your kidneys, liver etc… to get caught up from the high stress of working out.

Another comparison is that of cycling breaks and intentsity. Your body, be it your penis or muscle will adapt to any stressor over time and progress will halt. It is then time to take a week or two off and then come back with either a new routine or more intentsity. Read through this forum well and you will see many examples of good gainers doing just that.

Red Rooster

Wow.. I’m glad I decided to come of my shell and lay down a little posting action!
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! You are all gentlemen and I’m proud to be in midst of such brethren. :-)

Now, here’s part of what I learned throughout my extensive research after learning about static contraction:

A myth I keep hearing body builders and some professional trainers repeat (2 of my clients are professional trainers with degrees sports medicine) is the old “muscle tearing and healing creates growth” myth. This is a total misunderstanding like the old “you should work out with light weights and lots of reps for ‘cuts’ and heavy weights with few reps for ‘mass’ myth that most people still keep getting told.

Truth:muscle tearing occurs from overdoing it and abusing your body, literally tearing it apart through overuse. If you tore muscle fibers, you did it wrong.

In reality, muscular growth, (like so many other physiological changes) is governed by the central nervous system. It must have a reason to think it needs to make a change.
The CNS is stimulated to grow muscle when you exert a much greater demand on it than it’s normally accustomed to, for example, lifting a weight that’s so heavy that you can only sustain it for 5-10 seconds before your muscle fail on you and the weight collapses. The heavier the weight, the more demand is placed on your muscle.
And the reason for the very short duration of the exercise is because intensity and duration are inversely proportional.

If you plot out intensity and duration on a graph they form a curve where the higher the intensity, the shorter the amount of time your body can sustain the activity for. Conversely, the lower the intensity, the longer you can sustain the activity. Long workout don’t give big muscles. Reps don’t either. It’s just the level of intensity you exert during the exercise and the demand you place on the specific muscle.

If long workout gave bigger muscles, than why do Olympic sprinters have MUCH larger thigh muscles than long distance runners, who by definition run MUCH longer periods than sprinters? Intensity. Sprinters only run for about 10 seconds. That’s it. Really. But the intensity is staggering. The body responds by creating large, fast twitch muscles, densely packed, explosively strong cells of muscle.
Long distance runners develop long, lean, slow twitch muscles. Not the stuff Arnold or Tony Atlas were made from! :-p

Now, my professional trainer client and I had heated debates about SCT versus normal training, and of course he repeated all the same myths and misunderstandings he had been told and taught at college.

So I decided to just show him. I began doing SCT and didn’t see him for about 2 months. When he saw me again, he didn’t recognize me. I easily tacked on double digits in pounds of muscle and was busting through the seams in my shirt (I had to buy an entire new shirt wardrobe).

He asked me if I had just gone to jail or done steroids (lol) and I told him, plain old SCT. I have to say, it REALLY does work. I started off by putting a 100Lbs barbell on my weightlifting bench and then sitting on the bench, facing the barbell. Then, isolated the movement to my arms (not cheating by using your abs, shoulders, back, etc. to assist you) I curled the weight, but only lifted it only half an inch or so off the pins (the sucker was heavy!!) and held it up with sheer biceps strength. After about 7 seconds, my arms gave out on me and the weight clinked back down onto the pins.

I then took a week off and didn’t do ANYTHING strenuous, and gave my arms enough time to fully recover and grow. The following week, I added 10 Lbs (10%) to the barbell for a total of 110 Lbs and lifted that. Took another week off, then came back and added another 12 Lbs (10% of 110Lbs = 11 Lbs, rounded off to 12 Lbs) to the barbell for a total of 122Lbs and histed that off the pins.

Then I came back a week later and tried to lift 134 Lbs, but I couldn’t do it. Why? Because your body begins to require more rest time as the demands grow on it. So I took off another 3 days, and when I came back, I could lift the the 134Lbs. But now my workout intervals were every 10 days instead of every 7.

That’s the beauty of SCT - the further along you go, the more infrequently you have to work out and you keep getting bigger and bigger, blowing right past everyone else at the gym, even though they only see you once or twice a month. :-)

My brother and I have the exact same body dimensions. WE are physically identical. Or were, rather. After SCT for 3 months, I stood next to my brother in a photo and I look like his bodyguard! I DWARF him, and he’s in good shape!

All I can say is this Static Contraction Training has finally discovered exactly what it is that triggers growth in weight training and rendered the multi hour grueling workouts useless. Like Pete Sisco (one of the creators of SCT) says, “Why chew Willows bark to relieve your headache when science has already discovered that it’s the ASPIRIN in the willow’s bark that is the active ingredient?”

By the way, it’s not bad for your heart unless you already have preexisting heart conditions that would be aggravated by any strenuous activity.
Static Contraction training was initially created for and tested on senior citizens who played golf! And the results were STAGGERING. HUGE massive muscle size and strength increased. Men and women in their 60s reported being stronger after the 3 week period than they were in there 30s!

All I can tell you is that I’m HUGE and BEEFY unlike I have EVER been in my life and the total amount of ACTUAL time I spent working out to get this freakish growth in chest, arms, shoulders, traps, forearms and back has been less than 3 minutes of actual exercise, for all those body parts COMBINED.

Now that I’ve ranted on about SCT for an eternity, (lol) I’ll get back to PE and assert this theory:
If the penis then responds only to hypertrophy and not subject to an adaptive response like muscles, then wouldn’t manual stretching be a slow and relatively ineffective method, given that it’s not a sustained deformative state, like the rings are in the case of those African women with the foot long necks?
If it really is all about stretching it and making the body heal in that deformed state (hypertrophy) then technically, wouldn’t stretching devices be the ultimate ideal to create and sustain the hypertrophy environment?
Weights are dangerous and conspicuous (I’ve read some of the “Almost Caught” or “Almost Castrated” stories and had a good laugh!), plus they only mimic the stretching action an actual stretcher would provide. If you’re supposed to stretch yourself out and heal in that position, stretching seems like the logical choice.
Now that solves stretching and length, but what about jelqing and girth? Well, if the object of jelqing is to squeeze blood into the corpus cavernosa’s spongy tissues and cause them to expand via hypertrophy, again this requires prolonged distension, not short repeated bursts of squeezing.
So wouldn’t a tourniquet-like device applied at 60-70% engorgement or just a good old “just squeeze it as hard as you can, for as long as you can with as much blood in it as possible” approach accomplish more than mere intermittent jelqing?

Please let me know your thoughts, gentlemen. :-)

Ah.. You posted before I did..

Well.. Hmm.. I’ve seen massive size gains in almost no time, myself and again, we’re talkign about rock-hard, cold muscle gains, not in the artificially pumped up state like most bodybuilders like to measure.

Now, as for the body adapting to almost any stressor, this is not true at all. That’s why such a large percent of the men entering Marine Corps training ever actually go all the way. Some of their bodies just give out and can’t/won’t adapt to that amount of continual stress of muscles in awkward movements.

Everybody’s body is different and some will recover faster than others, but the universal law of muscle growth is the same, the body has a finite limit in the amount of reserves it possesses. Once depleted it MUST replenish them and recover BEFORE it will grow any muscle. If you destroy your muscles on Monday and Wednesday and Friday, your body will be too busy trying to repair the damage, and replenish it’s reserves to bother trying to grow any additional muscle tissue. Remember, healing is the PRIMARY concern of the body. Growth is a nice second n it’s list of priorities. If you never let it fully heal, it will not grow. That’s why it takes most of the old guard of pro bodybuilders 10-20 years of mindbending weightlifting to develop the physiques they do. Because somewhere along those 20 years, every once in a while,they dropped the weights, took some time off, allowed their bodies to HEAl and VIOLA! like magic, the growth they stimulated in the gym all those weeks and months finally had a chance to manifest itself.

My suggestion? Download the SCT training eBook from It’s pretty cheap and if you’re a cheapskate, just download it off of Kazaa (look under “Train Smart” or do a search under “Pete Sisco”, setting your Search Category to “everything”.

Also, if you sign up for the newsletter, you get great articles every week that tackle lots of myths, arguments and counterpoints (some of which you have raised here). Get them at either or

Read through it thoroughly. See what I’m talking about then let me know what you think. I’ve had trainers to the stars and people with college degrees argue with me about this, giving me all kinds of scientific babble about why it can’t or shouldn’t work, not see me for a few weeks, then when they finally do say, “Holy shit, You’re a MONSTER! How the hell did you get that big so fast??!” The proof is in the pudding.

And in the Pete Sisco eBook, he covers an alternate style of SCT for people who seem to be resistant to standard STC (certain martial artists and high endurance sports/disciplines people), to which they respond to better. “Beta workouts”, which have a bit more of a “sets and reps” flavor to them, but still utilize the static contraction training principles, might be just the ticket for you, hard gainer-dude! ;-).

And hey, even I sometimes give a body part an additional 1 or 2 efforts till failure when I fear that I might have not totally pushed the muscle and sent the message to my CNS that I REALLY need the additional muscle. But the formula still works.

Play with it. Find what works best for you. But don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater!

Check out the eBook if nothing else then let me know.

Just to refocus all that posting:

If the penis then responds only to hypertrophy and not subject to an adaptive response like muscles, then wouldn’t manual stretching be a slow and relatively ineffective method, given that it’s not a sustained deformative state, like the rings are in the case of those African women with the foot long necks?
If it really is all about stretching it and making the body heal in that deformed state (hypertrophy) then technically, wouldn’t a stretching device be the ultimate, ideal tool to create and sustain the hypertrophy environment?
Weights are dangerous and conspicuous (I’ve read some of the “Almost Caught” or “Almost Castrated” stories and had a good laugh!), plus they only mimic the stretching action an actual stretcher would provide. If you’re supposed to stretch yourself out and heal in that position, a stretchign device (not weights) would seem like the logical choice.
Now that solves stretching and length, but what about jelqing and girth? Well, if the object of jelqing is to squeeze blood into the corpus cavernosa’s spongy tissues and cause them to expand via hypertrophy, again this requires prolonged distension, not short repeated bursts of squeezing.
So wouldn’t a tourniquet-like device applied at 60-70% engorgement or just a good old “just squeeze it as hard as you can, for as long as you can with as much blood in it as possible” approach accomplish more than mere intermittent jelqing?

Ill restate my case as well. I gained zero size using static contraction. I gained a great deal of strength but no size. The reason is, sct is an assualt on the central nervous system which responds by becoming more efficient,that is to say trained, which manifests itself in strength gains. In order for size to accompany this, there must be both cns stimulation and a build up of blood/lactic acid or pump in the muscle-the reason for this not well understood
and beyond the scope of this forum. A perfect example of this, is your example
the sprinter. Its true he/she may only run 10 seconds in the actual event, but in practice the sprinter will run this over and over until legs are burning with lactic acid build up. These sprints also release growth hormone when done repeatedly. So we have Intentsity+Pump= size.

Incidently I have downloaded an e-book from the website you mentioned and dont recommend them to anyone because if size gain is you aim, this is not for you. If you detect an attitude it is only because I believe you are writing copy for these e-books and promoting a web site and techniques I wasted my own time and money on.

I think you should know we are serious people, pursuing a serious goal,and we arent looking for quick fixes. As for your pe technique idea - I wouldnt go near it, if you do let us know about, and what Urologists going rates are- better yet please read more from this forum.

I would like to know what those who practice SCT use in terms of supps. Any at all? What days do you take them on?

lol! I have to say that this would be a pretty weird place to promote SCT, if that was my job! :-p

Naw, dude… I don’t work for Pete Sisco or anything like that. I’m a freelance web designer from NYC, however I was a freelance writer for entertainment magazines in the early to early-mid 90s. And of course, I write my own ad copy for my web design business, so maybe that skill is coming through in my words.

It’s just that when I discovered SCT it was such a massive breakthrough in understanding and technological/knowledge advancement it hit me like, pardon the pun, Thunder! And now that I’ve got the new gospel it’s hard not to spread it.

I feel like the doctor that discovered that stomach ulcers are not caused by stress or spicy foods, but rather by a bacteria which your stomach is trying to kill by mass producing stomach acid and trying to burn it off your stomach lining. He realized that the cure was antibiotics, not Pepcid AC or “laying of the spicy stuff”.
This enlightenment about what the true cause of ulcers was lead to the new treatment.

Same deal with muscle growth. The old cavemen used to pump iron for hours every day, instead of giving their muscles exactly the right dose, one time and letting the medicine “work”.

If you think I sound like a salesman for Static Contraction Training, you should hear me talk about Anthony Robbins! I swear you’ll think I’m him or something! I’m just really passionate about the things I believe in and know to be true from first hand knowledge. I don’t buy hype or allow others to brainwash me into believing that their crap works if it doesn’t.

I can tell you firsthand that the Anthony Robbins programs really do work. Just a year and a half ago I was dead broke, had no clients and didn’t know where my next meal was coming from. Then I got the Personal Power II program (alright I got it off Kazaa, but still!) and within less than 3 weeks of starting the program, I had 12 new clients lined up and the very next website deal I closed was for a little over $7,000, a pretty big increase from my previous $850 dollar record, plus I lost 15 Lbs and felt happier and more confident than I ever had in my life. I KNOW Tony Robbins works. No hype, no bullshit.

Also, I can tell you that if you’ve EVER had problems with women, or getting dumped or not having a woman eating out of your hands that Doc Love’s “The System” works. And I didn’t even get a hold of the actual system!
Once upon a time I was dating 2 women at the same time (by accident - I had just started dating one and then one I had dated briefly but it fell apart came back into the picture).
Both of them were gorgeous (one of them was a model that had been “the hot chick” in a bunch of music videos and TV shows) and the other was a college student that every guy on her campus was chasing after. But, like most men in the early dating stages, I began to blow it. A combination of being to eager, or showing to much emotion or trying too hard to please, or whatever. Both of them were slipping away. Both were about to dump me. Hell I couldn’t even seem to get a firm date with the model girl anymore! I was frustrated and saw it all going down the drain.

So I did some massive searching for dating advice for men and after looking through like 50 websites, I stumbled across or something and found Doc Love. It was like discovering E=MC2.

I read every article I could find by him, collected all of them into one large Word document and read it. He answered questions and gave advice to men going though all the same shit I had been going through and more. And from reading all those articles, I gleaned a small portion of the basics of what he must show you in his program “The System” which he hawks like crazy in his advice responses.

However, I did exactly as he said to do and LITERALLY, within 48 hours, the model was calling ME up, desperate for a date!.
And the college girl? She came over immediately and brought me a huge assortment of designer candles, a miniature Japanese rock waterfall and a new set of designer bedsheets and a cushiony new bedspread to match and proceeded to take me into the bedroom and put all of them to good use.
I had to pick one of them and cut the other one off and to this day, the other one still tries to sneaks in phone calls and Emails. I kept the college girl and almost 3 years later, she is still by my side and for the first time ever, I know that I’m the more loved one in the relationship. She chases me and tries to please me, even though she was used to guys chasing her and fauning all over here. And I’m just as cool as a cucumber. ;-)

Now… as for Static Contraction Training, yep, I got a huge strength increase, but what do you think GAVE me that strength? BIGGER MUSCLES!
Remember that strength is almost exclusively a function of muscle size. The bigger the muscle, the stronger it is and the more strength you can output.
And as for the “I know smaller men who are stronger than men twice there size!” argument, most of that can be chalked up to ligament strength, secondary muscle involvement efficiency and coordination and they are the RARE exception ot the rule as a result. But if you then tack muscle onto those smaller guys, they are even stronger!

Muscle = strength. If you disagree with that equation, then therein lies the conundrum. It’s like people that think that a muscle can be cut up or defined by doing lots of reps, when in REALITY, a muscle can only do 3 things: Grow, Shrink or Stay the same. It’s simply the size of the muscle and the amount of body fat covering that muscle that determined “cut” or definition. Take a fat guy with big arms, but who has little definition to them. Have him burn the fat off, without doing anything to make his muscles bigger and when he’s done, you’ll see that he’s got striated definition bursting at the seams. Why? Because big muscle + low body fat percentage = massive cuts. In fact, the larger the muscle, the more body fat you can get away with having and still look defined.

I can honestly swear to you that I am like 3 times the size I used to be just 4 months ago and bigger than I’ve ever been in my life - hand on a stack of bibles.

It just works, man.
People who don’t believe PE works have very similar sounding arguments to yours and they all have scientifically sound explanations for why it doesn’t work. And then there are the men in this forum who’ve made big gains and tell you with certainty that it in fact does work.

Like Tony Robbins says, I may not have a college degree, but I have a PhD in results!

NO SUPPLEMENTS! They are a HUGE waste of cash! Even the SCT people say that!

Honestly, if you just eat good healthy food, get some protein and fiber into your diet, nutritionally you’ll be fine. However, rest (especially nice, deep sleep) is the #1 ingredient in growth. Period. Sleep is the ultimate natural steroid. If you do a nice SCT workout, and then get PLENTY of sleep over the course of the next week, and measure before and after, you’ll be STUNNED at the actual MEASURABLE growth increase. After 3 weeks, you’ll have tacked on like an extra inch and a half in circumference.
And you don’t plateau, because Static Contraction Training, broken down to it’s atomic components is actually, Isometric training (and this is key here) with MEASURED progressive overload and progressive recovery time.
Once you do the first few works outs, your recovery time interval will increase. Advanced SCT bodybuilders work out once every two months!! (Thats’ right… 5-10 seconds once in January, and not again till March!) and continue to see gains in size and strength!

The fact that you’re measuring how much your lifting, and know when you need more recovery time by when you fail to be able to lift the additional 10 % ensures that you truly ARE constantly adapting to an increased demand and giving your body enough time to recover and grow the additional muscle. It’s truly a scientific method with measurable progress and results.

We agree on Tony Robbins and his system, his best stuff was borrowed from Richard Bandler founder of N.L.P, Neurolinguistic programing. Bandler is amazing although not as well rounded or polished as Robbins.

Anyone who has ever worked out knows muscular size is not proportionate to strength. I made strength gains months on end with little or no size gains due to improper training ,sct or one set to failure(I could have gone the other route with German volume training and overtrained ).But once I understood the nature of size gains, Size and strength were proportionate.

I have science and experience on my side although they may be no match for MASSIVE SIZE made in ONE HOUR PER WEEK with LITTLE EFFORT using only CAPITAL LETTERS!

Red Rooster

P.S. You write good sales copy even if I disagree wholeheartedly. Whats your web address?

The STC stuff is interesting, but I come here for the dick, and I’ve been thinking about some of the points morpheusx for a few days and have some questions and comments. I’ve been thinking about why PE works and I can’t put my finger on it. The microtears idea is what the basic consensus seems to be, but I have some problems with it. Seeing as the dick is not a muscle, I don’t see how when it rebuilds the tears it would get any bigger. I’ve read a thousand times that it’s because your dick heals in the extended state so the tears are repaired in the extended state. But the healing takes place when we are sleeping, etc., and the dick is not bigger than usual at these time. That is, it seems like it would have to heal in a state bigger than normal erection for this to work, and although often the dick is bigger for an hour or so after a workout, it’s not bigger than the normal erection. Also, in penismith’s latest post about collagenous stuff forming and fibrosis and whatnot, I’m led to believe that the microtears aren’t repaired by more spongy tissue, but rather stuff we dont want like fibrous shit. And this shit is not helping gains and is probably hurting them.

Then what is it about PE that works, because I believe it definitely works (though after only a month I can’t attest to it personally)? I think it’s this hypertrophy or stretching out tissues so they become permanently deformed in a larger state.

What I think may be the case is that gaining is a battle between hypertrophy and microtearing, hypertrophy being what we want to acheive, and microtearing being what hinders the gains. Unfortunately, when expanding the tissue (stretching the rubberband), we inadvertently create microtears which are repaired with collegenous fibrous stuff which restrict the expansion. This could explain why people gain with such different intensities and lengths of routines—for some people the threshhold for tearing is relatively high so they can expand with a newbie routine, but when the tunica demands further expansion it cannot be done without microtearing, thus the gains slow. However, one can overcome this by upping intensity, and although this will cause more microtearing, the hypertrophy may increase at a greater rate. Eventually the rate of hypertrophy will slow as the tunica needs more force to expand further, and the process of upping intensity continues.

People can overtrain because if the tunica is not conditioned to the stress, microtearing will occur at a greater rate than hypertrophy.

People often see better gains after a break because they have given time for the body to clear up the fibrous tissue build up.

Gains are cemented related to the amount of time one has had that size because the tunica has grown accustomed to that size and its elastic tendency to return to its prior state deminishes over time. (Think of a rubberband—if you quickly stretch it out and allow it to return to its former size, it will return to its former size, but if you hold it stretch for a long time it will adapt to that new size.)

What I’ve written is what I have formulated after reading information on this site, and I have little experience with anatomy. I’m not presenting it as the truth, rather as a means for people who actually know what’s happenning to show me where I’m mistaken if I am.

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