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2mm in ten days with extender

2mm in ten days with extender

Hi all

I wonder if my more recent experience with extender shows that I have grown 2 mm in 10 days after wearing the darn thing about 5 hours daily. I have not added bathmate routine until today where I spent 15 minutes and put on the extender again Oh Boy! It felt good!

The growth prognosis looks very good indeed Now Where is that 20 y/o that promised me her pussy and most importantly her sweet ass? LOL!

You are most likely just seeing inflammation gains. True gains can really only be measured quarterly or so. 2mm could just be fluid build up. Or mean you were extra horny or were more hydrated that day. Etc.

I see your point thanks for the reply but the extender is set at 2mm constant gain right now so I do pre warm up for 20 minutes before putting o n the extender and another ten with the extender on

I am happy to report that I have been able to advance with my extender to 9.1mm to this date:)

Whats ur Nbel? What length are you stretching to (whats the length of ur penis when its mounted in the stretcher) ?

sure its possible! Gained 1.5 cms in like 2 months wearing it 5-8 hours a day.

An extenders needs to be weared at least 3-4 hours a day to gain significantly.

I’ve been wearing mine for about 6 hours a day, taking a day or two off. I’m keeping a weekly photo log to keep track of any gains. 1.5 cm in 2 months sounds like good gains to me.

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So it is not surprise that I have that gain I thought it is a good idea to wear it now and I am uncut I got confortable with it . Not wanting to be uberbig but happy to get to 8x6 I am already BPEL 6.9 X5.5

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