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Best Girth: Pumping or Clamping?

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Which is better for girth, clamping or pumping’

I tried both and I think pumping is better


I tried both and I think clamping is better

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Best Girth: Pumping or Clamping?

I would like to hear from individuals who have tried both methods and finally settled down to just one method for acquiring girth.
(If you still use both but have a favorite, please share.)

Between pumping and clamping, which one gave you the best girth gains?

I realize that everyone’s body reacts differently to various forms of PE so there is no right or wrong answer; I’m just trying to gather a consensus of popular opinion based on experiences.


Clamp while edging to shemale porn. You will gain 1 inch in one month :D

Haha Just playing with you sleepy. I have never pumped but I can tell you in my opinion clamping is better for gaining girth from everything I’ve read. If you wanted to pump just do it at the end of your session. Don’t make it the main part. Pumping is fun and I hear it feels pretty nice but unfortunately it doesn’t purely focus on expanding the chambers, you get edema build up. This is true for clamping as well but not as much.

Also post questions or updates and extra knowledge/techniques you find out here:

Share your clamping knowledge & A Girth Gaining Theory

I like pumping to nude pics of my sister. :D

I pump & clamp but am thinking of just cutting down to just one or the other but can’t decide on which one. They both have their ups & downs.

Haha I have so many fans on here <3 Mmm I’ve just been clamping to some fetish type porn you might find intriguing. I’ll post the video in the dive for you.

And yes, I’d say clamp clamp clamp and then as a very final thing if you fancy it do a few jelqs and do one 15-20 min pump session with warmwater.

I have executed both method and have enjoyed good success. However pumping remains my most preferred method of PE and has given me the majority of the girth gains I hold today.

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A poll would be better suited?

Originally Posted by marinera

A poll would be better suited?

Just what I was thinking.

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It’s probably too late but if it’s possible for one of the mods to add a pole to this, by all means do so.

See if you think it is ok this way.

It would be nice if those who vote would explain their vote too.

E’ perfetto. Grazie Marinero. :-)

Prego. :)

I’m thinking the right question should be ‘Which is best for girth?’. Damn English grammar!

Originally Posted by Audacia
…I’ve just been clamping to some fetish type porn you might find intriguing….

I’m afraid to ask.

Hehe, I like this thread, sister- fapping. :D

Anyway, regarding the question at hand I haven’t tried clamping as of now, pumping seems to help flaccid, but still, not much gains in girth. Decided not to vote since I don’t know both methods.

I have limited experience with both and clamping showed results while pumping didn’t (in terms of gained girth).

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