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BPFSL question

BPFSL question

It always makes me jealous when I read about people having a flaccid stretched length that is longer than their BPEL. From what I have read, this seems to be the norm for a lot of people at Thunder’s.

I however am a huge exception.

My BPEL is 7.1 inches, but my flaccid stretch is only 5.75. Resting flaccid is between 4 and 5 inches. For the past 5 months I’ve been trying to follow Big Girtha’s “never let it turtle” philosophy. This seems to be helping a little bit.

Basically I’m wondering at what point did everyone notice that there stretched flaccid was longer than their BPEL? Was it like this pre PE?

If I get around 20% erect and then do a light stretch I can stretch to about 6.5 but still not longer than my BPEL. It is almost like my penis doesn’t want to be elastic unless it is having an erection. What gives?

I’ve got the same problem, even though I’ve been PE’ing for about a year and gained about an inch and a half in length, I still haven’t achieved a FSL that is close to my BPEL. I think it’s just genetics, although I would like to be able to stretch it real far.. I’m not sure if you can really change it much with PE, god knows I’ve tried :P

June 07: BPFL - 4" NBPFL - 3.5" BPEL - 6.3" NBPEL - 5.75" EG - 4.25"

Current Stats: BPFL - 4.85" NBPFL - 3.8" BPEL 7.1" NBPEL - 6.3" EG - 4.6"

Goal: 7.5X6

My BPFSL is shorter than my BPEL too.

I forget what it was. But it was shorter. At any rate I doubt I will ever measure it again, it HURT LIKE HELL to do so. I probably lost length just from the trauma of pulling on it so hard.

It makes huge difference if you stretch it cold or little “warmed up”. If there’s any blood, it stretches much more. At least for me.

This has always been a mystery to me. My BPFSL has always been about 1/4” to 1/2” longer than my BPEL.

Here’s one idea of what might be happening. A fact that has gotten a lot of recent attention is that the penis consists largely of smooth muscle. Penile smooth muscle has the odd property that it is contracted when the penis is flaccid but relaxed when it is erect.

Perhaps we can explain your situation by assuming that the contracted smooth muscle of your flaccid penis, rather than the tunica, is what’s limiting your FSL. Maybe your smooth muscle is aligned preferentially along the length axis of your penis, and you simply can’t overcome the contraction.

During erection, the smooth muscle relaxes and the penis inflates as usual. Maybe then, your length is more bounded by the tunica than by the smooth muscle, but it could be a combination of the two.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Well at least I’m not alone.

Sta-kool, I’m the same as you, it starts to hurt and it feels like I could force it to stretch more, but that it would be dangerous.

I don’t know what’s the advantage of having longer BPFSL. Mine is slightly shorter. Only Erect length matters to me.

I was thinking the same thing, it makes sense. I don’t know what else it could be.

When I first tried BPFSL it matched my BPEL (if not smaller), but as time passed my BPFSL has gotten longer than my BPEL.

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Asnoman — there is some theorizing going on by sparkyx and others that your BPFSL can be a guide as to whether you should up or reduce your PE workout. Some vets as using this measurement as a guide and getting some good gains.

See this thread, starting around post #179:

sparkyx - EIM (Elasticity Index Meter)


PE significantly increased by flaccid size, however the gain was even more in erect size. The net result is that it increased the gap between the stretched length and erect length. I thought it was natural until I came to read some posts that most old PE users had longer flaccid length. I think my unusual case can be explained by some mechanism of penis. Anyway, I always seem to have a highly grow-able penis.

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I’m in the same boat. After following Sparky’s thread and reading Chronostone’s log, I decided to start focusing on flaccid stretched length(never bothered in the past.)

What I found was, I LEARNED how to stretch the living hell out of my penis! What I would consider a normal stretch(end of the rope, slack out,) was maybe a little shy of my my erect length.

With a considerable tug(and lots of pain,) I could sretch an adiitional 1/4” or so. Kinda got hooked on this and ended up bruising my dick worse than any other form of pe.

I am done with this form of measuring and feel like Asnoman, better off just measuring erect length and checking general PI’s.

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