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Breaking Cable Clamps

Breaking Cable Clamps

I used to average a week or so in a CableClamp before the ratchet tooth snapped off, but the last one only took 2 days. I understand how my kegels are getting more powerful, but I like that, and from a physics standpoint, the stretching of the tunica is directly related to the internal pressure which means I definitely need stronger clamps.

Any ideas on strengthening the ratchet tooth or do I need to upgrade my equipment? I don’t like the idea of winding a hose clamp in and out, seems too slow… but maybe i need to try anyway. I am going to order the Monty air clamp, but I’m not sure how reliable it is or how well it clamps.

Wow, extremely hard kegels you got going on there!

Why not kegel when the clamp is a bit looser?

If you can find the white ‘Sea Clamp’ version of cable clamps (they are identical but made from white plastic), they seem to be much stronger than the coloured type. I don’t break them nearly as often.

Also try not to pull up too far on the ratchet when releasing your clamp.

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I found the sea clamps and the “pro” clamps which supposedly have metal in… we shall see.

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Originally Posted by kickinthemebs
Wow, extremely hard kegels you got going on there!

Please be careful, or your partner(s) will need to wear eye protection!

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