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Clamping, a final frontier

Clamping, a final frontier

Having done the following PE activities:

1. Jelqing
2. Stretching manually
3. Weighted hangs using:
a) constriction type cloth or cord
b) Bib
c) vacuum head from static stretcher
4. ADS - Static stretcher
5. Fulcrum Hanging
6. Edging

In the last few weeks have done clamping with the “cable clamp”. Cost $24.95 to get quite a variety of cable clamps, many of which I can use for their intended purpose if I choose to.

With a lube and a clamp, I can stimulate a grossly over engorged erection. I’ve been doing various forms of PE since mid 2007. I have stalled on my gains… It seems that clamping using the recommended 15-20 minute set and edging it out to maintain and max blood is going to cause new girth AND LENGTH gains on my unit.

In any case it’s FUN, and to look down at your expanded clamped cock is quite invigorating indeed.

The other thing I LOVE about clamping is if you carry your lube in a discreet bottle, you can do it literally ANYWHERE.

I just wanted to tip my hat to clamping, clampers, PE’ers - please have a good day, and be safe.

Indeed. Clamping is one of those things that’s portable - and hyper discreet. Neatly tucked away in a box I have a cable clamp and eyeglass cloth… and I could even keep the cloth in my glass case if I so desire for extra discreetness. Being in IT, I have a good excuse to carry them around too :)

Now, why haven’t you tried pumping? I only wish pumping could be made discreet.

Oh PS. I know you’re far more experienced than me, but in the past when I was doing PE I found that with clamping it was easy to overwork my penis. So stay safe.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Sorry, I have been pumping too and water pumping. Broke two harbor freight vacuum brake bleeder pump handled, one check valve and tossed a 2.5” diameter tube in favor of a 2.25” snd a oval or 2 1/8” would be perfect.

Just started doing this but with a an adjustable strap from a pair of sunglasses!

RE: portability, shouldn’t clamping be done with a full erection and for ~10 minutes at a time? Therefore why would you walk round with a stiffy?

Recommended set duration is 10 minutes, not 15-20. :) Just pointing out before some newbie tries it out and his dick falls off. I personally do 15 minute sets, but I don’t clamp as tight as possible.

Oh, and I’m glad there’s new thread about clamping. That old Big Girtha’s thread is getting way too big, it’s hard to navigate 1200+ replies.

I clamp 30 min sets without problem, but started with 2 min sets.

I keep pushing the limit since it works for me. Clamp everytime I had a morning wood, else I take a break.

Not updated progress in a long time.

Start with 2 or 3 minute sets. Work up to 5 minutes, then 10. No need for 20 minute clamping sets, in my opinion. Not a great idea.

Have fun! It sure is nice having PE equipment that doesn’t look like PE equipment.

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