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Did anyone catch the Dr.Oz show on "The life span of the Penis?"


There is a thread somewhere about Testosterone. We have seen that, contrary to what many says, there isn’t any scientific proof that heavy physical excercise boosts long enough T levels; actually, it can lower them - even without overtraining.

None the less studies indicate that weight lifting exercise can increase HGH and Testosterone levels. Pubmed is chock full of such studies.

Hormonal responses after a strength endurance resistance exercise protocol in young and elderly males

Int J Sports Med. 2007 May;28(5):401-6. Epub 2006 Oct 6.
Hormonal responses after a strength endurance resistance exercise protocol in young and elderly males.
Smilios I, Pilianidis T, Karamouzis M, Parlavantzas A, Tokmakidis SP.

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece.

This study examined testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone responses in elderly and young men after a strength endurance protocol. Eight elderly (age: 69 +/- 5 yrs) and nine young (age: 23 +/- 1 yrs) males with recreational experience in resistance training performed a strength endurance protocol, which included six exercises. At each exercise, the subjects performed 3 sets of 15 reps at 60 % of 1-RM with a 90 s rest interval between sets. The subjects also participated in a control session. Hormonal and blood lactate concentrations were measured before exercise, immediately after exercise and 15 min after the end of exercise. Blood lactate increased (p<0.05) with resistance exercise in both age groups with the highest increases observed in the young males. Testosterone and cortisol concentrations were higher (p<0.05) immediately and 15 min after exercise as compared to the respective control session values in both young and elderly subjects[b], whereas no differences were observed between groups (p>0.05). [b]Growth hormone concentration increased (p<0.05) after resistance exercise compared to the control session in both age groups. This increase was higher (p<0.05) in the young as compared to the elderly group. The above results show that a moderate intensity - high repetition resistance exercise protocol for the improvement of strength endurance, seems to be a sufficient stimulus that increases testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol concentrations in elderly males. These hormonal responses may create an optimal metabolic environment, which improves muscular function after a strength endurance program although the elderly subjects present an attenuated growth hormone response compared to younger ones.

PMID: 17024619 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Acute hormonal and neuromuscular responses to hypertrophy, strength and power type resistance exercise

Eur J Appl Physiol. 2009 Mar;105(5):695-704. Epub 2008 Dec 9.
Acute hormonal and neuromuscular responses to hypertrophy, strength and power type resistance exercise.
McCaulley GO, McBride JM, Cormie P, Hudson MB, Nuzzo JL, Quindry JC, Travis Triplett N.

Neuromuscular Laboratory, Department of Health Leisure and Exercise Science, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, 28607, USA.

The purpose of the current study was to determine the acute neuroendocrine response to hypertrophy (H), strength (S), and power (P) type resistance exercise (RE) equated for total volume. Ten male subjects completed three RE protocols and a rest day (R) using a randomized cross-over design. The protocols included (1) H: 4 sets of 10 repetitions in the squat at 75% of 1RM (90 s rest periods); (2) S: 11 sets of three repetitions at 90% of 1RM (5 min rest periods); and (3) P: 8 sets of 6 repetitions of jump squats at 0% of 1RM (3 min rest periods). Total testosterone (T), cortisol (C), and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were determined prior to (PRE), immediately post (IP), 60 min post, 24 h post, and 48 h post exercise bout. Peak force, rate of force development, and muscle activity from the vastus medialis (VM) and biceps femoris (BF) were determined during a maximal isometric squat test. A unique pattern of response was observed in T, C, and SHBG for each RE protocol. The percent change in T, C, and SHBG from PRE to IP was significantly (p </= 0.05) greater in comparison to the R condition only after the H protocol. The percent of baseline muscle activity of the VM at IP was significantly greater following the H compared to the S protocol. These data indicate that significant acute increases in hormone concentrations are limited to H type protocols independent of the volume of work competed. In addition, it appears the H protocol also elicits a unique pattern of muscle activity as well. RE protocols of varying intensity and rest periods elicit strikingly different acute neuroendocrine responses which indicate a unique physiological stimulus.

PMID: 19066934 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
He basically echoed your statement above and said anything taken orally is a total waste of tome and could cause liver damage. He also said 338 is normal for someone my age - 68.

Thanks for mentioning the crystalline pellets, I will discuss them with the uro.

For what it is worth, here are the reference levels for Total testerone off of one of my lab reports:

AGE: 14-15 100-300 ng/dL
Age 16-19 200 - 970
Age 20-39 400-1080
Age 40-59 350-890
60 and over 350-720

So by this scale you are below normal.

Total test would be very good to know, as ModestoMan explained.

As to treatments some guys do well with testosterone gel - you rub this on your arms and shoulders. Testim and Androgel are product names.

There are patches you attach to your skin.

Also there is striant, which is a small patch you put on your top gums

None of those worked well for me as my skin just did not absorb them. I am injecting, which is not as big of a deal as it sounds.

Hey Modesto-

What kind of side effects would there be if you end up with
with too much T in your system? Did you have to use trial
and error to get things dialed in correctly?



Modesto is under a doctor’s care. So he and his doctor worked to get his levels correct.

It works like this.

Initial blood tests indicate low testosterone.
Doc prescribes initial dosage
Bloodwork in a month to see where levels are
Change dosage if necessary
and so on.

For what it was worth, here were my symptoms:

lack of mental clarity, confusion (I often used the wrong words in sentences - I’d chose a word that “sounded like” the word I wanted

lack of focus (I though I had Adult ADD!)
decrease in work performance
extreme fatigue
could not finish tasks
low libido (so low that I did not care. If you are not thirsty you don’t give a damn about water)

Originally Posted by ironbird
Hey Modesto-

What kind of side effects would there be if you end up with
with too much T in your system? Did you have to use trial
and error to get things dialed in correctly?



Side effects mostly include oily skin, acne, increased blood count, and gynocomastia (man boobs). High blood count increases risks of clots and needs to be monitored. It can be brought down simply by giving blood.

The man boobs are caused by some of the added T converting to estrogen. They are treatable with aromatase inhibitors, like Arimidex. Baldness is a potential side effect, but very rare at replacement doses. Large sustained high doses can cause hair loss in men who are prone to baldness.

The point for guys like me is not to juice up to super high levels, but just to get back to something close to youthful levels. The biggest undesirable effect I see is oilier skin and a few occasional zits. Oh yeah, and smaller balls.

There is some trial and error in the process, but the docs are pretty good at guestimating. I think they shoot for a high initial dose, primarily just to see whether T supplementation helps the patient’s symptoms. They test frequently, and bring the dose down quickly if it’s too high.

I think the risks of short-term high doses are few and fairly mild. They’re also reversible once the treatment ends or the doses are brought back down.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

First off, I read the comment on anything you swallow will detriment your liver. But, if you are already in a ‘somewhat’ healthy state, I’ve heard/read that Tribulus Terrestrius is a natural steroid that increases Testosterone, via the testes. I found some at GNC. I supplement it for lifting weights (but you have to cycle this sh*t or else you will foul up your body’s ability to produce T on it’s own. 2months on 1 month off: do the research before you take ANY advice from a stranger though, lol.), and I definitely feel the side-effects.

In response to the article sta-kool posted..

I do think it’s quite obvious that your age group will dictate your body’s production of GH (Growth Hormone). The FOCUS here is on keeping your GH levels high, and lifting heavier for fewer sets seems to promote more GH than doing more reps with LESS weight. I am only sharing what I’ve gleaned from the dozens of articles in Muscle&Fitness, Men’s Health, and FLEX that I’ve read, namely, that COMPOUND exercises (that involve more than one muscle group, such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull downs, rows, pull ups, dips), as opposed to SIMPLE exercises (leg extensions, biceps curls, etc.) activate more muscles, thereby sending the strong signal to your brain that “it’s time to produce some man juice so I my body can cope with the stress.” Doing these exercises with shorter rest periods-90sec to 2min-as well as at the heavier weights, will all contribute to higher GH levels. But I wouldn’t suggest that someone ‘over the hill’ get going heavy quick. Be sensible and patient!

And though I’m a snot-nosed squirt of 27 years, I wouldn’t suggest sitting on your a$$ taking supplements and concoctions, hoping your EQ will improve. As stated, BLOOD FLOW is the key here. Take your supplements, begin by walking around the park, a week later, run around the park, then start lifting in three weeks, light weights first, just work on cutting your body fat down and stressing more cardiovascular fitness. You will drop that F.U.P.A. That stresses you out, you will get outdoors to breath fresh air, you will be at the gym to stare at hotties (if you’re a “pervert” like most men; or just be smart and use your ‘peripherals’ :P), all of which, I believe, will ultimately make you and, hopefully, your dick, happier! :D

Peace. How do I get my own tagline at the end? Yknow with the measurements and what have you underneath the barred line? HELP!

Originally Posted by Ninex74sera
First off, I read the comment on anything you swallow will detriment your liver.

That’s specifically about oral testosterone pills.

Excellent advice about BLOOD FLOW!

“….although T levels are increased directly after a training bout, some research has shown that they might then take a nosedive into subnormal levels for 1-3 days after the exercise session.

This means that although your squat day might jack your T levels up for a little while, ultimately those T levels are destined to come back down and end up lower than you started with. They might also stay low for a day or two before coming back to normal….”

http://www.t-na … he_big_t_part_2

This is akin to saying that your sperm count would be low just after jizzing, although the T levels lower for a day or two (“some research has shown”). I read the article marinera quoted, which then goes to say that rest days will help T levels rebound, which I think marinera should also have quoted. So the lesson is don’t go balls to the wall every day of the week, but take 2 days off at least per week. This is a well-adhered-to doctrine amongst weightlifters.

This is a great thread guys!

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)

Link to show

The link to the show on Dr. Oz’s website is below. This isn’t a YouTube bootleg but sponsored by the show itself. It was an interesting segment indeed. The show is broken up into three parts, so after you watch the first one look for the two other links below.

Dr. Oz for Senate


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