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Does morning wood approximate PE?

Does morning wood approximate PE?

Sometimes, I’ll wake up with morning wood. When I finally get my stuff together and get to the shower, I notice when I undress that my flaccid seems smaller than normal. It’s almost as if the prolonged expansion is like over-training and causing it to turtle. Thoughts? Has anyone else noticed this?

Happens to me as well. My flaccid is always crappy after I’ve had a particularly long erection.

Originally Posted by UFGator
Happens to me as well. My flaccid is always crappy after I’ve had a particularly long erection.

Perhaps it’s the length of time more than the erection level? I don’t know. I thought I’d ask for some other opinions.

Do you jack off when you wake up before the shower…?


Happens to me but I have another explanation. Sleeping relaxed in a warm, comfortable bed. Then you suddenly have to wake up to a colder environment and get ready for work, daily activities, etc. The adrenaline/sympathetic response and the cold does it for me. I notice it more in the winter than the summer also.

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