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Dr. Elist Wants to Censor Thunder’s Place

I think the victims need to come together for a class action law suit - even if it ultimately doesn’t hold him accountable - it will be a huge form of mass information and warning to more victims considering his services. And a big hay-maker to his practice. Imagine Googling Elist and getting “.class action law suit.” in the results.

If the Doc pushes this further, then I’m sure local media will be more than happy to hear about a Men’s site seeking funds through GoFundMe to protect itself, its rights and its content, from a legal attack of a crooked rich doctor with a history of multiple failed surgeries.

Like a few people said earlier, this could really blow up in his face publicly, if done right.

All the best, guys, wish I knew someone who could help. Your site has definitely been an invaluable source of information for me.


The doc will not push this any further and the less stink made from here the better. No one wins in a war.

It looks like we are not going to hear anything else from Elist’s lawyer about this. In fact he’s even refused to respond to Brian or Dave after several attempts by them to contact him. Brian thinks it would look very strange to a judge for them to initiate legal action after refusing contact.

We owe a large debt to Ken White of Popehat for taking the time to publicise this and to David Casey and Brian Lynch of Lynch Legal Consulting for offering their help to us and for following through and getting us to a position that protects txhog’s freedom of speech.

It’s nice when freedom of speech wins and attempts to censor fail and these are the kind of people who make that happen.

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Great news :)

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:cheerlead Nice to hear!! :cheerlead

And thanks to the legal guys for their efforts!

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A pleasure to hear good news, ;)

Happy to hear that awesome news, and thanks to all who make this happened!!!

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So if a patient has in his body a device designed and/or implanted by a Doctor X, and the procedure went wrong, is the patient supposed to keep his mouth shot, whether he followed legal action against such doctor or not? Not in my world.

I am glad to hear that the doctor or his layers seem decided to keep quiet.


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I am unsure on the etiquette of posting links to other sites or linking a thread like this on the site above but the good doctor is getting quite a prominent write up in the British press.

Perhaps he is looking to expand his business and bring in new customers.

I wonder would there be any further blow back on Thunders if his failures were exposed on a national level?

Hi arthur,

Welcome aboard. The etiquette is no links to porn and no spammers.

It may be native advertising. If so it would be within the remit of the Advertising Standard Authority. Like the GQ piece it doesn’t indicate anywhere that it is advertising but it uses a single source which seems unusual for true journalistic work. It could be largely based on a press release, modern news sources seem to go for a quantity over quality approach.

The comments in the article already mention phalloboards.

I’m not sure further blow back is likely. If Elist were to take the advice of a PR company, they’d probably suggest flooding the net with positive spin to push any comments perceived as negative further down in google’s results and limit the problem. The stereotype of PR is fairly amoral in nature.

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What an unbelievable monster this guy is. I have personally read probably 30 straight up horror stories. Erect length loss is absolutely guaranteed with his procedure, yet he advertises it as a length gain! I know of a guy who went from 7” to below 4”. Luckly Dr. Gelman of California was able to get him back to 6” with a risky but well done skin graft surgery. Dr. Alter (another one of the best…allstar dick surgeon) removed two implants the day that I talked to him.

Elist needs to be stopped. He’s a complete sociopath. And he’s also marketing himself more intensely than he ever has before. He’s putting out articles all over the web, popular mens magazines (GQ for god sakes!) and popular radio shows with a young male demographic.

He needs to be stopped. It’s amazing a class action hasn’t been taken yet…it’s been thought of and threads have been started on the matter, but my guess is most of these guys don’t have the energy to go through with it (it’s also embarassing) once their physical lives are so totally changed for the worst.


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