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Dr. Elist Wants to Censor Thunder’s Place

Crap, this is ridiculous. I cannot personally help, and unfortunately I do not know anyone in the legal profession either. I have wondered about things like this and if there are sources for free legal advice. There are a few legal forums on-line where you might be able to get some help. I would probably ask them what should you do and provide them with the information that you have at hand. Such examples:

Legal Help

Law Forum - Legal Help, Advice Online ·

If everything is the documented truth then he has no case.He has a case if their is one iota of a lie or exaggeration. If the post is 100% truthful then it baffles me why this guy would even bother censoring it.

This account is another iteration of the previously banned deadwood187 (see his previous end). He delights in trolling this board for some reason.

Hmm, tricky.

I’m no legal expert, but I’m pretty sure this Doc doesn’t want to make a big deal about this. If this is widely publicized his business is ruined! Who would trust someone to do work on their beloved prized organ again, when there is even a hint of something like this happening and then an attempt to bully and silence afterwards?

Either you can provide the service you advertise or you can’t and this guy may be in breach of contract and the OP may be entitled to compensation. There are plenty of no win no fee lawyer firms in my country that would be rubbing their hands together at some wealthy medical practice in this position.

I’m pretty sure Thunders Place isn’t liable for what members post, as I’m pretty sure it states when you sign up you are responsible for what you post.

I might consider a counter offer of asking specifically what part of the product review is defamatory and the possibility of making alterations to that should there be a legal requirement.

The asking for members personal information part, is this a request? Or is there an actual legal document ordering/requiring it? The terminology is important I believe and I think they will need to comply with the laws where your servers are hosted in order to legally gain access to the information they desire. Hosted in Cuba isn’t it?

Also as a doctor (not me), I’m pretty sure this guy should have a healthy respect for patient confidentiality. It seems somewhat unethical to ask for this information, but surely the Doc knows out of all of his patients which one is upset with his service and already has this members personal information, or is this not the first time something like this has happened?

“Updated With Awesomeness: A response already! David Casey is a repeat signal-responder — a few years ago he was instrumental to the resolution of a bogus dental threat. Now David Casey and his partner Brian Lynch have stepped up to offer assistance to the forum targeted here. They deserve thanks. You may not be the target of this threat, but when lawyers like David and Brian work pro bono, they are defending everyone’s rights. Thanks!”

Hopefully this is good news.
For some reasons I dream about the Dr ending up paying tp’s servers for the next few years . :)

Great news on the quick help.
Hopefully, this issue can be dismissed soon, as the rubbish it seems to be.

It’s amazing how things can be twisted into something insidious, simply because someone doesn’t like their acts being made public. Easy fix, just don’t do anything wronging another without proper handling. Half the effort spent to appease the situation would result it no issue at all.

Maybe we need more lawyers addressing censorship and privacy laws, as opposed to “blind the public eye and get rich doing so” laws.
Yeah, I know, I laughed too.

This letter seems over the top. It’s basically just a scare tactic but needs to be addressed. I’m glad you got free counsel.

After reading the members experience and then doing research on failed implants by Elist I am shocked. There are dozens of patients that are sharing their stories publicly. There is no way I would take the info down as it is a public service message to the dangers working with this doctor. If the member in question signed documentation that in the event of complications he would not share his story publicly then I could understand the request for information. I would think Dr. Elist knows the member by the accounts of the detailed review and photos. How many patients does this guy drive around and drop off at a book store after surgery? It could be possible there are so many patients with complications he simply can’t remember.

I find it troubling that Dr. Elist finds it necessary to take such action. Whatever happened to accountability? The fact that there are numerous stories like this one means there is a problem. Dr. Elist should be looking at himself and his practice instead of trying to cover up the truth. How many people are going to take the time to share the type of information in question here just to slander Dr. Elist? I would think nobody.

Dr Elist, call off your dogs and go take a long look at yourself in the mirror. You are the problem; not someone sharing their tragic experience to warn others of the risk of your implants.

I believe that what’s bothering him are his Google results. As soon as you Google his name, this thread comes on 4th on the list. I agree with everyone as for accountability, the forum has none and the user is covered by the truth. If you read the thread you’ll see that txhog has made and impressive job by being composed and really objective on his review. If it had happened to me I wouldn’t have been so polite as him. I’m on thunder’s side! Just keep us updated please!

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I feel that txhog can say whatever he feels. Its his dick after all. Anyway, I also understand that TP is a great resource in helping men. I have wondered for a while why everyone can see threads while not being a member. It would make more sense to have to join to read threads. Just my take.

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Section 230 Communications Decency Act

Some good reading at times like these.

I hope things are okay. I wouldn’t want to lose this site. It gives me hope knowing there’s a community on the internet as friendly and informative as Thundersplace

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I’m no legal expert but I don’t think they can force you to reveal who this person is, nor can they force you to take down his posts because they are anonymous. To me it would be in your best interest to take that kind of stance because anonymity on a board like this is very important to its users. If they try to sue for libel or slander start a gofundme, kickstarter, or offbeatr to raise legal funds. This just sounds like a lawyer threat that they expect to scare you well enough to get you to do what they say, like a cease and desist letter from Scientology. If he wants to pursue charges I would scream the case to the mountaintops and get as much publicity as possible for the good doctor, or at least that would be my counter threat. As they wouldn’t be able to stop anyone from leaking the details of the case to sensationalist media. Naturally you would probably want some sort of permission from the OP even though its posted on a semipublic forum and such permission would be more of a courtesy.

Whatever happens don’t forget that we have your back.

Good luck out there Mr.goat.

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Someone needs to get these victims of that butcher together and mount a punitive case against him. Anyone know if that’s possible? That’s the real story here what with this being nothing but the cheapest of thuggery*.

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So the doc has a friend who’s a lawyer; big deal. With what was done to that guy I am sure he wouldn’t want a judge or jury t see it.


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