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Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory


My bpfsl is 8.25 and my bpel is 7.25 and my erections are almost always like steel.

Thank you for the theory. It’s amazing concept.

Starting 15/02/14 NBP 16,5 EG 12 Today BP 20 NBP 17,5 EG 12,7 Goal NBP 19,5 EG 14,5 DREAM NBP22EG15

A little guidance please.

Good night TP community,

I’m not pretty sure if this is the right place to post this, but is seems this forum contains a lot of veteran members how might help.
The case goes like this:
I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been performing PE for almost 7 months. In all of this time I have always done both stretching and jelqing. At the beginning I started with 3 min stretches per direction and more less 300 jelqs. In just 2 months I was already doing 8 min stretches per direction and almost 900 jelqs. This was a very exhausting routine and and didn’t got the gains I expected ( +- 1 cm length). For this reason I bought a PE program which promised good results in short time, but the routine was basically the same I’d been doing just much less intense. Anyway, I’ve kept doing that routine (warm up+jelqs+stretches+cooldown) 4-5 days/wk, until today, but unfortunately my gains are pretty disappointing (13.6-14.5 cm in 7 months). I really don’t know what else to do. My stretches are done with retracted foreskin, and my jelqs are done with contracted PC muscles (to prevent full erection). I’m not sure if doing jelqs with contracted PC muscles affects my gains. Yet what I really need is advice from members who are experienced and can give me advise on proper technique, exercises and duration of sessions. PLEASE HELP, I’M TIRED OF BEING CONSISTENT WITH ROUTINES AND GETTING NO RESULTS.
Thank you.

You can open a new thread for this problem.

IMHO your routine is too strong for a newbie. The rest day is important like the workout day. 2 ON/ 2OFF or 2ON/1 OFF is ok.

Starting 15/02/14 NBP 16,5 EG 12 Today BP 20 NBP 17,5 EG 12,7 Goal NBP 19,5 EG 14,5 DREAM NBP22EG15


Your gains are perfectly normal, congrats for them! With clenching your PC muscle you train your PC muscle but for stretches you rather relax totally to hit the penis tissues, ligaments directly. All the info needed is freely available here. I second that you start your own progress thread so one can individually help you.

Okay, thanks to you both. I’ll go ahead and open a thread for further opinions. THANKS!

Does it really works?

There’re tons of posts on this thread and I will read those afterwards. But in fact, someone used that theory and it worked?


Hi guys; firstly.. Wow what an amazing thread!! But I’m struggling to break it down and apply it to myself so just wanted your thoughts on my situation!!

I’ve been doing PE for just short of 3 months properly although for about 4 months previous to this I have been religiously using my bathmate(more for fun and the temperary expansion). After about 4 months of bathmate you stumbled across this place and decided to give it a go!!

I never measured up pre bathmate but I can see that since using it every other day I had gained .2 for sure, and since PE-ing fir 3months I have gained another .2 and possibly more base girth although can’t be sure. The temporary gains a big girth wise and my base-mid girth expansion in the bm is huuge.

I am a big grower ratio wise, my veins have grown massive and the muscle(if thats what it is) on the underside has grown quite big, so much so that my penis almost looks triangular with the underside being quite prominent.

I started PE/in with a 2 on 1 off consisting of:

Hot water/ cloth for 5mins.
All the stretches, warm up of the the jp90
30jelqs and v jelqs
Bm for 5mins
Another 30jelqs and v jelqs
Bm for 5 mins
Lastly jelqs again.

Recently I also added just a couple of squeezes inbetween and has been working well. However, in all this time my BPEL has stayed EXACTLY at 6.8!! I know my routine is nearly all girth but seriously zero length gain is diheartening!!

I get the feeling that its the tunica in my case? The top side if my penis feels tight and when fully erect my penis points quite upwards and as I say the underside feels as if its grown significantly which has resulted in girth gains but no length.

Also my bpsfl is slightly less than mt BPEL.

I’m sorry my english isnt great :(

Originally Posted by remek
Please Note: This theory has been disputed on a number of grounds, most damningly that it does not align with the anatomy of the penis and that the evidence used does not support the claims made.

Guys, I love this thread but please keep this in mind. I’m not saying you can’t find something that works out of it, but please don’t take it as gospel.

Add stretches . Tunica stretches and basic directional stretches if you never did them.

Have a look at marinera’s tips on stretching.

Thanks walter, I will be adding stretches, JAI’s for sure although I don’t want my routine becoming tooo long lol. Pehaps 1 day length 1 day girth?

Unfortunatly, I’m going to have to give up PE for a month or so as I’m having an op on monday to finally remove my frenulum as I had a frenulopladty op at the age of 7 and it made no improvement and actually caused alot of scar tissue there which is very tough and causes alot of discomfort!! For most guy the frenulum is the real pleasure area but for me its always been pain, discomfort and soreness!

Hi all, reviving this thread, obviously.

This will be a bit lengthy because I want to be as detailed as possible.

Long story short, my goal is to gain girth. This has proven difficult. As per the TGC theory, my tunica was my limiting factor (High EQ, about .25 difference between BPEL and BPSFL). I engaged in dedicated hanging back in 2013 for about 3 months and achieved a length gain of 6/10 of an inch. At that point, I stopped because the several hours a day I had to invest became a bit too much. (NOTE: as far as I remember, my EQ was still high post hanging, but the difference between BPSFL and BPEL increased a bit).

After that hanging period, I tried clamping for girth, but I was getting major discoloration very quickly. I PM’d Hobby about that matter at that time, and I stopped clamping because the discoloration was not acceptable to me. 3 years later, the discoloration has subsided, but if I really look, I can still see the lighter color where the clamp had been applied.

For the next couple of years, I engaged in some fairly random O-bending, jelqing, and uli’s. I noticed perhaps a 1/8 gain in girth with this, I believe primarily from the O-Bends. After slacking on PE, I lost the girth gain. Fortunately, I never lost any of that length gain from hanging.

About 5 months ago, I decided to give O-binding a proper investment, and have been consistent with a 3 or 4 days a week routine, some multi day breaks in between. 4 sets of 30 seconds each, re warming in between each set.

Now I’ve noticed perhaps a bit in girth gain, but now I find that; a) My EQ has declined to maybe a 7, and b) my BPSFL exceeds my BPEL by about .5 inch. So I assume the Smooth Muscle has become my limiting factor. I intend to dedicate myself to high erection angle Jelqing now, 3 or 4 days a week, with one of those days including Uli’s.

QUESTION: Does the O-Bend work more on the Tunica more than smooth muscle, sort of like a length exercise? Has anyone else noticed this effect from O-Bends? According to what I’ve read, Bends stretch the tunica, so I’m hoping it is just that that has caused my loss of EQ which can be restored with Smooth Muscle focus.

Again, I truly want to gain girth, and I’ve been frustrated in this for years now.

Ok i measured my BPFSL and it says 13.4 cm.

My BPEL is now 13.9 cm .But before i started PE exercises it was 13.3 cm .

This does mean my tunica is my limiting factor and that should focus on streching exercises more.


EQ is like 8 i could say.

Start Nov/17/2016 BPFSL 5.31 BPEL 5.31 NBPEL 5.07 EHG 3.75 EMG 4.48 EBG 4.80

Now Dec/5/2018 BPFSL 8.04 Standing BPEL 7.64 Sitting BPEL 7.92 /6.7-7.2 Standing BP usable for sex /6.8-7.3 Sitting BP usable for sex / standing NBPEL 5.83 sitting NBPEL 6.03 EHG 4.61 EMG 5 EBG 5.12 EHG width 1.51 EMG width 1.66 EBG width 1.55

New Goal BPFSL 8.5 BPEL 8 NBPEL 6 5 EMG 5.5 EBG 5.6 EHG 5

This is true at least for me, I started PE with a measurement of BPEL 4.5 , MEG 4.25and BPFSL of 5.0”. After jelqing and squeezing I caught up to my BPFSL in a month. After doing stretches and having an increased BPFSL now 5.75, I don’t feel as hard as I used to be.


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