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Girth routine, how long before a change

As Titleist said, the point here is not about proofs of gains or size, but about the general picture of what a PE regimen should be. I think if you have some experience of PE, you know that high-intensity-training à la Tom Platz is not going to work and is just dangerous.

Like I said guys I was just trying to tell you guys what worked for me. As I said yesterday I’m starting my old routine today. Pretty excited but it should take a couple months before I’m able to up the intensity to where I really progress. Important to start out slow because as you guys can imagine when you’re trying to do what I was describing you have to be very careful. Anyways I’ve been taking oral PABA and applying a PABA, iodine and DMSO solution for the past few days so hopefully I get some decent stretching going. Other than that and heat it’ll just take time and patience. Girth has always been harder for me for some reason and I have no idea why so I’m planning to hit that more with even more heat Hoping to notice a slight change in girth in a few weeks. Also I really need to get on the skin stretching but not because of the hair problem but because I realized my skin doesn’t even go all the way down to my pubic bone even if I press it. It kind of “tents” at the bottom which is pretty annoying. I’d build some kind of skin stretcher device to wear while I’m out but I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough skin to attach it. Need to hit it manually first.

I was clamping for about 4 months before I measured a 1/16” girth increase. I decided to give it some time because I also noticed about 1/2” of length already just from the clamping… after almost a year I’m maybe 1/8” up, but barely and I’m not sure if it’s cemented. The idea of reaching my goals is enticing enough though… even if it’s less than 1/8” each year I’ll keep going.

2014: 8.4 x 5.5

2022: 9 x 6.2

SSJ gives me great PI any1 else?


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