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Having Major Losses


Having Major Losses


Been doing PE for a long time, but have taken over a year off due to various reasons.

Anyway, I was always a hard gainer, so just assumed that my hard fought gains would be cemented over the years.

Last 6 months my penis is smaller than ever…length, girth, overall just looking really sad. I never experienced this before.

Is there any chance there was some scar tissue that developed and caused such a pronounced loss of gains? I’m just baffled.

Also seems that my limiting factor (if this term is still used) is my septum, but at all angles. Almost seems that this septum has become a hardened tendon that is causing major limitations. Additionally, my gripping point that was always used, seems even thinner, as if I pulled too much there over time and now the grip point is diminished.

Any advice or threads with advise would be appreciated…

Can a low testosterone level cause a shrunken penis??

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Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

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I suggest warm to hot water pumping. Start with 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, no more than 5 in hg…3-4 probably better. Slowly work up your time to 20-30 minutes daily, based on having very good EQ. All your gains should come back. I suggest PE with great EQ in mind at first. Give it time and slow and steady and you should be fine.

Low testosterone can definitely make things appear smaller, but probably not actually shrink things.

Have your erect measurements shrunk?

Thanks guys…

Sparky, I never tried hot water pumping…maybe if you can point me to a good thread on that. I would me most appreciative. I just read your thread on Force Thresholds, and unfortunately the long break has not led to de-conditioning it seems, just a smaller tough penis with a monster septum in all directions. This will be tough to beat at any low forces I fear.

roots…by bpfsl is down by .5 inches, and the flacid is just horrendous. Have not and will not measure erect until things look better. The psychological blow would be too hard. Lastly, the girth is also way down by about .5 inches it would seem. Just looks short and skinny. Quite disappointing after all these years.

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Without knowing too much about your routine, I’m wondering if you train too hard.

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BEELIT Start: 6", BPELIT Current: 6.1/4"

EG Start: 5". EG Current: 5 1/8". Short Term EG Goal: 5.25". Long Term EG: 6

I’m also wondering if you’re stressed/unhealthy in general?

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Pumping plus jelqs is what I’d try too.

The reason I asked about erect is maybe your low T is making things appear smaller flaccid while your erect hasn’t changed nearly as much. You just can’t know for sure until you measure.

I think we need tons more info before guessing anything.

This has some good discussions of the merits of air vs water, but academic

The physics of force transmission in air versus water pumping

These posts are really good and have good info on ways to water pump.

Water Pumping Basics

Personally, I believe water pumping when done in a slow and steady manner, with great EQ as the first goal and gains the secondary one, is a GREAT way to do PE safely and effectively. I think the explosion in Bathmate users have reflected this. I think water pumping with a gauge and cylinder is far better and cheaper than Bathmate.

toyotajon, I think you are correct…

Thanks for responses…

Here goes the short version. I never did anything crazy, ie clamping or hanging over 5 lbs.

Always just a manual routine for the most part.

As it seems to be in current discussions, my septum (hard cord running along the top of the penis) has always been my limiting factor.

Ther very disconcerting thing is that in this long break, this septum seems to have gotten harder and shorter as opposed to weaker and more pliable. The de-conditioning has seemed to allow the septum time to recuperate and actually become more of an opponent (scar tissue?). This is troubling.

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Rushmore, I’ll bet if you start heating and stretching it your septum will soften up and lengthen. :)

I doubt there is considerable scar tissue causing your septum hardness. It is probably more along the lines of it being a thick, tough piece of connective tissue. The good news is if you apply enough force to it for long enough it will lengthen like all connective tissue does when subjected to repeated stretch. Fulcrum are also good for a stubborn septum.


Thanks rootsnatty,

I appreciate the positive attitude.

Let me throw one more wrench at you, if you don’t mind.

My penis tapers vary dramatically toward the head. So, it is very difficult to get a good contact point for ANY good stretching, hanging, etc.
The area is actually so thin (at least respective to the rest of the shaft) that is seems to be taking the majority of the stress when stretching…and I fear actually causing it to get even thinner there. All the force seems to be transferred to that weakest, thinnest area.

This makes it even tougher to focus on the tough tissues, as you can probably imaging. Wondering if you have any thoughts on that.


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