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Having Major Losses


Glad you mentioned Yoga, Walter. It’s positive effects are vastly underestimated and do have scientific basis both physical and mental. Recommend also.

So then…

How do I determine if there is scar tissue? Morning wood, erections, all EQ is poor.

So do I buy an LA Pump or a water pump? Can water be used in the LA pump? Please advise if possible.

I appreciate it.

One foot to go


Originally Posted by JNewbie
Without knowing too much about your routine, I’m wondering if you train too hard.

JNewbie, looks like you have seen pretty good gains in a fairly short time. Could you share your PE routine to success?

I suggest you have a look at the latest threads on the topic rushmore : Advice on a new pump, cylinder

Advise on decent first pump to buy?

Thickwall cylinder + pump from amazon

You can also start with regular pumping. Choose a cylinder based on this chart Selecting Your Cylinder Size
Then you’ll need to buy a male connector, a silicone hose, and a brake bleeder pump sold with a reservoir (so you can water pump when you want to) .
I suggest you ask all these questions on the penis pumps forum.

Of course in the end it’s your call.

If you think you have hormones or physical problems, get checked, do your blood tests etc.. Don’t wait.

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Originally Posted by rushmore
Thanks for the replies.

Walter, I have done nothing suggested thus far, too depressed.

Xtend, I am having all symptoms of low T, but I’m only 36. No lumps, bumps, etc. The entire penis is just scaled down, everything is smaller. BPFSL to EG, its crazy upsetting. Can low T really cause your penis to shrink in the erect state?

Flacid has been getting worse for about a year, but erect seemed fine…now it’s all going to shit. Septum on the top seems especially taught, so I’m not sure if I can past this. Just super bummed out!

I should have been happy with what I had!

Rushmore have you had a vasectomy and how are your energy levels?


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