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How I Clamp

How I Clamp

I was explaining my clamping method to Thoughtfulgold and he suggested it may make a good post on it’s own. So here goes.

For the padding I cut a 1.5cm piece of ‘K-Flex 9 x 32mm x 1m Fire Rated Elastomeric Pipe Insulation’. So a little over 1/2 and inch in width.

I apply this low down on the penis. This is a balancing act as if I place it too low the clamp rolls forward and off the padding.

I then apply the clamp with the hinge under the penis. I take care not to get the padding jammed in the ratchet.

I start at 1 click and begin to get erect. Once I have some erection I push the clamp into the base of the penis, kegel and add another two clicks (while I am still holding the Kegel and still pushing the clamp into the base). This forces the blood from behind the clamp into the penis. I repeat this process until I get to a point where I can push the clamp into my base and feel the clamp going deeper however when I release it the clamp is tight enough to not let blood out quickly. This provides a strong pressure in the penis and for me the pressure is quite pleasurable.

While applying additional clicks for have to check to ensure the padding isn’t getting bunched up and popping out from under the clamp. If this happens you can either restart the clamp or in some cases you can push the padding back under the clamp with your fingers.

When I first started this I needed all 10 clicks to get to the point where the blood only leaks out slowly. Now I only need 8 clicks for the same effect, so that is positive.

When I reach the point described above I maintain some stimulation and every so often I push the clamp into the base and Kegel. This can require some force and will apply a lot of force onto the clamp. After breaking the ratchets on two clamps while pushing into the base and Kegeling, I realized if I supported the sides of the clamp while I pushed down this took pressure of the ratchet and prevents it breaking.

Obviously this is a pretty intense method and you need to work out if this is for you. I have been doing this for a year or more and to date have not had any problems.

I started out with 10 minute sets by 4 but this seemed to draw in a lot of fluid so I backed of the 7 minute sets.

As is usual I didn’t take an accurate starting girth as I was more interested in length, however from memory I was 12 cm (4 3/4 inches) girth before I started back at PE. I am now 13.5cm (5.25) if I have a good EQ. I made it above 13.5 with a particularly strong erection recently. Even if my memory is wrong as to my starting girth I have defiantly seen 12.5 -13.5cm increase (5-5.25 inch).

My current routine is 2 by 7 min pumps using a Handsome-up (cheap) pump. Followed by 2 by 7min clamps, with the time starting from when I get the maximum pressure. (I usually time 8 minutes as unless you have a second hand on your devise you may cut the session short depending on where you started in the previous minute. (i.e. If you reach full clamp at the 55 second mark then look away from the clock you have missed almost a minute.)

I have also seen length gains of over .5cm probably close to 1cm. I used to have to ram the ruler into my pubic bone to measure 17.7cm (7 inch). Yesterday I pushed it an and measured 18.4 (7.25 inch).

Hope this is of use.

Thank you for posting this. I was curious exactly what method you were using, even if I may not be able to duplicate that level of pressure.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6.25" MSEG as of 11/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My Extender and forward to 10" and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *10* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

No problem TG.

I actually forgot to mention that masturbation after my session usually sees all the fluid build up dispersed after about 10 minutes.

And just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for others.


From another thread.

Originally Posted by Shaunbaby

When I first started I was probably on 4 clicks and noticed more expansion, however I put it down to fluid. As I increased the pressure I noticed that I got less expansion, however I also got less fluid and less donut head etc. This lead me to the high pressure clamping I do today.

However I also noticed something interesting. As I increased the pressure of the clamp I decreased my girth. i.e. At 4 clicks I might be at 5.5 and by 8 clicks it would have dropped to 5.25. What is going on, I thought? I theorized that the extra pressure was increasing the stretch length ways and causing the penis to bend up more. So it appears that at low pressure girth expansion happened, however at higher pressure the Tunica went to a length gain.

To test this I gently bent the penis back to a straight position while fully clamped at 8 clicks and sure enough the girth increased.

So this explains my recent length gains as the tunica albuginea, the top of the penis, is under tension during my 2 x 7 minute clamp session and 2 x 7 minute pumps session which is my current routine. (2 days on 1 or more days off with a de-conditioning break every 6 weeks or sometimes less, in case you were wondering)

A quick Google indicates the the tunica albuginea is mainly collagen, which it claims can not stretch, however I think we have demonstrated otherwise on this site. It would appear that systematic tension over time can indeed stretch the tunica albuginea leading to a longer penis.

So using the posts above and my own experience I have pondered. My thinking has lead me to believe there may be a way to make clamping even more effective.

Basically my idea is to get to a full clamp as per normal, so 8 clicks, and then very gently straighten my shaft, which will by shaped like a Banana. My theory is that this will apply more tension to the tunica albuginea on the top of the penis while allowing for the girth gains we see at lower levels of clamping. This would need to be gentle given what Tilerist said above.

So I am going to carefully give it a go.

Hope this post is useful.

I’m not sure if tunica albuginea is the right term for the cord on the top of the penis that limits length?

Anyway I have given the above a go and have worked out that it does give better expansion and seems to give more of a length stretch. It is basically a gently clamped Orange bend. So with my traditional clamping method I would usually get to 5.5 girth, yesterday I was closer to 6.

I am also wondering about if it is better to leave the fluid build up in the penis after your session or try to get it to subside manually? I wonder if it has an effect on growth?

I’ll give it a go for a while and report back.

Well explained.

Thanks for sharing

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D

Originally Posted by Shaunbaby
From another thread.

I’m not sure if tunica albuginea is the right term for the cord on the top of the penis that limits length?

The cord you’re referring to is the septum which is an area of thicker connective tissue between to two CCs.
The tunica itself surrounds completely the CCs but is supposedly thicker over the top surface.

When you take these things into account you can see how a downward bend when clamped will cause girth to increase, the pressure increase isn’t enough to stretch the septum lengthwise, it acts like a spine, like leaning forward tends to make your stomach protrude.

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